Crazy about Cranberries!

One thing that my mom decorated with every year was cranberries.

She usually placed them in a glass container with a white candle in the middle.  It was always stunning.

You know how I love me some RED!

So I wanted to come up with some ideas to decorate with cranberries this year too. 

I searched the BHG website and found some inspirational photos I wanted to share with you.

Isn’t this a  beautiful tablescape?


I love the way they layered some greenery underneath the cranberries.  Gorgeous!


Here’s a beautiful idea for a napkin ring.  Some green ribbon, holly leaves, pine cones, and cranberries…beautiful!  Ladies, we could sooooo do this one!


Cranberries look beautiful in silver dishes.  I like the rose below, but I think I would have put a touch of white in the middle instead.


See how the touches of red from the cranberries look amazing with the silver?  LOOK CLOSELY…those are cranberries in the bases of the layered cake stands.  That’s an idea I want to steal!



Have you ever strung cranberries on a string?  I haven’t, but I’ve always wanted to.  If you have tried it, let me know how it turned out.  Any advice would be appreciated.  :)


And stringing cranberries from a chandelier is always charming.


Okay, I love these!  They gave directions at, but I think they just pinned the cranberries onto a foam ball.   How cool is that?


Here’s another idea you could make with a foam ball. 


Another lovely….


And who wouldn’t want to see this when visiting someone’s home?

You could fill the glass jars with real snow if you are lucky enough to have some of the good stuff.  But if not, you could fill it with the fake stuff and get the same effect.

Purely magical!


Well, that’s it.  Now run off the the grocery store and buy you some cranberries.  If you have any more brilliant ideas for cranberries, please share!

Have a blessed day!


  1. Ooooooh, I'm so stealing some of these ideas! One year for a holiday party, my mom used her green plastic jello mold (are you too young to remember those???) and froze cranberries in water. She made several of them, then placed them outside on our walk with a candle placed down in the middle. Looked lovely….except it wasn't quite cold enough for the ice not to melt and we ended up with smashed cranberries by the end of the evening. But the birds were in heaven!

  2. How gorgeous!!! I haven't decorated with cranberries in a couple years, but I think I'm going to have to do it again this year (and with my new gingerbread family ornament of course!)

  3. These are beautiful ideas. I always end up filling jars with cranberries and a white candle and love the simplicity and elegance of how it looks. One year, I took mason jars and filled them with water and then put a few sprigs of evergreen, some cranberries and then floated a tea light on top. It looks especially pretty when you have a row of them on a table or mantle.

    I am putting epsom salt (fake snow) in mason jars along with a candle outside our door and I think I just might have to add some cranberries for that pop of red!!!

  4. Traci,
    I just love all the ideas you found! Thank you for doing the leg work for us! I need a pack or two myself now….. Can't wait to see what you end up making! Dee Dee

  5. Love the cranberry ideas! Were they all fresh? In the 70's everything was natural, so I strung popcorn and cranberries to decorate our tree. I used sewing thread and a needle….just used double thread and sewed "em up. Then after Christmas we would put the tree with it's popcorn and cranberry garlands out on the deck for the birds and squirrels to enjoy. Linda

  6. Such stunning ideas … and so simple! I have never thought of that, which is just crazy coz I too am a "red" girl! Love, love, love all those ideas.

  7. I love red anytime of the year but at christmas is the best. You have rounded up a wonderful feast of ideas of us all, thank you. I think I'll try my hand at the cranberry balls – there lovely.

  8. Did you check out Rhoda's blog? She has a great idea for floating candles w/ cranberries. I can't wait to see what your beautifully, creative mind creates!

  9. Hello from Cape Cod, the home of Ocean Spray and glorious Massachusetts cranberry bogs! To string cranberries, thread them with a large, sharp needle with a big eye. Nothing beats dental floss for a strong garland for stringing the berries, and if you can find the cinnamon-flavored kind, the red looks great. You absolutely must use a thimble — otherwise, ouchey! I'm posting a great recipe for Cape Cod cranberry coffee cake, so please come visit soon!

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