Some More Cute Coasters….

Hey Ya’ll,

This past week I posted a tutorial on how to make tile coasters to give as Christmas presents.

My post was featured on Tip Junkie, and I got a lot of comments on it.

The best part of blogging is to think that people read your post and actually do it!

My cousin, Kathy, emailed me and thanked me for the idea of making the coasters. In tough economic times, she said it would be an inexpensive, yet meaningful, gift for others.

Then my friend, Raye, also left a comment saying she made the coasters this past weekend. And hers turned out AWESOME!!!! I love the colors she chose! She used scrapbooking paper instead of napkins. Great idea!! Here are a few….

And there’s more!

You can see the rest on her blog, My Day Job Photography. (She’s also a very gifted photographer!)

But I have to admit, my post even inspired those I never imagined it would.

For example….my sister.

I love my sister to pieces, but….well….let’s just say that Mom’s “crafty” genes skipped right over her and went straight to me!

We laugh about this quite often in our family. But this week, we have laughed a whole lot more.

My jaw hit the floor when Cyndi said she went out Monday and bought the supplies to make the coasters. I mean….really?

I tried not to laugh, and I tried to be serious, but it was very difficult.

To find out what happened next, click HERE to see her post about her crafting adventure.

Maybe you’ll see why my next project is to write a book called, “Crafting for Dummies”.

(Okay, I’m really not that mean. Just a little sisterly banter going on here!)


And don’t forget that I will announce the winner of my 100th post giveaway on Monday!

It’s for this great little plaque…

If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time. Just click HERE.



  1. Oh Tracey…
    Your Moma is so proud and she is so smiling on you girls these days. Can't you just hear her?

    I loved this tutorial. I have my mod podge. I have to go and buy some tiles tomorrow. I have pics that I can use, or napkins. How fun.

    You gave a gift to so many of us this time. Thank you my friend.

    Stop by soon, I so love to see you visit. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the drawing on Monday. Country hugs…Sherry

  2. The coasters are SO cool and will make great Christmas gifts. I must have missed your post but I will go back to it.

    I totally understand the teasing with your sister. I have 5 sisters and we all have different talents, some more than the others…lol!!

    I am having a giveaway, please stop by. And tell Sis!


  3. I'm planning on making the coasters you shared for Christmas as gifts to my students parents. I want to use pictures (instead of napkins) of my kids though, that's will still work, won't it?

    I will email you pics when I'm finished! I love the idea! Thanks so much for sharing it!!

  4. I hope to make some time to make these too… such a great idea! Thanks for sharing it with us! I loved your sister's post… LOL… I told her it sounds just like my sister! She will call me for every step of making something! :) Sometimes I am thinking… really… you are really calling to ask THAT! LOL Ahh, sisters, you gotta LUV them!

  5. Thanks for the idea! Funny enough I just got back from getting supplies. My hubby is so excited that I am doing a "budget" Christmas this year! Thanks for the idea!

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