Organizing Your Heart and Home – My Laundry Room

Happy Monday Morning!

I am in serious recovery mode from my amazing week at Blissdom!

I was completely exhausted when I got back home.

This week I will be sharing some pictures of Blissdom and a little of what I learned while I was there.

But for now, it’s time to get back into Organizing Mode!

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I can tell that many of you are wearing down like I am with all this organizing stuff.  We only had 10 link ups to my bathroom organization party compared to the 30 and 40 link ups for my closet and kitchen organization parties.  (I will share the winner of the linky party giveaway at the bottom of this post.)

So come one, ladies!  Let’s persevere!

There’s just one room left…

your laundry or mud room!


Since our laundry room is a new addition, I didn’t have any re-organizing to do, but I will show you some pictures of how we are storing our items in the laundry/mud room.

I built this shelf to hold some detergent and decor.

I will be sharing the tutorial of how to make this shelf later this week, so stay tuned!  :)


I love seeing powder detergent in a glass jar in a laundry room, don’t you?  And the clothespin jar was a Goodwill find for $2.00.


I am planning on putting any loose change that I find while doing laundry in the little fluted white bowl.


I found this cute little blue antique fan at a garage sale for about three bucks, I think.


My hubby also built some storage for shoes in our laundry/mud room.


I don’t know about you, but we seem to have shoes lying in the floor of every room of our house!  Do you?

So we built a storage bench for shoes to hopefully help with this problem.

The lid of the bench lifts up and each boy has their own compartment in which to store their shoes.


So far, so good.



As you can tell in the next picture, I am still on the hunt for three matching baskets.  It is an awkward size to find.  I found these two at Marshall’s, and they fit perfectly, but I need one more!

I went to the other Marshall’s where I live, and they didn’t have any this size either.  So I am still hunting for three matching baskets!


The hooks I got at Hobby Lobby.  I got them half off for about 3 bucks a piece.

Here is what it looks like when you exit our kitchen into our laundry/mud room…


The boys hang their backpacks and coats on the hooks.  They love having their own hook!

I store hats, scarves, and mittens in one basket, and the other basket holds lunch boxes.

There is a little water heater closet in the room too where I store dirty clothes, and extra cleaning supplies.  I am still working on adding shelves to that closet, so I will share that later.

That’s it!

Now it is your turn this week to organize your laundry/ room.  I know there are some great posts out there because I have seen them!

I will try to share some inspirational posts with you this week as you work on yours.

And we will have a Laundry/Mud Room Organization Linky Party on Friday!

Now it is time to jump on over to my sister’s blog to find out how to Organize your Service to Others.

This is so important!!!

And it’s probably a part of our hearts that we all need to work on.

So click on her button below to visit her.




  1. Good morning, my sweet roomie!

    I am so proud for you! Your laundry/mud room looks absolutely terrific. You and Cy outdid yourselves on this one. I think this feature will make a HUGE difference in marketing your house. People rattle on and on about how buyers want such features as fireplaces or islands in the kitchen. I guess that’s true, but it seems to me that what moms want is a place for the kids to store their backpacks!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful time back in the real world!

  2. If I ever come visit you and that fan is missing, don’t ask any questions. ;) What a beautiful, functional space
    Do you happen to know the stain color you used on the top of the bench?? Love it! xo

  3. Sigh. Gorgeousness.
    I did re-purpose our pan rack into a coat rack when we built the pantry. I made an ottoman that we use for the shoes but I need to recover it since it no longer matches. I would love to have a built-in for that area. Thanks for the inspiration.

    And I would have participated in the bathroom organization but I was just too tired to paint the inside of the cabinets after I organized!

  4. I love all the cute jars and baskets that you find. So adorable. Starting today, my parents are getting new cabinets installed in our laundry room. I know our laundry room will function so much better and we can’t wait!

    Can’t wait to hear about Blissdom!

    Have a good day, Traci!

  5. I LOVE that you made the laundry room a “pretty” room! I think we just tend forget about the laundry room. We all dread doing laundry, but making the room just as nice as the rest of the house would make the job a little more pleasant!

    I love what you’ve done, we’re going to work on ours soon!

  6. My mudroom is currently under construction – so while I don’t necessarily have to worry about organizing yet – I am taking note of your layout and decor. I love the storage bench with built in shoe storage and the hooks above, with the baskets. If only my hubby was as handy with a hammer and nail, ha! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love your laundry room and mudroom. What a beautiful and functional space. I still haven’t finished my mudroom, but I might be able to link up some of it. I can’t wait to see and hear all about Blissdom. And thank you so much for sharing some Bliss with me. I love the Vintage Pearl. She makes such beautiful things.

  8. Love your laundry room/mudroom! Its so neat & tidy!! I absolutely adore that antique fan…SOOO CUTE!!! We have the same problem with the shoes…it drives me CRAZY! Love your little storage bench…it was the perfect solution to your problem!! Thanks for sharing all of your ideas! Hoping to link up my mom’s laundry room on Friday!! Happy Monday to you! Have a blessed day!

  9. Traci,
    Where did you get that little black and white picture? It looks like the old train station in Avon and that looks like Aunt Tassy and Uncle Tommy’s store behind it. Did Wanda have this picture? By the way, everything looks fantastic!

  10. I love all your storage ideas and pretty accessories that make this room one you want to use. My laundry room is like a dungeon in the basement. It would be interesting to see what you would do with it!


  11. Gorgeous laundry room! I bought a bunch of vintage clothes pins from an antiques store a while back and the check-out lady asked me what I planned to do with them. I said, “Just put them in a jar and look at them.” She gave one of those old-lady sighs and said, “What has become of us?” I couldn’t tell if she really related, or if she thought I was nuts! :)

  12. Okay, now I really want to know where the REAL laundry room is!!! The one with the laundry for a whole houseful of kids! I do laundry every single day of the year including Christmas and I still never get to the bottom of the basket. Where do you keep your laundry supplies such as detergent, softener, goo spray, etc.? Is there another cabinet in there somewhere? With 5 kids, my Shout never seems to leave the counter for some odd reason. Off to throw in a load. I am inspired.

  13. Love the laundry room! Wish I had that much space to work with in mine. What color did you use in the laundry room? I am looking to re-paint my master. Thanks!

  14. This is so lovely. I am now inspired to go build a similar coat rack!
    Our ‘mudroom’ is so small, its hard to organize
    but this looks so useful!

  15. Nice post! I love all the cute jars and baskets that you find. So adorable. Starting today, my parents are getting new cabinets installed in our laundry room. I know our laundry room will function so much better and we can’t wait!

  16. Traci, you forgot something..a container to hold any coins/sometimes paper money you find in your family’s pockets when you check them before putting them in the washer. What about a button jar for buttons that you find that come fell off a piece of clothing? Seeing that Ball jar there reminded me that we have an minature Ball jar that we got from an auction one time that had been made into a bank that I used to keep on the shelf above my washer in my former home. Now what did I do with that?

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