Organizing Your Heart and Home – My Bathroom Closet Makeover


This week I am going to show you how I organized my bathroom closet (which isn’t really in my bathroom).  :)

bathroom closet

And my sister is going to share a little about organizing your family time…so head on over to her blog when you are finished reading mine!

This is the bathroom in the master bedroom…

bathroom closet makeover

It used to look completely different because my hubby and I did a complete makeover a few years ago (before my blogging days).

I love my bathroom, although there is nothing really “master” about it.  As far as storage goes, there is very little of it.

My husband and I have our toiletries under each of our sinks, and we keep our towels in the bottom of this black cabinet that we added to the space…

traditional bathroom

The only closet in our master bedroom was behind this little door…

bathroom closet makeover

Ain’t it purdy?

Yep, the bottom two panels on the door have had the mesh inserts missing since we moved into the house six years ago.  Yep…6.

(This door had to have those mesh panels because it has a vent inside the closet that has to be able to circulate air.)

Now, my hubby used to keep his clothes stuffed in this little closet (wish I had a picture of it, but we had already cleared it out before this makeover, and I forgot to take a picture).

But since we turned the laundry room into a master bedroom walk-in closet, we now had the space to do something different with this closet….it would be our bathroom/linen closet! (It’s just a few steps away from our bathroom.)

This is very humbling…but here is the before shot of this closet…

bathroom closet makeover

Yikes!  Aren’t you lovin’ the brown on the back of the door that we never painted?

bathroom closet makeover

This closet is located beneath our stairs, thus the slanted ceiling.

There used to be a bar than ran across the front of these shelves that my hubby’s clothes hung on, but we took it down.

bathroom closet makeover

See the beautiful vent on the floor?  Well, my hubby is getting ready to relocate it so we no longer have to have a vented door on this closet!  Woohoo!

I took everything out of the closet….

bathroom closet makeover

We did not paint this closet when we moved in six years ago.  I can guarantee that is has not been painted since this home was built in 1968!  It’s about time, doncha think?

Here is a look at the vent and yucky baseboard.  So glad my hubby is moving this vent!

bathroom closet makeover

I don’t know why the baseboard looks like that.  I cleaned it off and it still looks all speck-ly brown with dirt.

So the whole closet got a fresh coat of white paint.  I had to use KILZ primer on some parts because it had been painted with oil-based paint.  You cannot paint over oil-based paint with water-based paint without priming it first.  The paint will not adhere and will just scratch right off.

We also took the door off!!  Yeah!

We used the leftover brown paint from our laundry room makeover to paint the back wall.  I thought it would help the white shelves stand out, and it did.

bathroom closet makeover

This closet is a little dark, so I took the lamp off of my black dresser and sat it on the top shelf so I could see to paint.  The picture above only has one coat of brown paint on the walls.

Hey…I kind of like that little lamp in there…are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Now all we needed was a door.  Hmmmm…

I got to thinking.

Our next project in our home is going to be the boys’ upstairs bathroom.

It has a bathroom closet that has a door on it.

We are planning to take the door off for our makeover and leave the shelves open.

I wondered if that door would fit on our closet? I went upstairs and measured the width, and whatdayaknow?  It was the exact length!

I was so excited!!!

It was a little bit taller, but my hubby just sawed a little off the bottom and we were in business!

bathroom closet makeover

I love it!!!!

I love having the ironing board hanging on the door.

bathroom closet makeover

I found the adorable chicken wire baskets at T.J. Maxx yesterday, and I had to get them.  It was the only money I spent on this makeover, so it justified the $40.00 I spent on all four of the baskets.

The little wash cloth basket had a liner in it too, but I took it out because I like seeing the washcloths behind the wire.  I did the same thing to the basket that holds the toilet paper.

I had to had the greenery to hid the cord from the lamp.  :)

bathroom closet makeover

These are my “his” and “her” baskets.  I might add labels to them in the future.  They hold our personal items that do not need to be in the bathroom on a daily basis.

The lace had little brown buttons on it that I cut off because I thought it made it look a little too country.

bathroom closet makeover

Here are a few shots with the lamp on.  It makes the closet so bright and cheerful.  I cannot tell you how much I love this closet.  I don’t even close the door now.  :)

bathroom closet makeover

The lamp I already had (paid $10.00 for it at an antique mall last year), the bird was from the dollar store, and the white vase was a dollar at Goodwill.


bathroom closet makeover

Here are the before and after pictures….

bathroom closet makeover

bathroom closet makeover


It was so worth the time and effort to complete this makeover.

I also cleaned up the area under my sink in the bathroom too.  I will share that later this week.



  1. Wow Traci, you totally rocked out that closet makeover! :) We’re going to be re-doing our master bathroom in the future, so I’m not too concerned about it right now. I cannot wait to tear out that old tile that’s in there! yuck! I have a vision, now i just have to come up with the cash for my vision! lol
    I LOVE your little lamp in your cute! :) I don’t think your baskets were too expensive…$40 for 4 is pretty good. Baskets are SO expensive!
    Thanks for having this organizational party….it’s been kicking my tushy, but I’ve gotten so much done! I had planned on re-doing my laundry room for your last week, but I’m sick, so I’m thinking I might not make it. :( Have fun at Blissdom and think of me! :) Maybe next year

  2. Well, I was going to show off my handiwork in the bathroom until I saw those after photos! Beautiful! It is more spa-like than the hub in our house:) I need to go checkout my cabinets…

  3. what a transformation! i’m so inspired by this! and i know what you mean about not wanting to close the door – so far, we haven’t been able to close the door to our pantry b/c we love looking at it so much!

  4. Beautiful job. but what I wonder is where did you plug in that lamp? None of my closets have outlets in them. Did you install one in the closet? I would love to have a lot more outlets in my house.

    1. Hi Didi!
      Right now, I have the cord running along the side of the wall to an outlet right beside my closet. I have carefully “hidden” it. But my husband said when he moves the vent, he is going to install an outlet in the closet for me. It will be easier than installing a new light fixture.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Gorgeous! And I just bought one of those baskets for my craft room and ALSO cut off the buttons. Too funny :). Your closet does not need a door. It makes me happy to look at!

  6. Oh. My. Goodness. This is just beautiful. If it were mine, I would be parked right outside in a cute little chair, just checking it out, and being so proud of myself. Really. What a nice job you did. And yes, the lamp is just right. Love the wire baskets too. HUGE thumbs up!!! =)

  7. Great makeover! For some reason, your sister’s blog doesn’t seem formatted for the comments today, She might want to check it out so that folks can register for her giveaway.
    Love the projects for both the heart and home!

  8. Oh Traci ~ your closet turned out beautiful. It looks like a page in a magazine. In fact, your entire bathroom is lovely. I have a “newer” home and am trying desperately to give it some character. New homes seem cold to me, and it takes a lot to warm them up. Would you please share the brown paint color ~ I looked and couldn’t find it on you previous posts. I can’t wait to see your finished laundry room. Have a great week! Blessings!

  9. I love your closet! It looks so nice! You are going to have to come to my house and help me fix it. I just don’t have that touch that you do. :D

  10. Ohhh, I love it, love it! That is to cute to close the door on. Those wire baskets were worth the every penny, too fabulous!

  11. Melissa! I swear I had to go back and reread and recheck your post… I thought your new closet was a picture out of a magazine!!! That is awesome! You did such a wonderful job!

    1. Traci! Traci! Traci!! I was talking to my girlfriend Melissa on the phone while reading your blog and typed her name! Sorry about that!!!! I am not the best phone talker/blogger!!!

      1. You are hilarious! I do the same thing all the time. :)
        Thanks for your sweet compliments. I really love the way it turned out.
        Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Love this closet!! I would never want to close the door! You’ve motivated me to do something about our bathroom closets too–hope mine turns out as pretty as yours :)

  13. Looks great, Traci! Aren’t you so proud to have that project accomplished? Shoot, you’re not going to want to sell your house after you get it all fixed up for potential buyers! :)

  14. WOW!!! What a huge difference some elbow grease and $40.00 makes! You have completely inspired me to get motivated again!

  15. WOW!! This IS by far the BEST closet make over I”ve ever seen!!! TOTALLY looks like you “borrowed” the after pick from a magazine :) VERY impressive & I’m glad you gave yourself permission to spend the $40.00 on the wire baskets cuz this remodel is PRICELESS!!

  16. This is absolutely stunning! You’ve made such a transformation! The white accents are beautiful … functional and gorgeous! So glad you shared.

  17. Wow – your closet is beautiful!! You are so inspiring. Makes me want to go paint some closets. LOL! I did clean out my makeup drawer today and that is huge progress for me. I am not an organizer usually. But I am starting to get into organizing this year!

    Love the grey and white!


  18. What an inspiration! This looks AWESOME! I guess I know what area I’ll be tackling next, although it will be cleaning out my bathroom vanities, not a closet.

  19. Love the closet! I used to follow your blog and right about the time you put your house up for sale, my computer crashed. It took me forever to remember what blogs I had bookmarked. I found you again! I’m so glad I found you but I just have to know what is happening with your house. Are you going to buy the house and fix it up? It looks like a huge project but I know you’re up for it!

  20. Hi there,
    I am loving your closet, but I have to ask. Where is all of your stuff? Where are your cleaning supplies? Where are all of the rest of the linens and towels and miscellaneous whatnot? Where did you put it all? You really got me geared up today and I cleaned out my cleaning supplies cabinets and threw out or gave away a huge garbage bag full of miscellaneous cleaning supplies, but I still ended up with two whole cabinets full. I saw that you had some in there in your “before” picture so I know you own some and by the looks of your home, I know that you clean it often!!! And this is your “master” and I haven’t even asked about the hair and makeup yet!!!!

    On another note, I started my own blog today. I am really really confused and really do not know which way is up!!! If you could email me and give me a few pointers, I would appreciate it. I listed you as my first blog that I follow!!! I love your blog.


  21. Traci,
    that is the best closet tranformation I have ever seen. You and the hubs did a great job. When I looked at the after pic i thought you had taken the door off, but it is still there , just open. I love it!

  22. Oh my gosh I love your little makeover! Isn’t it funny how our homes look their best when they are on the market? I swore when we moved last year I would make the effort to spruce up my closet and pantry in our new house, the way I did when I was selling the old one. Still a work in progress….thanks for the inspiration though!

  23. I just luvve your closet, I would’ve never thought of putting in a light but it adds so much
    to the over all effect. The baskets were well worth the $40.00, I really like how you can see the
    towels through them, it gives a clean spa feeling to the closet. I would’ve never thought of
    painting the back a darker color but it makes everything stand out. I totally agree with the
    other visitors that it looks like a picture you would see in a magazine, you done a wonderful
    job putting it all together to make such an “WOW” factor when looking at it.
    You can come and do my closets anytime :)

  24. Wow, what an amazing transformation!!
    I’d keep that door open, too!!
    Great job, Traci!
    The Tattered Tassel

  25. Traci-
    This looks fabulous!!! Seriously…it is gorgeous!! I would leave the door open too! Why not?!? Great job girl! This is great inspiration!!

  26. Where did you find that ironing board hanger thingy, I really need one of those! The ironing board is one of those awkward things that you just never have a good place for1

  27. My Goodness! You inspire me to do something fabulous in my bathroom! I don’t have any extra closets in my house – much less one I can deck out like this one. However, my linen closet needs cleaning out in a BAD way. I’m inspired to purchase some pretty baskets, reorganize my shelves, throw away random beauty products I don’t use, and I’m thinking about doors….it’s amazing what new door fronts can do to an old cabinet. I’ll document on my blog – although it may be a while! Keep up the good work! I just found your site today and I will be adding you to my list!

  28. Hello! Thought I’d make a small suggestion. I notice you have a “Organizing Your House and Home” graphic to the right. If you tag all the posts related to this with a label then that label will show up at the bottom of the posts, and you could click on that and it will bring up all of those posts. If you copy past that URL (you can right click on it to copy link location) you can then use it to make that button on the right into a link (I can help you with that if you need…just send me an e-mail). It also makes it easier for others who might want to promote your event to do so.

  29. Traci, you are seriously gifted! That is just a beautiful sight to see. Every little detail is so perfect and lovely. I am so inspired, thank you. :)


  30. Traci! In love with this closet! Inspired to tackle mine this weekend! Quick question – What dollar store did you find that adorable little bird? I have been looking everywhere for some like that? And, you can’t beat a dollar!


  31. Awesome makeover! I love you master bath too! You have a lovely sense of style! I just found your blog from the organization party over at Thrifty Decor and will be back! :-)

  32. Traci – when I click on the pantry makeover, it takes me to the bathroom makeover. I must see inside this pantry as mine is a mess. Tks so much!! Your house is sooooooooo beautiful!

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