March Madness in my Home!


March has been a crazy month.

When we started our staircase makeover, (which can be a big mess), we had no idea that the bathroom pipes in our kitchen ceiling were going to bust and cause another mess!



We spent one night ripping off all the damp sheetrock from our ceiling.

Jonathan go into the action as well.   There was so much dust that we wore masks.


To say that my home has been a wreck this month is a complete understatement!

There is dust and grime on everything!

I went on an all out cleaning frenzy yesterday afternoon because I was starting to go nuts!

There was dust in places that I didn’t even know dust could reach!  Ugh!

So our staircase makeover is definitely on hold.

We’ve had to let our kitchen ceiling dry out, and we are hoping to get the sheetrock back up this weekend. 

Despite the setbacks, I will say that I was able to get a lot done in March.

We started the staircase makeover with a little help from my sanding crew.


I painted a new mirror for my guest house.




The highlight of the month was going shopping with my homegirl Sarah!

me and sarah


My favorite project in March was my little table makeover with my new favorite paint color.


Eli’s enjoying the little tote bag I made him with my Silhouette machine.


I announced a fabulous giveaway from Lisa Leonard’s Decor Line!


There’s still time to enter, click HERE.


And I spent a day over at 320 Sycamore sharing a Goodwill chair makeover I just completed.

Click the button to check it out.



Whew!  What a great month!

I can handle that kind of madness any day!

Thanks for joining me this month.

And don’t forget my monthly linky party tomorrow!



  1. Holy Cow! I can’t even imagine. We had a burst pipe in the kid’s bath once, but that’s over our garage, so minimal damage. It’s awesome that you guys are so handy, though. Hope April is a lot less “madness” for you.

  2. You have had a month of highs and lows… I hope your carpet wasn’t ruined. Luckily you have some great helpers on hand. I bet your boys actually enjoyed wearing those masks. I hope April 1st doesn’t throw you any curve balls.

  3. Wow!! I had no idea that you ended up ripping out your whole kitchen ceiling!! I thought you were just going to patch the one spot!! Eek!! What a mess! You poor girl! Saying that you have had a busy march is an understatement!!

  4. Ugh … so very sorry. We’ve had our finished basement flood … twice. I know how miserable it can be trying to fix the problem and put life back together. Funny, I have a post titled ‘March Madness’ but I was referring to our ‘not so lovely’ spring weather out here in Oregon.

  5. Ahh! I soo feel you right now! It started at the beginning of this month when I decided to redo our laundry room. While that is still being finished I decided to switch the kids bedrooms, which required repainting (I don’t think my son would appreciate a pink bedroom!). It feels good to start things fresh though! I hope the madness has calmed down in your home!

  6. Precious sanding crew! And, my gosh … I cringed seeing your unexpected project. Ugh. Thank goodness, you have a talented husband to take care of the pipes! I admire your attitude and humor, fo’ sho! *Becca*

  7. Your sanding crew is adorable. I am guessing ages 4 – 6 – 8 – 10. Just wait until they are 22 – 24 – 26 – 28 [the ages of my children]. Enjoy the journey!

  8. Wow! what a mess you have. Broken pipes are no fun :( I’m sure you’re thankful for a husband who can fix things. I’m always thankful for my husband who can fix almost anything.
    Your little ” men” sanding crew is adorable!

  9. Hey Traci, I wasnt quite sure how to contact you, so I figured Id just leave a comment… you are going to fall out of your chair!!! You know the Ballard Mirrors that everyone on blogland tries to replicate (the $139 duo.. I KNOW you know what Im talking about!!) I was just wandering around Target, and they have the closest replica I have ever seen for $24.99 a piece. Albeit, theyre black… but thats easily changeable. Just go to the Target website and search “home black vertical wall mirror” and you can see what it looks like. Im trying to figure out how to convice my hubs to let me buy them!!

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