My Trip to IKEA with Sarah {And Giveaway Winner!}

I had the best day yesterday!


The weather was amazing…in the 70’s.

The sun was shining.

I was driving ALONE in my car for two hours.

No kids fighting in the back seats.

Listening to my own music.

Sipping on a large Coke from McDonald’s.


Do you feel me?

Can you picture the goodness in your mind?

And to top it all off, I was on my way to IKEA to go shopping with my buddy, Sarah.

The Thrifty Decor Chick!

me and sarah

{Do you hear the alleluia chorus?}

I was beyond giddy!

Sarah and I both live about two hours away from the IKEA in Ohio, so we met there for some shopping fun.

That place is so huge!

(Some of the following pictures I had to borrow from Sarah.  Thanks, Sarah!)


Sarah just did a post about IKEA that you have to check out.  She has a ton of great pictures that showcase all the great stuff in this store.

Check out her post, HERE.

I only took a few pictures because my camera battery was low.  Ugh.

{blogger big fat fail}

I absolutely loved this pillow! 

I thought it looked very PotteryBarnish.


And I was right.  Look at the pillow in the background of the next picture that I got from the Pottery Barn online store…


See the resemblance?

I also fell in love with this gorgeous bedding!



Okay….Sarah may have fallen more in love with it…


See how sweet that girl is?  She even smiles when she is sleeping!


After Sarah’s little cat nap, we continued walking the aisles of goodness.

I loved this little set of two metal bucket thingys for only $9.99.



Okay, that’s all the pictures I took of stuff.  I told you I was lame.

But here is Ms. Cutey Patootey checking out.



We were laughing because we know that people had to be wondering why we were taking pictures of us checking out.

Duh.  Hello?

We are bloggers.

That’s what bloggers do.


I got a few cute little things.

I love these little jars. 


4 for only $3.99!

I could have used these when I was doing my pantry makeover!

Sarah and I both got this adorable little black clock for only 5 bucks!


My favorite purchase was a set of 17 container pieces for only $3.99!


Get. out. of. town.

I needed these so badly!

It doesn’t take much to make me happy, girls.

After we shopped IKEA, we then went to the Ballard Designs outlet about a mile down the road.

I absolutely adore Ballard Designs.  It is my all time favorite magazine and where I get most of my decorating inspiration.


It was so awesome to see the items in the magazine up close and personal.




I would love to say the prices were amazing too, but they were still way out of my range.




But I did get a couple of great ideas for “knock-offs” that I could make!


Sarah and I both thought the best priced stuff there were these beautiful white pitchers and bowls.

The pitcher was $12.99 and so were the set of four bowls.



The pitcher made it home with me!

I think it will be perfect in the guest house.


We had to leave around 3:00 because we both had to get back to our families.

But boy, was it worth it!

I absolutely loved hanging out with Sarah.

She and I are actually long lost sisters.

Bet you didn’t know that.

Well, now you do.


Sarah is one of my BIG BLOGGIN’ BLESSINGS!


Now I am super excited to announce the winner of the $60.00 Art Of Whimsy Giveaway!


It is…

Your Winner


Author: Mary (SMHammond5)
I’m not sure what I would get if I won. But I am liking the Personalized Name Frame Lux wrapped CANVAS!


Thank you to everyone who entered!

And thank you Tracy for such a great giveaway!!!

Have a great weekend!




  1. Girrrll…I love you so! I had such a blast. Let’s go back again so I can get that bedding!! ;)

  2. Holy Crapoly! I can’t believe I won!!!!! I’m so excitd I think I might do a little jig! Thank you so much, now I have to sit and down and really think about what I want to get. Thanks again!

  3. I love IKEA! I can’t believe you were able to contain yourself to just 3 items though! The first time I went I had to make myself leave so I would quit putting things in my cart.

  4. OOh I wanna Go!!! I wish I would’ve known you were going. I have been trying to find out how much their farm house style sinks are..they are supoosed to be the cheapest but I cant find out the prices. You wouldn’t of happened to saw any would you??

  5. Traci!

    You are such a hoot! And I love Sarah’s blog too. Thanks for taking us along on your shopping journey. Did I tell you that I REALLLLY like that white pitcher you purchased?? ;) Have a fabulous weekend!

    Marilyn C.

  6. we love those green containers. they are in the playroom ~ perfect for all those LEGOS . . . each little set that one of our boys prefers to keep seperate from the big lego assortment! i love those little jars as well. i have those for buttons & beads! too funny! i think ikea is calling me for another trip there SOON!

  7. I cannot even begin to express how jealous I am! And not of the trip to Ikea! I have one like 5 minutes from my house. But an afternoon with the two of you would be HEAVEN!

  8. I use to live about 35 mins. from that IKEA (only for 8 months) and I went a couple of times. I love Ballard but was disappointed every time I went there. It was hit or miss. Glad you had a great time!

  9. Looks like you have super fun like I do when shopping with my sister! The laughter is worth more than anything money could buy! I’m new here and enjoyed reading your “about” section. Fun to see when others are so open about their faith. I look forward to keeping up with your blog!! :)

  10. Looks like you girls had a blast! How fun!! And I know what you are talking about taking pictures in the check-out! I went shopping with my mom & grandma a few weeks ago…TJ Maxx, Home Goods, etc…I had my camera around my neck the whole time snapping pictures…I know people thought I was NUTS!!! LOL…blogging…its a whole nother world!

  11. OMG, you are so lucky to live close to the Ballard Designs outlet! I’ve been buying from them for YEARS! I think I would move right in to that store and never leave … seriously, they’d probably have to call the police to remove me! And IKEA – love that store, in fact, I have a trip planned there soon with one of my BFFs (he’s the best person in the world to shop with because he gives great opinions and advice, and he carries my packages for me!).

    You and Sarah are so darned cute! So cool that you gals got to hang out together!



  12. I actually have that crewel work pillow and I simply ADORE it!! It goes with EVERYTHING!! and it’s super soft and washes well, too!! LOL!! Lovely days are always spent with lovely people! Thanks for sharing your fun time!

  13. I just now saw this post… Me and my girlfriend just went the weekend before you went! I took a TON of pictures and we spent 4 hours in IKEA! We then went to Ballard and I got a sleeper Baldwin couch slip and loveseat slipcover both for $140!!!!! I also got the same pitcher as you did! Haha.. isn’t it nice to have a girls day shopping somewhere you never get to go?! We live 2 hours from Ikea in Indiana (and I enjoyed my McDonald’s Coke on the way there too!)

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