“And the Survey Says!…” My Dad Loves Me!


Do you remember the survey I had on my blog a couple of weeks ago?

Well, you guys really helped me out! I had almost 1000 of you fill it out!

The results were really interesting and very helpful.

But before I share them with you, I want to remind you about my “Best DIY Projects of April” party on Sunday, April 30th.


It’s a great party where bloggers link up their number one, very best project of April!  For more details about the party, click HERE.  Hope to see you there!  (If you do not know how to link up to a party, here is a tutorial of how to do it.)

Now to the survey!

The results of the first questions actually surprised me.  My readers are actually a little bit younger than I would have thought.  However, I do think it’s a good mix of ages.


I was really encouraged to see how many of you visit my blog everyday or every time I post…over half of you!  Thank you!  I really do feel like I have very loyal readers.  :)


This next question made me smile from ear to ear!  I have one male reader, and guess who it is?

My daddy!






The day after I posted this survey, my dad and I went shopping in Lexington.  We got to talking about my blog, and he asked me why I did that survey (he reads my blog everyday).  :)

I told him how the information would help me with my blog, and he said he completed the survey.

When I looked at the final results of the survey and saw that little number “1” in the male column, I just about cried.  That’s my daddy.  I love that man!

(I know you are reading this Dad….xoxo!)

I was also surprised that a third of my readers do not have any children.  I really do feel like I am usually writing to other mothers, so this information was really helpful to me.  I have a better understanding of my audience, which will help me when I write my posts.



On question number 5, you were able to pick multiple answers.  A large majority of you enjoy when I post about DIY Home Improvement Projects and Decorating Ideas.  Following closely behind are posts on Room and Furniture Makeovers.  The best thing is….those are my favorite posts to writeWe are a good fit, ya’ll!



I learned that most of you like DIY tutorials written with pictures, and some of you like it when I do both.



The results to question number 7 are something I have been dying to know about.  Personally, I’m not a fan of truncated posts, and neither are about half of you.  But 40% of you do not mind.


I wanted to know this information because around the end of the summer, I will be redoing my blog  home page.  I am hoping to make it more easy to navigate (which some of you suggested), and I will make it so you can see more of my posts on my home page.  Right now, you can only see two posts on my home page, and you have to click back several times to find an older posts.  My new design will help you be able to find my posts more quickly.  Yeah!

When you click on a post you want to read, you will be able to read the post in its entirely.



Most of you read my blog through my website.




Questions 9 and 10 were Open Response questions.



I got a lot of helpful information from these questions.  Thank you for taking the time to answer them.

I was very encouraged by what I read.  You guys are so uplifting! There were NO negative comments.  Even your suggestions for improvement were written in an encouraging way.

Almost all of you said that you loved my blog the way it was, and you wouldn’t change a thing!  Do you know how great that made me feel?  (I can sometimes tend to be a worrier and a people pleaser. Shhh…don’t tell anyone.)  So to read all your kind words really validated to me that God is blessing this blog.  He sure has blessed me through this blog, and I pray it is a blessing to you too.


Thanks again for helping me with this survey!

I truly think you guys are the best.  I am not just saying that.  I’m not trying to puff you up.  I hope you know my words are genuine.

Have a blessed day!


  1. You made me cry! There is nothing like a Daddy’s love for his daughter. The fact that he reads your blog is so awesome! (and that he actually took the survey). How blessed you are for having a Daddy like that!

  2. I think I misread the how many children in your household question. I have 3 children and 2 grandchildren but they are not living with me. You know what I mean? That may be why the number is so low. Love that your dad filled out the survey. Ahhh.

  3. You have a super sweet Daddy! I loved reading that.
    Thank you for keeping up your blog, I love it and will always read it :)

  4. Awe! That is sooo sweet that your daddy filled out the survey! It made me tear up reading that! Thanks for posting the results of the survey too, they were fun to read.

  5. I have two male readers, my dad and my husband… I think my dad is my biggest encourager when it comes to my crazy DIY posts… probably because they aren’t happening at his house!

    Here’s to awesome men in our lives who encourage us :)

  6. That is so sweet that your dad filled out the post!!! :D It made me laugh with joy for you!

    I loved that you shared your survey results too! Most of the time I fill out surveys, I never get to see what the results were. Or what the person was going for when they asked the question. Thank you!!

    And thank you for keeping your blog positive!! :)

  7. I enjoy reading your blog and it is great that you are so willing to want to make it better for your readers. Aww, your dad is so sweet to read your blog everyday. Lucky girl.


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