How to Decorate {for the DIY’er} by Beth from The Stories of A2Z!

Hey, friends!
Well, we successfully closed on both of our homes on Friday. (That was a crazy day!  One for the record books.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry that day.)
We have spent two days in our new home, and we’ve already made a TON of changes to the home and property!  I cannot wait to share the progress with you next week.
In the meantime, I am still trying to unpack all the boxes and praying our neighbors do not think the Beverly Hillbillies have moved in next door!  :)  I’ve made sure the boys know not to pee in the front yard (only the back yard!)  Ya’ll think I’m kiddin’, don’t ya?
I still do not have internet service at my new home, so I am once again at MickeyD’s using their Wifi.  Thanks, Ronald!
Today, my precious blog buddy, Beth, from The Stories of A to Z is here!  I have known Beth since I started blogging two years ago, and she has become a precious friend of mine.  She is one of those friends who will always shoot straight with you, and I love that about her!  She is pure gold in my book!


Beth has something very exciting coming up on her blog, and she is going to share it with you today!

Take it away, Beth!…..
Hi, all you Beneath-My-Hearters!  While Traci is otherwise occupied trying to find her four boys amongst the packing materials and moving boxes, you are stuck with me today.  For those of you who don’t know me, I am Beth from The Stories of A to Z soon to be Home Stories A to Z.  I live in Pennsylvania with my hubs, two little boys, and pomeranian pup.
We live in the city in a 100 year old rehabbed “twin”.  Nearly four years ago, we purchased, gutted and completely renovated our home; however, since that time my decor taste has drastically changed.  (Those darn home decor and design blogs!)  So over the past two years, I have been redecorating each room in the house to feel more like home.  I absolutely LOVE to decorate.  It is definitely my passion, and I immensely enjoy the creative process start to finish.
So answering readers questions such as, How exactly do you decorate? Where do you begin? How do you decide on colors? How do you decide where to place everything?, should come easily….but they don’t. I fumble through these questions and never feel that I provide satisfactory answers.  Indeed, there are many tips and tricks I use to envision a space, but I rarely label them and don’t typically talk about them in my posts.  After all, How to Decorate seems like a ridiculously broad topic to conquer!
But what if we try?  What if we do a series of posts and we ask the advice, tips, and tricks of some of the best home and design bloggers available?  What if they take us step by step through their wild creative thought process and “make plain” to us the art of how they do it?  Wouldn’t that be fantastic?  Well, that’s EXACTLY what we’re going to do the entire month of June over at A2Z!  I present to you…..

Traci is of course in the line-up as well as some other names you should recognize!  If you are reading this post on a feed, hop on over to the real blog so you can see the calendar of who will be sharing.  All buttons on the calendar are live, so feel free to click on a button and be transported directly to the source of talent!  Really.  Please do. That thing was a pain in the patootie to create so please use it!

For a larger view of the calendar, please click here.

June is going to be an amazing month over at A2Z, so I hope you’ll come over and visit, take notes, and spread the word!  Thanks so much Traci for letting me visit with you and your readers today.  I can’t wait to see your post for the series :).

THANK YOU, BETH!!! for helping me out!


  1. Traci, when we first lived here in Kyiv, we travelled a great deal for the assignment we had at the time. My oldest (a girl!) had to learn to use all sorts of “facilities” (we’ll just use that term loosely!), and we let her because when in Rome…. she even tee-teed on the palace lawn here and not one person batted an eye. When we moved back to the States, we had some reteaching to do! :) We’ll begin another move in a year- it’s time…the itch is coming on!

  2. Woo hoo – can’t wait to see what you have done with the house! I love stuff like this. Our house is up for sale and I am so ready to have it sold.

    Know all about boys! I have caught my youngest (4 at that time) just pulled his pants and undie down and peed right into my mailbox! And we live in the burbs, I thought I was gonna die!

    Have a great week!

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