Our Trip to the Zoo

Hey Friends!

This weekend, Cy and I surprised the boys with a trip to the Louisville Zoo.

We had such a great time taking our 4 little monkeys to the zoo!

Just wanted to share some pictures with you of our day!
















Oh yeah! We did see the amazing animals there too! :)

Have a wonderful day!



  1. We never got to the Louisville Zoo. We even visited Louisville once a month for about 6 years while living in Indiana. Oh man, I miss the midwest.

  2. Love Love Love these pics, the one of Cy getting bit on the backside was too funny. Adorable ones of all your boys too. Except for those BLUE things on a couple of those heads! Girl, I am gonna have to send you some Univ of MEMPHIS TIGERS hats!!! LOL! You KNOW I am teasing with you! You look like you had a super fun day. What a PRECIOUS family!

    Marilyn C.

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