Kitchen Makeover Update


Hey Friends!

Just wanted to keep you up to date on our kitchen makeover.  Smile

Though it seems we still have a lot to do, I have to remind myself of how far we have come!

Here’s the before…kitchen 011


And as of this  morning…

kitchen 006


It looks like a different room, doesn’t it?!

I really love how big it feels.

We added some hardware to the drawers that I got at Lowe’s…

kitchen 009


We also added hardware to the pantry doors…

kitchen 010

In the picture above, you can see that Cy has built me a bottom cabinet to the right of the pantry. 

I am going to use the baskets that were in the guest house of our last home in that cabinet.  (To tour my former guest house, click on the picture.)


I was making sure they would fit in our new cabinet.  Now Cy just has to build me a shelf in the middle of that cabinet to hold the baskets. 

kitchen 007


So here is what we have left to do:

1.  Install the microwave above the stove and a cabinet to the right of the microwave.

2.  Finish painting the kitchen.

3.  Install the subway tile backsplash.

4.  Install the open shelving.

5.  Install the new faucet.

6.  Finish new cabinet doors below the sink.

7.  Install recessed lighting.


I think that’s it.  We hope to be done by Sunday.

Do you think we can do it?

What do you think of the progress so far?


  1. Stunning, Traci! If you’re done by Sunday, that would fit nicely with having y’all come up and start work on mine to get it done just before the holidays! Great timing!! ;O) LOL ….Amazed with all you guys are accomplishing!!

  2. I’m getting giddy about your kitchen…I can see how it’s going to turn out and I LOVE IT! Just so, so beautiful and classic. Great job on all your hard work, I am so enjoying watching it transform. Maybe you have mentioned this before, but are you putting an island back in, or leaving it without? I am so excited to see the finished result…I bet you are too! :)

  3. It is just fabulous!!! LOVE it!! Looks so much bigger & better with white.
    Your crown moldings really add a lot. & I chuckle as I say that, as we are renovating an entire house (our cottage) & we can only work weekends… crown moldings thru-out are giving us such a headache… as each time we come back, we forget how we did it last week…I even took pics of how the saw is standing & we still get it wrong… : )
    Can’t wait to see your kitchen all done for Christmas

  4. Done by THIS Sunday? As in five days away Sunday? I feel for you trying to keep some semblance of normalcy and tradition during the holidays albeit in a construction zone! I know, I’ve done it. I pushed too far and ended up with pneumonia. Make sure you all GET OUT of the house regularly to breathe in some fresh air, air without drywall dust, stain odors, etc. I did not and just kept on cleaning and cleaning everything that was covered in a layer of who knows what. One of my only adventures out was to the emergency room. I know Cy goes to work and the kids go to school, but you have to get out of there every day for at least a little while so you don’t get sick. If the momma gets sick, everything comes to a halt. Take care. And, of course, it is beautiful; I didn’t even have to comment on that. I am more worried about you staying healthy and sane!

    1. My favorite thing about this kitchen re-do is that it started out as “I want to paint my cabinets.” I crack up thinking about that. You are soo like me. One thing ALWAYS leads to another. What should be a quicky usually ends up with a wall coming down or something like that. LOL I can relate! That all being said, your kitchen is AWESOME!! My all time favorite part is the wood ceilings. I MUST do this. It just looks awesome!! Thank you for continuing to inspire us all with all you do. I bow to you! LOL

  5. Really looking good. Amazing just how much larger the room looks now. Very nice. I am anxious to see it finished because I know I will love it!

  6. Love it Traci! For most people, Sunday might be a crazy deadline – but nah, ya’ll got this. Preparing Christmas dinner will be great fun in your new kitchen!

  7. Absolutely STUNNING!! It’s amazing how much bigger & brighter the kitchen looks. I’m on pins & needles wanting to see the finished product…I can’t imagine how excited you must be, too!! GO CY & TRACI!!

  8. Absolutely amazing, and GREAT inspiration for my own kitchen. We have had plans to do something similar in our home the last 2 years, but this thing called “life” took over both times and our money was needed elsewhere… With that said, now what I want to see is what you guys did for a kitchen this whole time? I want to dive into our remodel, but am terrified of being left without a kitchen to cook in.

    Your kitchen looks so great, and I cannot wait to see the final reveal!!

  9. Oh Traci!!! It looks so beautiful!! You’ve both {or all!!} worked sooo hard to make this room stunning!! I can’t wait to see completed pictures!!! You definitely have been working hard!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!


  10. WOW!!! I am amazed what you can do if you just want to “paint” the cabinets!
    It is going to be absolutely beautiful.

  11. It is coming along! looks GREAT! I love the planked wood ceiling that was added also. We recently moved from our custom built home to a log cabin home and are redoing it. We gutted the kitchen and about two weeks ago added the subway tile. SO I can very much relate to everything that you are going through! Love your blog!

  12. Oh Traci! It’s amazing. I am so excited about all you’ve done! I love that you went with a light paint. It looks like it could be the Grey Mist I recommended? If so I hope you love it. Regardless of the colour… is PERFECT! Tell Cy he rocks!

  13. Amazing. I love the pantry with the double doors. The white is such an improvement. And the floors – oh my gosh – I forgot to say the other day how beautiful they are. Nicest floors I’ve seen in a long time. Congratulations!

  14. You can do it! It looks amazing! We believe in you. It will be beautiful when it’s done because it already looks so good.

  15. I think you and your husband should come up to CT and I will go down and take care of the boys and I could get a new kitchen too. It is absolutely beautiful, enjoy.

  16. Way to go!! I have been following all along, back to when you were just going to paint the cabinets,and I can’t believe how much you’ve gotten done in what seems like a short time. It looks beautiful.

  17. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING is what I think of the progress, of everything! You and Cy have done such a beautiful job creating your dream kitchen. I can not wait to see the finished product and I can’t believe you have completed so much in such a short time AND that you plan to be completely done by Sunday! Wowzers! Keep up the great work! So inspirational!

    God Bless,

  18. The progress is AMAZING. Honestly, that space is going through a major transformation and I can’t believe you are almost there. And yes, you can totally do it by Sunday. I’m saying that to reassure myself that my daunting to do list is also doable by the same time ;)

  19. AWESOME!!! That will be awesome to have Christmas breakfast there!
    So exited for you all! You are making me get excited about white cabinets again. I’ve postponed our kitchen again because I can’t make up my mind about the counter top-we’re just going to go with laminate… . Mainly because it’s not our forever home. Your finishing up might be the push I need…

  20. Of course You and Cy can do it!!! I look forward on seeing the finished pictures. I know that you look forward to being able to take those pictures, too!!

  21. Dear Traci,

    Well done, it is looking superb. The color of the wood floors is delicious and the wooden ceiling is also lovely. It’s so fun watching the transformation. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  22. It looks fabulous! Don’t lose heart–it will get done and you will love it and you won’t even remember the agony of the remodel after a while. Enjoy Christmas–

  23. By Sunday???? Wow – you all are amazing! It’s looking so good but seeing all your renovations made me think of my friend, Dee. She decided with her hubby to build a house on cash basis. They started when their oldest son was 3 and finished it when he married his bride in the backyard – 22 years later! They lived with unfinished floors, unpainted walls and unfinished rooms for YEARS. I guess they were okay with that but both of their kids have sworn they will never own a house that isn’t finished. I’m sure your sons appreciate all your hard work as you finish up your amazing remodel!

  24. Looks amazing and SO much bigger. Great job! Whether it’s finished or not this week, and I have no doubt you’ll be able to, you’ve done so much…it’s incredible!

  25. It’s looking great! Hope you can get your to-do list all completed by Sunday so you can enjoy Christmas with your family!

  26. How exciting! You must be so thrilled to see your vision coming to life Traci. Can’t wait to see it all done and gussied up. Congrats and Merry Christmas.

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