Molding Inspiration for our New Doorway


Hello, friends!

I hope you had a great weekend!  Ours was full of basketball games, of course.  AND a trip to the emergency room. 

Adam got a deep cut on the bottom of his foot yesterday afternoon while walking barefoot in a creek. Sad smile

He had to get four shots and three stitches in his foot, and he is hanging out with me today and trying to stay off his foot. 

It was a pretty dramatic scene yesterday, but we are all good today!  Smile


Last Friday, I showed you how we tore down a wall to open up the entrance to our new addition.

wall 013


Now we have an entryway that we could just cover up with new drywall, or we could use this opportunity to frame out the new entry way with some beautiful molding.

I choose the latter, don’t you?!

So I searched around for some images of what the type of molding that we might be using in our new entryway.


This one is my favorite.  The top of the doorway is very similar to the trim work we are doing on the windows in our new addition.




I love this doorway with the transom windows on top.  We are not planning on doing windows in our new doorway, but we do plan to do something like this down the road when we tear down a wall in our kitchen area. 









This doorway molding is a little more “fancy” than we want, but beautiful!




The molding in the picture below is the type of molding that we are going to do on all the doorways in our new addition and eventually throughout the house.  (Is that floor gorgeous, or what?!)








Lots of beautiful molding in the picture below!




I am working on a post to show you the trim molding my husband installed on our master bedroom windows.  It is absolutely gorgeous, I must say. Smile


Have a blessed day!


  1. So glad Adam is ok!
    I think nice molding makes such an impact on the look of a room. In our current house, the interier doors “accidently” came with extra wide moldings. It was a happy accident!

  2. I can hardly wait until you have completed the doorway! I am so curious, as our opening is the same as yours. One side has a wall and the other doesn’t. I have a hard time imagining how this will look in your home, as all this pics have a mini wall on either side. Can you tell I’m a visual person!
    One thing I do know is that you and your husband will make it look gorgeous!

  3. I love the first one and the second one is to die for! I have French doors between my living room and my dining room and I want to remove them and do something like your second picture. Maybe something EXACTLY like it. I have to pin it. I give you so much credit for adding the “personality” of an old farmhouse to your home. You could have taken the easy route and made it look like every other “builder” house out there. Buying an older home and going through this process seems so daunting to me and you must “have an extremely solid and strong foundation” to get through each of these “remodels” that you are doing. You have to be “not so tightly wound” and I am working on that. I want to do this to every door in my house, but a funny thing, I won’t be able to hang all of the laundry/ironing that I finish on each of the kids’ door moldings for them to hang in their closets! It wouldn’t fit up there anymore! Trade-offs! Ha!

  4. Hey Traci,

    I’m so glad that your son is okay…not fun!! All of the trims are beautiful & I’m sure that whatever you pick will be stunning!! :O)

  5. Glad your son is okay! My son recently needed 5 stitches on his forehead and it was pretty scary (more for me than him!). I love the moulding style you picked out – so pretty!

  6. That will look so great. I think beautiful molding is sort of like have the best hair day you have had! Exciting.

  7. Hi Traci,
    I hope your son is feeling better soon, I know that was scary for you all.
    I love this moulding too…it’s simple. It looks classic – historic.
    My husband and I are in the beginning stages of building our own home and this is the exact style we are planning. I loved your last post on the wood walls too…and the ceilings…and the kitchen. Whew! You both are amazing!

  8. It is so scary when a child gets hurt. I hope he is doing well. Anything you choose for your molding will look great. Everything else you have done has looked wonderful. Thanks for the blog.

  9. I just love crown molding, & The Man has already finished it in one room (the Man-Cave) & wants to eventually do it throughout our home. Also love wainscoting & those transom windows — love! For us, it’s yes to the wainscoting, but no place for a transom — boohoo!

    Hope your guy heals fast!


  10. I, too, am looking for new moldings for french doors. Do I want them to match all the other moldings in the house or go with something different, that is the question now?

  11. I am very interested in the molding that you used for the doorway and chair railing. It goes very nice together. You have the following comment next to it.

    This doorway molding is a little more “fancy” than we want, but beautiful!

    I am interested in what the door molding and the chair railing is called.

    Cell 704-651-5598

  12. Can you tell me the name of your beautiful blue wall paint color? I think it has just the tone I am looking for

    1. Hi Carlee! It is a beautiful color, but unfortunately, that was an inspiration picture I loved. It’s not my actual home. I wish I could have helped.


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