Our Trip to Florida and Georgia


Spring Break was last week, and we headed down to Destin, Florida with my sister, Cyndi, and my brother, Blake, and his family.

It was the first time that Eli had been to Florida, and he thoroughly enjoyed playing in the sand.

destin 003



destin 005


Jonathan got to spend time with his cousin, Kinsey.  They are only six months apart. Smile

destin 007



The boys also got to spend time with their cousins, Ryan (far left) and Drew (far right).

destin 014


Eli pretended he was surfing in the shoreline…

destin 036





My sister, “Aunt CeCe” covered Eli up with sand….

destin 021destin 022



Luke had fun on the boogey boards…

destin 040


We stayed in some villas at Baytown Wharf.  It is the coolest place to hang out with your family!

destin 109


The boys couldn’t help but climb on this giant chair!

destin 106


Here is a shot of all the cousins…Kinsey, Luke, Drew, Eli, Adam, Ryan, and Jonathan.

destin 044


The Wharf was absolutely gorgeous!  destin 083

Just like something out of a movie!

destin 110


The boys loved checking out the fish in the bay.

destin 048

There are all kinds of fun activities for the children.

Jonathan and Adam took their turn at the ropes course…

destin 050


Luke jumped on the trampoline-thingy…




So did Eli!  Smile


He put on quite a show!  He was jumping so high and was doing flips.   He even got an applause from the crowd when he did a DOUBLE FLIP!  I was laughing out loud!

He gave the bungee thingy “two thumbs up!”

destin 080



Jonathan, Luke, and Adam all took their turn on the zipline.  Here is Luke in action…

destin 088



Of course we made room for food!  There are many delicious restaurants around the wharf.  We ate at Poppy’s one night.

destin 097


Here are my sister and brother getting ready to chow down on some snow crab!

destin 113



Here is Cyndi soaking up some time with her niece and nephews.  They love hanging out with her!

destin 102

Off to Georgia…

We left Florida in the middle of the week and headed to Georgia to spend time with my husband’s side of the family.

My boys loved hanging out with their cousins.  All grandsons (10 in all) on this side of the family, NO granddaughters!  Can you believe that?!


They had a great time riding around in the “gator.”

easter 003


Watching tv together at Pop and Grandma’s pool house…

easter 008


We love spending time at Pop and Grandma’s farm. 

easter 006


Getting ready for meal time!…

easter 010




We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon swimming at the Reynold’s Plantation swimming pool.  Cy and I loved spending time with his sister, Sarah and her husband, Tim.  Though I didn’t dare get pictures of  us in our swimming suits. Smile


easter 016


We got home from Georgia Saturday night, and headed to our church on Sunday morning to celebrate Easter. 

Our church always has an Easter egg hunt after church for the little children.  Here is big brother, Jonathan, trying to help Eli find the eggs…

easter 032


I think there is nothing much more precious than a field full of children hunting Easter eggs.  So sweet and innocent.  I know God smiles down on such a scene.  Smile

easter 033


Eli and his best bud, Jacob were excited about the hunt!  Could the weather be any  more gorgeous?!

easter 039


To top off a wonderful week, we headed to my Aunt Tassy’s house Sunday afternoon for our annual Easter egg hunt on my mom’s side of the family.  I wish I could take each of you to my Aunt Tassy’s house.  She and my precious Uncle Tommy have lived here every since I can remember.  It is the most gorgeous piece of property.

easter 056

The picture perfect place for an Easter Egg Hunt!


Eli is ready to roll, again!…

easter 064


The kids hunt extra hard for these eggs because many of them are filled with money!

(I teased my Aunt Tassy that we didn’t have money in our eggs when I was a little girl!  We just hunted a bunch of hard boiled eggs!  Boy have the times changed.) Smile

easter 070


Then we sat around, ate the loot, and enjoyed the sunshine. 

easter 076

Precious and priceless memories.

My husband and I have been so blessed with such wonderful families!


Did you have a good Easter?  What was your favorite memory?


  1. What a wonderful week! My hubby and I have stayed in Sandestin two times with his family on vacation. We love the Wharf!! So pretty. Seeing your pictures makes me want to go back! Glad you had a fun family filled spring break!

  2. Absolutely stunning photos! Eli is turning out to be like his mom on the trampoline, don’tcha think?!?! ;O)

    Great times & beautiful memories to treasure. I will be sure to check out Destin the next time we’re in Florida. It looks gorgeous!!

  3. We were in Florida too just down the road in Panama City Beach and the weather was awesome & couldn’t believe how warm the ocean water was for April. Looks like you had a great time as well!!

    Glad everyone got home safe & sound!!!


  4. The memory I remember most was when my chiildren were small and we would go to mom & dad’s house for dinner and all the kids would hunt Easter eggs. After the kids were done the kids would hide them again and the adults would hunt for them and of course they were real egg. You looked like you had a great time and family gatherings are the best. God’s Blessing on you and the family.

  5. Oh, Traci. I know you really miss your mom on days like Easter, but you really are blessed to have such a wonderful family! Looks like y’all had a great spring break and a wonderful Easter. Isn’t it wonderful to be at your home congregation for Easter Sunday?

    Love all the photos of your boys!! :)

  6. I love Destin and the Baytowne warf! That seems like quite a drive for y’all. I’m in Louisiana and it is far from here. I love all your pictures. Your family in Georgia (and Aunt Tassy) has a gorgeous place. Loved the outdoor dining space!

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