Our Simple Fall Mantel


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Today, I wanted to share with you our simple Fall Mantle.

I am was excited to finally have a space to decorate in this house!  Unforturnately, I had no money. Smile

So I decided to just try and use what I already had to decorate my mantle.  And I wanted to keep it simple since the rest of our house is a cluttered mess!

The wreath I used is one that I usually put on our front door.  It was a gift to our family when Mom passed away three years ago, so it has a special meaning to me.  I love the gold bow on the wreath.

simple fall mantle


You may notice that we put wood blinds on both of the windows.  Every since we moved into this house over a year ago, I have hated those ugly windows on each side of the fireplace!  And I didn’t like the fireplace either.  I wanted to tear that whole wall down and build something else.

But since I put those wood blinds up, I am in love with my cute little windows on each side of my {now} beautiful fireplace!

This area has such a cozy, cottagey feel now.

simple fall mantle

I also got a new rug for this room.  It definitely gave an immediate warmth to the room.

I had six little wicker votive holders that I bought at a thrift store this past summer for a couple of bucks, and I just placed them on each side of the wreath.  They look so pretty lit up with candles in the evening!

simple fall mantle

The large basket in the fireplace is from Goodwill.  I bought it for $3.50 several years ago.  We usually store the kids’ toys or blankets in it.  And the two little pumpkins are Eli’s.  He picked them on his Pre-K field trip to Boyd’s Orchard here in Ky.

The monogrammed stool is a project I completed my very first year of blogging.  We kept it in our guest house at our previous home.

simple fall mantle

I am so glad we painted the brick this beautiful gray color (Ebony Fields by Valspar).  We hadn’t planned to paint the door to match, but I am so glad we did!

simple fall mantle

I eventually want a beautiful old wood front door, but this looks good for now.

When I was putting this all together this past Saturday, Adam was sitting on the couch watching cartoons.  He looked up and saw the fireplace and said, “Oh Mom!  It’s beginning to feel like HOME!”

Sweet, sweet, boy.  I know what he means.

Our house has been upside down for over a year, and to finally have some rooms coming together and feeling like “home” is just good for our hearts.

It makes me so grateful for our home.  Not for the material possessions in it, but for the feeling it gives us as a place of love and security.

There truly is “No Place Like Home!”


What is your favorite thing about HOME?


  1. That fireplace looks amazing! I love it simple just how it is. Don’t cover up all your hard work! The big basket is my favorite part I think. I would never think to do that.

  2. Beautiful transformation. I especially like the blinds and how you moved that color and aesthetic into the room with the rug. It does feel very cottage-like and homey and without having to acquire anything new. Well done! CTD

  3. I think it looks great!

    Also, if you ever want any wood pallets, I can hook you up with as many as you want….for free! My husbands boss loves for people to get them out of his way AND I’m only an hour and a half south of you!

  4. What a sweet thing for a mom to hear from their child, did your heart just melt? Your mantel looks so beautiful, thank you for bringing us along on the ride. :)

  5. Just stunning, Traci! You truly have a gift. I can certainly relate to needing your house feel like a home. It’ll be a while around here, but living vicariously through seeing your pics and all that you have achieved. It’s gorgeous! :O)

  6. You are so awesome, Traci! It is so awesome when things finally start feeling like “home.” What a gift, indeed! I love your fireplace. We used to have a lovely stone one in our old home, but in some newer homes, such as ours, they are being left out. What’s a girl to do without decorating her matel?!? So, the creative ideas are definitely flowing. I love how it centers a room and adds immediate warmth and personality! You are definitely blessed and it shows.

    Happy Fall to you and yours..;)

  7. I like it! Simple but very fall looking. We still are only 1/3 of the way done. Sigh, still saving for the next really big project. That will be the last of the real expensive projects and the rest should be easier to get done.

  8. Cy and you have really made a house a home. I love all the changes you have made. The fireplace looks beautiful. Where are you working next? I bet you both fall in to bed at the end of the day. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Traci,
    Love the simple elegance of your fireplace mantel. Just enough color to give it warmth. Your sweet boys obviously recognize the little toches you do in your home and to them, that truly makes your house a “HOME..”

  10. It’s looks so warm and cozy! I NEED to know…WHERE did you find that rug? I’ve been looking for one like that for my family room!

  11. How precious that he articulated that feeling!! You must feel like you can conquer the world now! I love your little windows and how it’s all come together so beautifully. Kudos, Traci — many hours of enjoyment will be had here. :)
    xo Heidi

  12. There’s definitely no place like home and it completely warms my heart with joy that y’all are getting to have that peace of “home” after your long, hard work. Everything looks amazing and I love your warm, simple fall decor. It suits this minimalist just fine. ;)
    And just in case my comment didn’t go through before, I’m in awe of the give away that y’all put together. It is such a GRAND and thoughtful way to say thank you to your readers. xo


  13. I love the simplicity of your mantle. It allows me to “feel” the season and is restful. The dark gray really shows up the pumpkins and your door pulls it all together! I love that dark gray, but nowhere to use it (yet). How the words of our children can warm our hearts! Precious!

  14. It looks beautiful, Traci! I enjoy watching you all transform your house. My husband and I ran into your husband today at Panera Bread. I told him how I enjoyed following you! Looking forward to when you take us on a tour through the whole house!!!

  15. Your fireplace decor is beautiful. Tracy you and Cy have done an amazing job and I look forward to reading updates. I love the special wreath above the fireplace and know that it brings you great memories of your mom.

    Have a great weekend!!!

    Marilyn C.

  16. Traci, this is just gorgeous! It doesn’t even look like the same space! You guys really made a big impact. I love the comment from your son. :)

  17. love the simplicity. very sweet. first thing i loved about your “new” fireplace with the painted brick. it pops and it’s one of my favorite colors.
    my favorite thing about home is the people in it…our family and friends. :)

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