Merry {the day after} Christmas!


Guys, THANK YOU so much for all the prayers and well wishes for me on my last post!!!!

You have no idea how much it meant to me.  I wish I could email every single one of you back to say thank you, but I’m afraid I won’t have the time.  So I am praying that you see this post and know how much it meant to me!

I have had a head cold since Saturday night that has been a doo-sey.  {I have no idea how to spell that word.}  Smile

I’m still not feeling 100%, but I think I am on the mend.

I have pretty much shut my computer down for the past week.  That is a record for me for sure!  But when your head is poundin, the last thing you want to do is stare at a computer screen, ya know?

Unfortunately, because I was under the weather, I didn’t take a lot of pictures the past few days either.  But I did get a few on Christmas Eve, at Dad and Janet’s, that I wanted to share with you.

Here is Eli patiently waiting to open his gift…

Christmas 2012 104

Jonathan was eager to open his presents too…

Christmas 2012 108

Luke was checking out his new dwarf frog that he got from his cousin, Drew.

Christmas 2012 114

With this new addition, we now have “a gecko, a frog, a turtle, and a dog.”

Don’t you think we could make a country song out of that?

I realized that I haven’t shared a picture of our dog, Champ, in a while, so here he is…

Christmas 2012 152

Adam got a new basketball…

Christmas 2012 123

Jonathan got a new stool to sit on and play his guitar…

Christmas 2012 135

Dad and Janet got so much JOY out of seeing the grandkids open their presents…

{I love this picture.}

Christmas 2012 109

I really can never say enough about how much of a blessing Janet has been to our family!  She loves us all so much, and I know that my mom would be so happy to see how she takes care of us, especially Dad.  God is so good.


Here is my delicious great nephew, Colt.  He throws his hands in the air, and we all say, “Yay, God!” after we pray.  He had a cute Christmas outfit on at the beginning of the night, but he loves walking around in his diaper best.  Smile

Christmas 2012 113



Christmas morning, the boys sat on the couch and opened the little presents that had bought for each other.  They were soooo cute.  It was my favorite part of Christmas morning.

Christmas 2012 140


After the opened their gifts from each other, they tore into their gifts from Santa.

Jonathan got an new electric guitar and amp, Luke got a new digital video camera to use for his youtube channel on Leopard Geckos  Smile, Adam got an electric scooter, and Eli got a LeapPad.

It was a great Christmas.



That evening, we went to my sister’s house to eat.

Here’s Janet and my niece, Kinsey, talking about life…

Christmas 2012 153

Cy and my nephew, Cory, chatting it up in the kitchen…

Christmas 2012 154

Chris, my nephew-in-law, is a guitar player too, so he and Jonathan enjoyed playing some songs together…

Christmas 2012 160

Cyndi took a group picture of us and posted it on facebook.

I wanted to share the whole clan with you {This is my side of the family.}



And then the real truth…




I am sooo excited because tomorrow, my husband’s side of the family is coming to our house to visit!

His parents and both of his sister’s and their families are coming, and it is going to be a BIG time.  We do not get to see each other as often as we would like because they live in Georgia, and we miss them so much.

It’s going to be some more great family time, and I will take some pictures to share with you soon.


We are supposed to get some snow here in KY today, and I can’t wait!

I pray that you have a wonderful holiday week!


  1. 6 inches here in Arkansas! Can you believe it?! Good thing that we just moved from a cold place and have all the gear! The kids have been outside all morning burning off energy! Enjoy your family!!!

  2. So glad you are starting to feel better. Happy you had a great Christmas. We celebrated on Christmas Eve and we had 11 family members for Church, dinner and then open presents. My grandson brought his guitar for songs and merryment. Thanks for sharing your Christmas with all of us. YAY, GOD!

  3. Merry Christmas well I just spoke with my father who is in Ohio and I would guess you certainly must have gotten your snow.
    I hope you are feeling much better.

    Still trying to make connections and what a surprise to see you and Cyndi are a connection.

  4. Traci, reading your blog is always a treat for me. I skim through all the random
    emails I get on a daily basis and then save yours for my reward! I feel like I know
    your family and love this! I am hoping, praying you mend fully very soon! Love
    your references to the One above…so sweet. BLESSINGS!!

  5. Glad you are on the mend! Looks like yu had a wonderful Christmas. I caught a cold Christmas night. So I hear ya! Enjoy your hubs family! Traci

  6. the pictures are gorgeous… Many precious blessings…. I saw the picture that Cyndi posted on FB of the fam….Loved it!!! .. :) .. So glad you feel better and are sharing some of your Christmas celebrations with us!! ( The “Moment” that you captured of your Dad and Janet is precious!)
    Blessings to you and your family Traci

  7. Great family pictures, Traci! Especially the one of your Dad and Janet. I’m glad to read that you’re feeling better. God Bless You and your family in 2013!

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