I’ve Been Published!


Happy Monday {and MLK} Day!

The boys are off from school, so I probably won’t get much work done on my computer today. Smile

Actually, my goal is to try and get my office space more organized today.  I have been avoiding that room like crazy, so wish me luck!


I wanted to share something with you that means a lot to me.

A few months ago, I was contacted by a lady from Ideals Publications, a Guideposts Company, asking for permission to publish one of the stories I wrote about my mom.

Of course, I said yes.  I was so excited for another way to share a bit of my mom with others.  And I felt it was another way to honor her.

The story they wanted to publish was the one about how my mom stayed up through the night to make an Easter Sunday dress for a little girl who had never had one.

It’s one of my favorite memories of my mom and is the perfect picture of the type of person she was.

You can read that story HERE.

Well, the Ideals EASTER magazine arrived in my mailbox this past weekend.  It was such a thrill to see my mom’s story in print.

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Since I have been blogging I have seen many of my blog friends receive many honors and be published in popular national magazines.  Some have written their own books, e-books, and even appeared on tv!

So in comparison, this may seem like a small deal.  But to me, it’s just plain perfect.

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Why?  Because my first publication was about my MOM not me. Smile

She is the reason I started blogging.  She introduced me to Home/DIY blogs and encouraged me to start my own.

I started my blog 9 months before she passed away, and she loved reading it during that time.  She also saw the joy that blogging brought me and made me promise to keep on blogging even after she was gone.  She said, “I think this blog is going to be a great thing in your life.”

Again, mom was right.  Although I know that she had NO idea how right she would be.  She or I neither one could have ever imagined all the blessings this blog would bring to me and my family {and hopefully others.}


Having mom’s story published in the magazine is another one of those blessings.  My prayer, however, is that it will be an even bigger blessing to whomever reads it.

I pray that it brings glory to God.


As always, thank you for letting me share the stories beneath my heart.


  1. I love this. I found your blog because of a story you had written about your mom. I am thrilled that the story you wrote about her is your first publication! That is awesome. What a wonderful way to honor her.


    God bless you!

  2. Beautiful post Traci… sharing in your joy!!! I loove the story too… so touching and sweet. So glad you followed your Mom’s advice cause your blog is a blessing!

  3. This is so very special Traci. Thank you for sharing with us. And you know what?
    It is a big deal…being able to share your mom’s love for Christ and how she showered others with it!

  4. Congratulations Traci!!! How exciting to have your story of your Mama published!!! What a way to honor your Mama and Jesus!111 From everything you and Cyndi have said she was truly a woman of God!!! I can’t wait to meet your special Mama one day in heaven!!!!

  5. Congrats, Traci! What an honour to read about such a wonderful mom. Her beautiful character definitely lives on in her wonderful daughters. Nice job on the story. :O)

  6. Traci-I’m one of those lurker/nonblogger folks on your website-I read you everyday, but don’t often comment just because I feel weird that I’m not a blogger myself. But I am a Christian sister to you and just wanted to let you know that when you posted about your mom and that Easter dress awhile back, something spoke to me. I was actually just thinking about it the other day. In fact I have thought about it often since you posted that. Just reminds me of the kind of woman I hope to be or hopefully am becoming. Such a beautiful story. So blessed and blessed for you that you got it published and that it is such an honor to and loving reminder of your mom. Your blog is a joy to read and I always look forward to your posts, no matter what they entail! Bless you and your family!
    Jill D.

  7. Congrats! I started to read your blog when you first started out. I must admit it was the stories of your mom and her faith through a very difficult time that kept me coming back to read. Her love of God would shine through in every post. You tell her story so beautifully.

  8. Traci,
    How exciting for you! I remember the sweet story…it touched my heart! And what a wonderful way to honor your sweet momma! I work in a drug store & we sell those magazines…I will have to go look for it & see it in print!


  9. So happy for you! Isn’t it amazing how God uses our sweet mothers in all areas of our lives?! I hope you do a special DIY framing of your piece. Blessings to you!

  10. It was a beaitiful tribute to your Momma. Do not stop sharing with us about her. From everything you write about her, we can see the close bond you had with her…and that she was such a loving, giving person…not unlike her daughter! :)
    I love hearing not only about what you are doing in your home…but also about your precious family!
    Take care Traci…until tomorrow when I check in on you again!! —


  11. Traci,

    What a wonderful blessing! I remember that story vividly, as I do many of your “Wednesday with Wanda” stories! (I cannot look at a daffodil and not think of you and your mother.) I am so happy for you and I do not doubt that this is only the first time you will be published, not the last, but how incredible and God-sent is that it is a story about your mother. I find that as evidence of God’s amazing power and the sweet legacy that your mother has left behind for you and your boys. Just incredible. Congratulations and please let us know when the magazine comes out so I can purchase it and tell everyone that I “know” the author! Blessings to you!

  12. So proud of you, girl! Oh, how I love IDEALS. You will not be surprised to learn that my mom always had a subscription to IDEALS, and I read every issue. I can well imagine that the Easter story about your mom is exactly the kind of thing they’d want to publish.

    I’m proud of you, sweet friend!

  13. Traci
    I am so thankful that I can say I knew your mom and even more thankful that she offered a home away from home while we were in school. I remember feeling so loved, comfortable, and even celebrated every time I visited. I am so proud of you for being a published author! You never cease to amaze me!
    Your momma is up there doing the Wanda as we speak! I can just see it!
    Love you!

  14. Your authenticity and your love for Christ shine in you and your blog….you radiate the JOY of Christ. Congrats on your blessing!! woo hoo and way to go! I know your mom would LOVE it!!

  15. Traci, I loved that story the first time I read it and will be purchasing Ideals Easter edition as a keepsake.

    As everyone else has noted, you are truly a blessing.

  16. oh, wow! Traci, I’m thrilled for you. I can imagine how much this means to you and your family. I used to have the Guideposts book and dream of being an author/contributor for them. The stories are so inspirational and encouraging. I haven’t heard of Ideals until today. I have no doubt that your story inspires and is your utmost for His highest. Again, I’m just so excited for you!

    xo, Sharon

  17. I remember reading this story. Reminded me of my mom. She sewed for me all the time. She made all my dance outfits, prom dresses and my wedding dress also. I understand the sweet memory. Congrats.

  18. Such a beautiful story of the unselfishness of mothers.
    So glad it was published! I know that publication will be a treasure for you for years to come.
    I no longer have my mom with me and I miss her everyday! I know one day we will be together again!

  19. I remember when you posted that story, and what a great story it is.
    Yay for getting published!
    I admire your courage to be open about your love for God as well.
    Good luck cleaning/organizing!

  20. Congratulations Traci! What a special memory, and a loving story about a special memory. Easter is the most miraculous time of the year, and your mother shared a miracle in that child’s life- sharing the love of our Savior in a tangible way! I’ll bet that sweet little girl has never forgotten her perfect Easter dress, and hopefully the love of our perfect Lord Jesus!

  21. How wonderful to share your mom’s love with so many by being published. I recently started reading your blog after reading your sister’s blog for the past couple of months. I read Guideposts every month but have not seen Ideals. I am enjoying your inspiring stories. Thank you.

  22. Congratulations on getting your story published! Thanks for sharing the story of your mother. It warmed my heart! <3

  23. Wow that is just fantastic! I always enjoyed the stories about your mom. This is just another way to honor her.

    You remind me, my mom is almost home bound. She loves to read my blog and I don’t post as often as I should. That’s a good reason to do it…just for her.

  24. Traci, I found your blog via another blog that sent me to a post about your Mom and I’ve stayed with you ever since. There is no comparison to others blessings … this one is huge!

  25. Oh, Traci! I’m so proud for you! What a wonderful opportunity for you to feature your dear mother! You’re just so dear and a reflection of your mother for how she raised you. Bless your heart, this is just fantastic!
    You are the sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  26. How wonderful! Your mom has made quite the impression on you and others around her. What a beautiful memory and a beautiful blessing :)

  27. Traci – Congratulations! You deserve it. Your Mom reminds me so much of my Mom. I was one of four girls and my Mom stayed home and was always there for us. I remember all the nights she stayed up sewing Sunday School dresses, Easter dresses, Prom dresses, etc. – all so we could have something new. She gave up so much for us. I was just thinking the other day how proud she would have been of me having a blog. She would be telling everyone they must read it and how good it was!! She always thought each of us did the best job in anything we attempted. So, I feel like ever so often, I have to blog about something of hers or something that reminds me of her. Moms are so special and I miss her so much.

    Your article was just beautiful. Again, congratulations on a job well done.


  28. Oh how incredibly wonderful. What a beautiful tribute to your mother. That story was so sweet and tender. Your mother sounds like she was an amazing, beautiful, inspired woman who strove to share the true love of Christ with everyone around her. Thank you for sharing such a tender memory you have of her with us. I am so excited that message is going to be able to be shared with others through this publication.

  29. Congratulations! We always had Ideals in our house. It’s a great story. What a wonderful mother to have. Your telling the tale was a beautiful tribute. It is definitely not a conicidence that they chose it.

  30. I am always so blessed by your posts. Congratulations on your publication. Your mother is smiling and so proud of you.

  31. Sweet Traci, that’s so wonderful and I know how much it means to you. I know you’re mother is proudly looking down from heaven saying “That’s my girl”! You have such a gift for writing and that was such a wonderful remembrance of your mom. I know everyone who ever met her must have felt blessed.

    Congratulations on the publication and thanks for sharing alll your happy moments with us.
    OX’s… Tracy@CottonPickinCute

  32. What wonderful news. I know how much your mom meant to you (from reading your blogs) and how special this is as a way for you to honor her. She sounds like a precious woman and obviously it rubbed off on you, too. I don’t always comment on every post but I love reading them and being a part of your journey. Thanks for what you do.

  33. Traci, I’m so excited for you! This just makes my heart smile:) I know your love for your Mom is something that shines through your life and I’m just so excited you got to have your first publication and it started with your Mom! I’m sure there will be many, many more to come but how cool that it all started with your one of your Mom, the inspiration to your blogging!

  34. Traci,

    Congratulations! It is a big deal and your mom is doing a happy dance for you! I haven’t stopped by in quite awhile and now I know why your name popped into my mind and I headed over here today. My mom passed away January 28, 2010 and she’s been on my mind all week. Actually, not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. I started my little blog on a whim as a creative outlet to help heal my soul after she passed. I had the priviledge of caring for her for 3 months in my home before she passed. I wish we would have had longer but those 3 months brought joy to both of us! What a beautiful story about the gift of giving. I wonder what story that little girl is telling when she remembers her beautiful easter dress. Oh, the joy of giving. I must visit here more often! Like you and your mom, my mom and I did most things at the last minute too. Those are the times when the creative juices are flying high! A big congrats to you!

  35. I love reading your blog. You have great ideas, a great way of writing – being genuine, yadda yadda. You have heard that all before, I know. and it’s great but… what I think I REALLY love is that you love the Lord and make a great effort to bring glory to Him. This is a great reminder to me that in all things, we are to bring glory to HIm… even in what could be considered a “non-spiritual” area like doing DIY projects in our home. You are a blessing to me each time I read your blog. May God continue to use you to speak into the lives of women everywhere!

    1. Thank you SO much, Alisa!!
      That really means the world to me!
      Sometimes I worry that if I share my faith too much on my blog that brands may not want to work with me.
      But then I think, who cares??!
      My rewards are in heaven.
      God gave me my blog and I will forever honor Him with it.
      Thank you for your encouragement to continue doing so! :)
      Bless you,

  36. Oh Traci- what a beautiful story you have shared with us!! Your mom would be so touched and humbled I’m sure if she were here to see it. What a blessing you are To continue her legacy for others to read. Her testimony and your stories of her, live on through you and your sister and who knows, maybe those who don’t know Christ will come closer to him through this journey you are on!! So beautiful!! Congratulations to you :)

  37. What a wonderful reflection of God’s love and how He provides the ability to remember the special times in our lives. Your mom is certainly smiling now. She continues to be a witness to others through your blog and now a new publication.

    Many blessings –

  38. Congrats on your wonderful accomplishment! What a sweet and generous spirit your Mom had. It’s obvious her legacy lies in her children and what you all learned from her. Thank you for sharing.

  39. Traci, Congrats! I had never read that story on your blog before and was so glad I did tonight. I’m sure your mom is so proud of you and the great light of Christ you are sharing with others. Such a great reminder that when we are in the service of others, we are only in the service of God. Thanks again, and congrats!!

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