How “easy” was it to install my EasyCloset?


Well, you know that I am in the middle of installing my new master bedroom closet with EasyClosets.

I’ve had many of you ask me how “easy” it is.

Well, when these boxes arrived on our back porch a couple of weeks ago, my husband said jokingly, “I hope they stand up to their name!”

eli baseball 001


I have to be honest that the pile of boxes was quite intimidating.

eli baseball 007

Cy and I moved all of the boxes into our master bedroom.

Then we had to move the piano out of our closet.  You know, the one that was “stuck” in our closet?  Well, we didn’t have to bust it up to get it out.  Cy and I turned it on its side and slide it through the bathroom into our bedroom.

mailbox-henhouse 012

The piano slid right up against the wall near the boxes. Smile  {This is how the boys practiced their piano for a few days.}

chicks 032


When it was time to finally start putting the closet together, I made sure to open this box first…

chicks 016

Inside this box, I found all of my hardware for the closet, plus the directions on how to put my new closet together.

chicks 027


These directions were my best friends while installing my closets.  I read and re-read the directions throughout the whole installation.  They were so helpful!

chicks 028


After opening all the other boxes, I did what the directions told me to do, and I organized all my boards by size and laid out my hardware.

chicks 042

(The boys helped me out by carrying all of the empty cardboard boxes up to our burn pile in the backyard!)

Then I started on the first wall by installing the steel track.

chicks 044


Next, I hung the vertical panels, of course, following the diagram in my directions manual.

chicks 046


Lastly, for this wall unit, I installed the cam shelves and chrome rods.

chicks 047


My next wall had drawers and shoe shelves to install.  I read the directions thoroughly, and then started putting it together.  After I figured out how to put together the first drawer, the rest were a breeze.  Same thing for the shoe shelves.


chicks 048


I still had two more units to put together, and I will share that with you next week.


So are EasyClosets really “easy?”

I’m gonna have to say “yes!”


There is a learning curve, for sure.  The first unit is the hardest because you are getting familiar with the directions, diagrams, and hardware that you use.  It sometimes gets a little confusing as to what pieces you are supposed to be using, but you can always look back at the directions to help you figure it out.


After I got through the first wall unit and figured out how it all works, the rest of the closet was “easy.”

I was flying through it by the end.

And I did the whole closet by myself!

I’m quite proud of myself. Smile


So, do you think putting this closet together looks “easy,”


or like something you could do?


*This post is sponsored by EasyClosets.   All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. I sort of freaked out with the number of boxes I saw but seeing what you accomplished it does look like it would be easy peasy! I think being as organized as you is the key to success with easy closets. I just might have to give it a try. I have been putting off organizing my closets because it looks so confusing to me.

  2. I would love to do that if I had a closet to do it in!! Unfortunately, my closets are not nearly that big. But, you sure made it look easy. Good job!


    1. Judy, you can do it in much smaller closets too. I just did a hall closet with their products as well and it tripled the amount of stuff I was able put in that closet. I couldn’t believe it. I will share than on my blog too.

  3. Hey, I would wade thru a bunch of directions if it meant I could have a closet like that!
    Loving it. Goes in my “someday file”. Thank you for sharing. Going to be great. Sarah

  4. You Rock Traci! Great job! Can’t wait to see the finished product.
    I may consider this for my daughters closet.
    Do you think the quality is the same or better than the closet parts you
    Can get from Lowes? Thx for sharing :)

  5. I knew you could do it! You and Cy are so gifted and I love seeing what you do next, your boys are sharing in all you do. How are the chickens doing, did the boys get their home built?
    How did Jonathan do over the weekend? Can’t wait to see the video.

    Thanks for sharing as I enjoy your blog.

  6. I am a little disappointed…I see NO MCDONALDS COKE ANYWHERE!!!!
    Heehee – well done girlie!

  7. It’s looking great. We installed Easy Closets just over a year ago and we are very happy with them. You might want to sand down the edges of the shelves. They are a little rough and can scratch up your arms when putting clothes on the shelves if you rub along them the wrong way. I’m still very happy with them though!

  8. It’s looking great Traci!! So exciting. Although a previous comment mentioned iced tea {which I love} but that stack of boxes initially made me wonder which one was the “box of wine”?? Yikes! lol Glad they were user friendly to install!
    xoxo, Claire

  9. I am so glad I saw this post. We are in the process of building a new master bedroom with two master his and her closets and I am interested in using easy closets. Your closet looks great so far. I had to show my husband the piano in the closet because he would have said that is a perfect place for the kids to practice, less noise.

  10. I would have freaked out seeing that many boxes show up! But, your closest is beautiful and I’m glad to hear it was easy!

  11. So glad I saw this post because our closets are a mess. We’ve been 16 years in our home and all we have is the one bar along the top of our closets. I just mentioned to my husband that is on my list of top three goals for the summer is to redo our closet and our hall closet/pantry because ever time I open up the pantry door, something falls out. I would definitely get my dad to help me. I think my hubby might run for the woods with all those boxes, but my dad would be all about the challenge. ;)

  12. Closet looks great. I think it is going to be more fun to fill it with clothes and shoes and purses and . . . . .

  13. How much did this entire unit cost? And how long did it take you to finish? I’m considering doing this and building a pantry with Easy Closets.

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