Master Closet Reveal!


I am so excited to share my new master closet with you!

I cannot believe that I actually have a closet this big!  Especially because for the last 8 years, I’ve always had to keep my clothes in a hall closet.  The fact that I actually have a closet “in” my room makes me beyond happy!

master closet 043


I wanted this space to not only hold our clothes, but I also wanted it to have a makeup vanity just for me!

master closet reveal

So Cy built me this corner vanity!  I will share the tutorial of how he built it with you next week.

Do you remember what this room looked like before?

fireplace 024

Now, let’s take a tour of our new master closet from EasyClosets!

We are going to tour the room to the right so you can kind of see how it is laid out.

To the right of the window is the shoe store unit for Cy.  It also holds some of his shorts and pants.

master closet reveal

To the right of that is the “built in” closet that was actually the original closet in this room.  This space holds all of Cy’s clothes.

master closet 067

If you keep moving to the right, you will see my clothes.  Smile

I love how much more room I have for my clothes with EasyClosets.

master closet reveal

In the very corner of this room, there is a tall clothes rod that holds my dresses, and a shelf where I store my purses.

Then we have a drawer unit that holds my clothes on top, and Cy and share the drawers on the bottom.


master closet makeover

One of my very favorite parts of the room is my shoe shelves!  Seriously y’all!  My shoes have been in piles at the bottom of my closets every since I was a child.

master closet 060

It is so awesome to be able to actually “see” my shoes.  I do not have a ton of shoes.  Most women would put me to shame, like my sister, so this is the perfect about of shelving for my shoes.

Well, that’s the tour of my new master closet!

I absolutely love it!

My master closet makeover was sponsored by EasyClosets.

easy closet

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them.  I would honestly recommend working with this company to anyone I know.

If you are looking to organize a closet in your home, consider using EasyClosets.

If you have any questions about their products, feel free to ask in the comments.


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This post was sponsored by EasyClosets.  All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. I love it Traci!!!

    Cy did a wonderful job and I love the vanity too.

    Will be praying for your upcoming trip!!!!

    Marilyn C.

  2. Traci, Your closet is so gorgeous!!! I love how down to earth you are! My shoes have spent the better part of my life on the bottom of my closet as well. haha! I have about the same amount of shoes that you do and just really don’t see the need for a whole lot of excess shoes and clothing. I feel blessed to have what I do have. I love how grateful you are for what you have and how you are always looking for the next best bargain. Thank you for sharing your life with us all!!! I look forward to reading your blog everyday! God Bless you and your sweet family!!!

  3. Hi Traci. Your closet looks AWESOME!!! So cool. You both did a great job.
    Love your shoe racks too. We just cleaned out our closet and I organized
    everything by color. It makes finding things sooooo much easier. Then I organized
    My husbands shirts by color too and he loves it now also. It really doesn’t take
    Very long to do … Just a tip I thought I would share :). Enjoy your beautiful new
    “Room”… I mean closet :) so great!!!

  4. Just used easy closets for my master closet. Wish I had them sponsor mine! The big reveal will be in my blog next week. I love mine too! And with the exception of the vertical shelves being drilled wrong and having a week long delay, but they fixed the problem and the closet looks awesome! The shoe part is my favorite too! LOoks great!

  5. I’m sure this wonderful organized space will make your life easier and much more enjoyable. I am so happy for you.

  6. LOL! I have about the same tops to pants ratio that you do, but you have WAY more dresses! Awesome closet!

  7. Awesome closet Traci! I agree, the best part are those shoe shelves. So easy to pick out what shoes to wear when they’re all out in front of you like that. Enjoy this room, like all the others. Your house is really shaping up beautifully!

  8. I love you closet. You make me jealous but I’ll forgive you. LOL What did you do with the piano? Thanks for sharing.

  9. Traci, Great job on the closet. I’m guessing the first thing you see when walking into your closet is your vanity? Love the vanity. You deserve a private girlie spot all for yourself. Especially with that house full of boys/men.

  10. My daughter has asked for a corner vanity for xmas. Could you send me the directions of the one that your husband made for you?

    1. Oh my! I wish I had them. He literally just put up some 2x4s in the studs on the wall and then cut a plywood board to size on top. Then I added the curtain. I’m sorry we do not have directions. :(

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