A Place of Safety–Nicaragua Day 4

Being around the beautiful children of Nicaragua for the past week has made me reflect on my own childhood.  My childhood stands in stark contrast to the childhoods of the children who live in poverty in Nicaragua.

Here are some examples…

Every night as a child, I would lay my head on my soft pillow as my mom pulled up my warm blankets and tucked them tightly underneath my chin.

Children in poverty have beds that are made of wooden slats, cardboard boxes, or even worse, a dirty cold floor.

kmsd  770


As a child, I ate three delicious meals a day, with snacks in between.

Some children of poverty are fortunate to get one meal a day.

kmsd  790


My parents had good jobs that produce enough money for us to have a nice house, two cars, new clothes, and lots of toys.

Their parents pick through trash all day in hopes to bring home a dollar.  If they are lucky, one parent may have a job as a street vendor or security guard.  However, the money they make isn’t enough to cover even the very basic of needs for their children.

kmsd  829


Growing up, I was scared of spiders, getting my ears pierced, and the boogie man.

Children of poverty are scared of starving, getting trapped in sex trafficking, and the violence right outside their door.

kmsd  798

Our childhoods, when compared, are like night and day.



Except for one thing…

I always had, and children of poverty have NOW, a place of safety.

My home was my safe place, but for the children of Compassion, their “safe place” are the projects like the one we visited today.

kmsd  699

This project is located in a dangerous part of town.  Dangerous enough that they told us before we got out of the van we were traveling in that we needed to take all of our jewelry off and put it away.

kmsd  830

Dangerous enough that when we left the center to go on a home visit, we had to ride together in our van instead of walking, even though is was less than a block away.

Despite the danger that exists right on the other side of the walls of this Compassion project, when the children enter in there each day, they are safe.

kmsd  700

Safe from people who think of them as objects instead of the valuable children of God that they are.

Safe from the grip of hopelessness that breaks their spirit and crushes their dreams.

Safe from the lies of poverty that tell them they are worthless.

kmsd  704


When these precious children walk through the door of this place, they are SAFE.

Safe to be a child who laughs and sings and plays.

kmsd  736

Safe to be a child who hopes and plans and dreams.

kmsd  721

Safe to be a child that grows in knowledge and skills and stature.

kmsd  753

Safe to be a child who knows he is loved by God {and his sponsor.”}

kmsd  702

It’s a beautiful place to be.

And it wouldn’t exist if it were not for the amazing ministry of Compassion.

kmsd  751

And the tireless efforts of Compassion workers to provide and care for God’s children.

kmsd  756

And the sponsors who give money each month to help a child’s basic needs be met.

kmsd  709


And above all, it wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for JESUS who “loves the little children of the world.”  It is by His grace and His love that these children are given new hope.


Those who live in the shelter of the Most High
will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

kmsd  733

This I declare about the Lord:
He alone is my refuge, my place of safety;
he is my God, and I trust him.

kmsd  755

The Lord says, “I will rescue those who love me.
I will protect those who trust in my name.
When they call on me, I will answer;
I will be with them in trouble.
I will rescue and honor them.

I will reward them with a long life
and give them my salvation.”

kmsd  772

{Excerpts from Psalms 91}

You have the opportunity right now to partner with Compassion to help provide that place of safety for these sweet children. Sponsor a child today by clicking on the banner below.


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  1. I am so thankful for the safety that Compassion provides these children. They are beautiful and that shines through. Thank you for these posts! Praying for you to finish strong, with His strength.

  2. Ooopsie! How did that happen?? I didn’t even know I hit enter!!

    ANYWAYS, what I was about to say is the contrast you’ve drawn between two worlds is powerful…stark. But the line you’ve drawn to common ground, to refuge and HOPE is stronger.

    Thank you for telling your story and experience so well; I know children (and their future sponsors) are blessed as a result :).

  3. Thank you for showing the hope and safety that is available to these children. Thank you for sharing their beauty, their lives. Praying for sponsors to say “yes” today for these children. Praying for you and the rest of the team.

  4. My kids are at the table writing to our Compassion kids as I type. It’s such a joy to see them connect with one another.

    Your posts have been a blessing and I’m excited to see how the Lord will use this experience in your life and ministry!!

  5. Anyone primarily lend a hand in making vitally discussions I might state. That’s the very first time I actually went to your internet site webpage and thus significantly? My partner and i surprised together with the investigation you made to build this specific publish outstanding. Wonderful process!

  6. As I read this it hit home what a privilege it is to sponsor a child and speak love and Jesus into their lives. This isn’t an obligation, but something we get to be a part of! It is such a joy-filled pleasure and I’m so grateful that God lets us take such a wondrous part in his work here. You’ve done beautiful work here, Traci!

  7. Hey Traci! Thank you again for sharing your day with us! These little Blessings (children) are so precious!!! I have been sharing your trip with my husband and by the way when you answered me back the first day, I was literally jumping up and down. My boys were trying to figure out what I was so excited about. They thought I had won something. You know I have won something! Receiving blessings from God everyday is like winning something!But It’s way better than winning something!!! My husband said tonight, you really want to sponsor a child don’t you?” I could hardly answer for the lump in my throat. My husband then said, God is tugging at you, isn’t He?” I said, yes!!!
    I, like you, find it hard to find extra money. I was diagnosed with a very rare cancer 7 yrs. ago and am only here because of God’s Grace and miracles and I do mean MIRACLES!!! We lost our home and a lot of what we owned. We lived through serious financial problems last summer and again it was God that brought us through it all. We have 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl. I can’t imagine having to live in the circumstances that these children live and grow in. Because of this and even though we just got to the place in our life that we can actually pay our monthly bills, I AM going to find the money somewhere to sponsor one of God’s Blessings!!!
    Traci, God Bless you and your loving heart! That love absolutely comes from JESUS!!!
    with love, Carlie

    1. Carlie,
      I was so excited when I read your comment while in Nicaragua. I read it out loud to the team, and they were blessed by it as well. I praise God for the miracles he has done in your life!!

      And I am THRILLED that you are sponsoring a child! You will never fully know the impact you will have on that little one’s life. You will be blessed!

      Thank you so much for answering the call.


  8. I can’t even imagine being somewhere that is not safe to walk even a block away! Wow! So thankful for all that you have shared this week, praying that many people have been moved to sponsor a child with Compassion. Thankful that so many children have these safe places to learn that Jesus loves them.

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