Sunday Encouragement

Hello, Friends!

I was reading in my Jesus Calling devotional this morning, and I wanted to share some of what I read with you.

I know that all of us have struggles or trials that we are going through in life right now.  Some are big and some are small, but they all matter to God.

Most of the time our struggles do not makes sense, and we get tired and weary.


The truth is, we were never promised a perfect life, but we can find peace in the ONE who is Perfect.  He will guard our hearts and give us strength to face each day.

It is in our darkest moments that God’s light shines the brightest.


My prayer is that each day we would hand our cares over to the Lord because He cares so very much for each of us.

Hold on tight to Him, and TRUST.

This is my favorite song right now.  I hope you enjoy it. Smile



  1. Love when you share from your heart, Traci. This touched mine! Soo thankful we don’t have to walk alone! But we have a faithful, awesome, all-powerful God! Lotsa love!!

  2. after a huge amount of challenges throughout the weekend and even extending into just a few minutes ago this was the first thing I found when taking a breather to get myself settled to finally be able to get busy on the business catch up. Thank you this was definitely a God thing for me.

  3. Love this song too!! We serve an amazing God who is greater than any obstacle we face. Have you ever heard the expression, ” Don’t tell God how big your problem is; tell your problem how big your God is?!?!” Love it!! Blessings Traci :-)

  4. God is so amazing and has gotten me through many trials. Thanks for posting this.

    God bless you and your family.

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