Little Things Make Me Happy

Don’t you love when you find little things that just make you smile?

I found two little items at a local antique {junk} store that made me so happy.

The first thing I found was the antique camping lamp for Luke’s industrial shelving in his room.

2014-03-11 11.46.55


I found it just a couple days after I posted about Luke’s industrial shelves on my blog.

industrial shelves

Here are the reasons I love that little lantern:

2014-03-11 11.48.28

1.  It’s old.  Enough said.

2.  It matches the colors in the room, touches of aqua and red.

3.  It goes with the “explore” theme on Luke’s side of the room.

4.  It’s so boyish, and Luke LOVES it!

I got it for only $12.50.  I searched online to find something like it, but only found this on ebay…

1950’s Homart Explorer No. 4848 w/ Red Signal Flasher NOS – Unused – Sears  $39.99

But it is missing the battery part which is the cutest part of the whole thing!

2014-03-11 11.47.56


The other little thing that makes me happy is this little metal watering can that I got for 5 bucks.  I bought a little fern from Lowe’s to put in it, and it is just the cutest little thang ever!  {Yes, I meant to say “thang!”}  Smile

2014-03-11 11.45.21


Every time I sit on the couch beside that cute little fern, I smile.  Especially because it is sitting on my $20 side table makeover.  {Earlier photo below.}

2014-02-11 16.14.49

You can see this side table makeover HERE.

So that’s it!  Just a couple of little things that make me smile.  Smile

Have you bought “a little something” lately that makes  you smile?

Please share!

Have a blessed day, friends!



As a sidenote…

Thanks to everyone who voted for my Buzzer Beater Brownie Sundae yesterday.  The voting goes on every day throughout the month, so I will be putting a little daily reminder to vote at the bottom of my posts.  If I win this week, then I will make it to the Sweet 16, and then hopefully to the Elite 8, then the Final Four, and then the GRAND CHAMPION!  Whoot!  Wouldn’t that be awesome?!!

brownie sundae

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When you go to the website and click on “vote now,” it makes you go through each bracket to vote.  I think my recipe is in the 3rd or 4th bracket, and then you can stop voting after that if you want.  Or you can check out the other delicious recipes!

Thanks so much!


  1. I bought a lady bust for my mantle. She isn’t up yet…had to hang a mirror first and haven’t put her up there yet. :)

  2. I bought a vintage 60’s crewel work at the local “treasure” mall. I’ve had my eye on it for a while, and I told myself that if it was still there Saturday I’d buy it. It was, and it was 50% off!

  3. That watering can is the sweetest thang! This is embarrassing, but I bought what my husband called a slop bucket! I was so proud I found it to put flowers in and as I was getting it our of my car, well my bubble was busted as he told me what some people used it for.

  4. Oh Traci I know just what you mean! It gives you a little lift when you find something that speaks to you and even more so when it’s a bargain! I recently found a vintage chintz cream and sugar at a thrift shop for $15. I’ve seen the set online for about $150 which I could never pay. Also, many things from Homegoods and Homesense(Canadian branch). I recently got a square cake stand on clearance for $12. I have wanted a square cake stand for ages, so it made me pretty happy! Hope you find more little things that make you happy in the near future!

  5. The lantern is the best!, although the watering can’s pretty cut, too. It is amazing how these little finds can perk us up on a daily basis.

  6. This may be off subject, but on the painted brick home thread a couple years ago….Did you find out the color of your second favorite? The bone color single story home? We are moving into a wonderful home that needs painted and i love that color!!!! Please please please let me know if you did. Many thanks!

  7. That fern in the watering can? SO cute and spring-y. Isn’t it fun to find a simple little thing that brings so much happiness? Thanks Traci!

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