Sunday Encouragement

So I was thinking of you this morning and wondering what I could share that would be an encouragement to you.

And this is the verse that came to my mind…

The reason this verse came to my mind is because so many times we think that we’ve done something that God could never forgive, or we are somebody that God could never love.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth, friends.

There is not a sin in this world that the Father cannot forgive.  And there is not a person in this world so lost that God cannot save.

God promises that if we are in Christ, the “old us” is gone and a new creation has begun.  We do not have to be tied down by the mistakes in our past or be overcome with shame from our bad choices.

There is NO shame or guilt in Jesus Christ.

He makes all things new.

For some of us, we have never given our life to Christ, and we desperately need to seek His forgiveness so that He can begin a good work in us.  He doesn’t want you to get your life “cleaned up” before you come to Him.  He wants you to come to him as you are, and let Him do the rest.

Isn’t that a wonderful thought?  That we don’t have to do all the work, but GOD will do the work in us, if we let Him?

Some of us have known Jesus all our lives, but we do not daily depend on Him.  We think we can do it on our own.  We need to let God work in us every single day.  When we gave our life to Christ, He didn’t make us a new creation and then stop.  The cool thing about Christ is that He is continually making us into some new.  Every day is a chance to grow closer to Him, to grow to be more like Him, to continue to be made “new.”

It encourages me today to know that we are not bound by who we were, or who we are.  God loves us, never gives up on us, and promises to make us a new creation in Him.

May that encourage you today as well.  Smile


Have a blessed Sunday!!!


  1. Thanks Traci! Your message came at the moment I needed it most! My heart is open and filled with prayer; bless you!

  2. I’ve been working and praying so hard to forgive someone. This is a good reminder that God forgives my trespassed as…thanks

  3. Thanks, Traci, for these wonderful words of truth! That is one of my favorite Scriptures. I am so grateful that in Christ all things truly become new and that he washes us whiter than snow.
    Sending my love and hugs to you today!

  4. This verse fits perfectly with what I was studying earlier. This is a promise and great ammunition against the evil one and his lies.

  5. You are right; I am always trying to everything “perfect” before I attempt what I really want. There IS no perfect. Just bring my problem, ask for help and guidance, and carry on. Thanks, I needed that today! You rock [once again]!

  6. This is one of my favorite scriptures. Since my husband and I refinish antique furniture and re-purpose salvaged items making old things new, we designed our business T’shirts with this scripture on the back. I thank God daily that I am a new creation. Thanks for sharing.

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