Clint and Mary’s Kitchen Makeover Reveal

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you the before pictures of Clint and Mary’s Kitchen Makeover.

Clint and Mary lived in a very typical house of the 80’s where each room was separated by walls.

Their kitchen felt very small, and since Mary likes to entertain, they wanted a bigger kitchen/dining area.


Cy accomplished this by tearing down both walls in the kitchen.

IMG_0087 The wall where the kitchen sink was located separated the kitchen from the den.


Now check out how open their kitchen looks!

2014-04-22 10.37.31

Here’s the kicker, the kitchen sink cabinet was not moved!  It is still the same distance from the cabinets on the opposite wall!  But with the walls be removed, the small kitchen area now looks HUGE.

Here is the before picture of the view from the den to the kitchen…



And here it is now!

2014-04-22 10.23.42

I KNOW!  Isn’t it amazing?!!!

You can see on the far wall the new cabinets and pantry that Cy built for them.

Here is the before of that wall in the kitchen…


In the left corner of that wall, there was a blank space where Cy created a tall storage cabinet.

2014-04-22 10.24.36

The refrigerator was moved down, more cabinets were added along with new wall ovens, {which I love!}

2014-04-22 10.29.08

When he removed the wall to the dining room, it made room for Cy to create a large double door pantry.

2014-04-22 10.37.12

To the right of the pantry, the dining room wall looked like this…


Now it looks like this!…

2014-04-22 10.27.20

Mary wanted a LOT of cabinet space for storage, and man, did she get it!  Cy built these custom cabinets, installed a granite counter top, along with under cabinet lighting.

Here is a view from the other side of the dining room…2014-04-22 10.36.26

If you stand on the other side of the dining room, you will see the french doors that Cy added that lead into the liviing room.2014-04-22 10.26.04

That wall to the living room was originally even with the columns on the bar, but Cy moved that wall back to create a larger dining space and a smaller living room space.   It also created an entrance from the dining room to the den that was not previously there.

Here is what the living room looks like on the other side of that door.

2014-04-22 10.35.15

When you open the french doors, you see this!…

2014-04-22 10.35.42

I love this view of their kitchen!


2014-04-22 10.36.10

You can see how removing those walls really opened up the space.

2014-04-22 10.36.19

It is hard to believe that the window you see in the picture above is the same window in the picture below.  IMG_0131{Well, Cy did actually install new windows, but they are the same size and in the same location.} Smile

2014-04-22 10.30.40

Here are some more pictures of Clint and Mary’s new kitchen.

2014-04-22 10.24.42

2014-04-22 10.22.25

2014-04-22 10.26.45

This was a really big makeover, but definitely worth it!  It completely changed the whole look and feel of the house.  It also gave it a more updated and current look.

2014-04-22 10.30.12

Clint and Mary were a joy to work with!

And I love that I was able to feature a kitchen with stained cabinets on my blog.  Y’all know my love for white cabinets!  And you know that kitchens with white cabinets is what I share the most on my blog.

But not everyone likes white cabinets or has them in their homes. {Ahem…My cousin, Linda.} Smile

So I think this kitchen is a great example of how darker or stained cabinets can look great and fresh in the kitchen!

Thank you, Clint and Mary, for letting me share

your beautiful new kitchen on my blog!!



  1. Wow what a transformation. It is beautiful. I also love that you are sharing a kitchen with stained cabinets. I have stained cabinets and after seeing so many painted ones on blogs I wanted to paint mine or so I thought but my husband would not give in. I’m kind of glad he didn’t because I really do like my stained cabinets.
    Your husband does amazing work. Thank you for sharing this makeover.

  2. WOWZA!! Cy did an amazing job! The transformation is fantastic. I’m sure Clint and Mary smile every time they see it. I can only imagine the mess “during” but seeing the end results made it SO worth it. Thanks for sharing…I look forward to more before & after pictures of Cy’s work. :)

  3. That is absolutely beautiful. What a change. I really like the whole thing but the double door pantry is my favorite. It must make putting groceries away so much easier.

  4. FANTASTIC!!!!
    Looks amazing. Really open and bright.
    Should be very blessed with the change.

    Great Job,
    d frpm the Kansas Flint Hills on the Prairie

  5. What a transformation! It doesn’t even look like the same house. I love how bright and open and refreshing it looks now. It looks SO much bigger too.

    P.S. If that’s your picture below the comments here…you look exactly like my cousin’s wife, Alice. Same hairstyle and everything! :-)

  6. trying to figure out why I have not been receiving my messages from you. I thought I may have been unsubscribed in some way and tried to resubscribe and that did not work as it says I am currently subscribed. have you had any others with this challenge ??

    1. Brenda you are not alone. I’ve had the same issues with most of the blogs that I follow via-email(beginning April 15th). I had to “unsubscribe” and then “re-subcribe” to see if that will solve the problem.

  7. I too have stained cabinets and I love them. Okay, I don’t love them in EVERY room in my house, but for the most part I love my stained wood. :-) Cy has again done a fabulous job!!!! I’m curious, is it a ‘walk in’ pantry or is it deep shelves? I’m curious how it is organized. Ya don’t suppose Mary would give us a peek inside?? :-)

    Tell Cy we are all soooo excited for him and all his fabulous work!!


  8. OMG what a change. I love it! How long did it take him to complete that fantastic job? I too was wondering what type of flooring is in the kitchen. Is the pantry somewhat like yours? Thanks for sharing

    God bless

  9. This is truely an amazing makeover, I love all the light and Cy did a beautiful job.
    I know the home owners have to love it, so fresh and bright!

  10. Amazing! I kept thinking he must have moved the outside walls of the house to make it bigger! Love the built in cabinets in the dining room!

  11. What a gifted craftsman Cy is! He’s more than just a routine contractor with that kind of imagination and vision. And I’m sure you have your thumb in the pie. (My husband is self-employed and he bounces ideas off me daily and he takes my suggestions seriously. I can see you have a similar relationship.)

  12. Amazing!! I love it. My kitchen is just like that-closed in. Wish I could transform mine. Your husband is so very talented!!

  13. Beautiful transformation!! How much did it cost? If possible, could you break ot down to material costs and labor. Thanks!

  14. And don’t those warm and lovely wooden cabinets look amazing??? Who would have thought??? LOL…you little stinker! It is an awesome makeover, great work by Cy as usual!

  15. What an unbelievable transformation!! Absolutely gorgeous! Both you and your husband are incredibly talented! Thank you for sharing on your blog. I love to see all of the beautiful work that the two of you do!

  16. The make over is absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful job he did. Too bad he doesn’t live in my state so I could call him to work on my house. You’re a very lucky lady!

  17. I love the makeover! It’s so hard to believe! I wish I could have vision of possibilities like that! I was hoping you could tell me the paint color they used in the new kitchen. It’s exactly what I am looking for. Thanks so much!

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