Jesus, He Loves Me (sung by Jonathan)

Happy Sunday, friends!

I wanted to share a song with you that Jonathan recorded on our computer. 

It is  his favorite song right now,  Jesus, He Loves Me by Chris Tomlin.

One afternoon a couple of weeks ago, Jonathan began recording himself singing it on our computer.  We just have an old desktop computer, and he used one of those headphone mics to record his voice.

Then he went into some music program, that I didn’t even know we had, and he created the music through our keyboard.  He said he played certain keys that created certain chords, then he added percussion and other instruments in different layers.  (I was totally lost at this point.)

Then he took my camera outside and took video of himself singing at four different angles, and then came back in and spliced the videos together to create his first music video.   

It’s not synced perfectly, but it is amazingly good for a 15 year to put together all by himself!  :)

I wanted to share it with you.  

And may the words of this song resonate in your heart today as you remember THAT JESUS LOVES YOU!!!

 (He has a short message at the end of the song, so keep listening.)


  1. So amazing he did that all on his own! I hope I see him on the Voice someday. He is so talented and it really shows that its his passion.

  2. Jonathan has a great voice, he’s very talented. It’s so refreshing to see a young man interested in Jesus & not afraid to let others know.

  3. Wonderful! I would love to hear Jonathan sing some Matt Maher. Maybe “Lord, I Need You”? I think he would do a great job with it.

    1. Thank you, Mary! He is hoping to make an album soon. His voice changed this past year, and it is still a little shaky. As soon as he gets more control of it, we will probably go to the studio.

  4. I have been following johnathans singing for a while, he has come a long way, that was beautiful, it made me cry. I like songs that are sung by someone that makes you feel it . Thank you so much Jonathan.

  5. So proud of him. I’ve been following your blog and sweet family for quite awhile. He’s an amazing young man and is a blessing to the family of God.

  6. Jeff and I really enjoyed hearing Jonathan sing this song. We both think he is very talented and very handsome. He looks exactly like his momma. We know how proud you and Cy are of him and rightly so! His music is a blessing to all that hear it.

    1. Thank you, JoAnn! I’m sure you remember him singing in the pews, waving his hands in rhythm with “Mr. Bryan” at age two. Music is just in his blood!! :)

  7. Dear Traci and Johnathan,
    Thank you for making my day. I love the music and the video. Great job. Johnathan, I know you have a wonderful future spreading God’s word through your beautiful voice.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  8. Beautiful song. Your son did an amazing job on his video! I love seeing this kind of heart in a young person. Grace and peace.

  9. Traci, please keep posting Jonathan’s wonderful music videos. He has a beautiful voice and listening to him sing from his heart, is pure joy!

  10. Beautiful, just beautiful! He is growing up and he did great. We enjoyed his music so very much and thanks for sharing. If he goes out for the Voice we will vote for him.

    God bless!

  11. WoW! I’m more impressed with Jonathan’s singing every time I hear him! He’s getting better and better, especially now as his voice deepens. I’d love to hear (and see) him singing “I can only imagine” by Mercy Me. Yes, I’d certainly say he’s ready for The Voice! Thank you, Tracie, for sharing Jonathan’s music with us. He is a blessing to all who hear him!

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