It’s a Summer Spectacular!! {The Lettered Cottage}

Welcome to my Summer Spectacular series!!

summer spectacular

I have an amazing line up of some ROCKSTAR bloggers that will be sharing their favorite summer projects with us!

First up is my bestie, Layla, from The Lettered Cottage!

Layla and I met at a blog conference in 2010, just a few months after my mom passed away.  An instant friendship began, and I am so grateful to have her in my life!  Over the past five years, we have had a lot of fun hanging out in real life.  Our WHOLE family TREASURES Layla and Kevin (and soon to be “Sweet P makes Three!”  :)

Beneath My Lettered Cottage

Welcome, Layla!

Hello, fellow Beneath My “Hearters”! :-D

I’m so excited to be here today! I thought I’d share a simple DIY project that I had fun adding to one of our summer mantel displays a few years back.

Summer Mantel | The Lettered Cottage

It’s an easy-to-make sailboat, that will add so much coastal charm to any vignette!

DIY Wood Sailboat | The Lettered Cottage

All you’ll need is chunk of wood (one that’s pretty flat…especially on the bottom side), a twig (that’s at least as long as the chunk of wood), a piece of scrapbook paper, and two little triangles of fabric. (I cut mine from a of my old pairs of jeans). To create the base, I drilled a hole in the middle of the chunk of wood and filled it with hot glue. While the glue was still wet, I stuck the twig down in it and held it in place while I waited for it to dry. Last but not least, I cut out the paper sails and denim flags, and attached them all with hot glue. And that’s it! Easy, breezy!

Happy Crafting!

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Check out the rest of Layla’s AMAZING blog by clicking on the button below!

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