Tackling Adam and Eli’s Room!

Well, Jonathan and I are back home in Kentucky, and I will be honest that I am missing the warmer west coast weather.  :(  

But it is good to be back home with the whole family, and I am itching to get some projects done around the house.  I think the warm west coast weather has given me “spring fever” because I am wanting to clean out the whole house and freshen things up!

However, the part of the house that I am focusing on, Adam and Eli’s room, does not just need a “freshening up,” but needs a complete makeover!   

We have literally done nothing to it since we built it.  It was part of the new addition to our house.  In our new addition, we have finished our master bedroom and bath, Jonathan and Luke’s room, and the boys’ upstairs bathroom.  But we have not touched Adam and Eli’s room!

Now, I always try to keep it real here on my blog, so hold on to your horses!  These are actual pictures of Adam and Eli’s room!!!  (Except the mattress isn’t in the floor anymore.)

Please do not pin to Pinterest!  :)


Right before Christmas, we built bunk beds for the boys, and we didn’t have railing on the top bunk, so Eli slept on the floor.

I was going to share the DIY of how we built the bunk beds on my blog, but guess what?  I don’t like them.




They did not turn out the way I had envisioned them, plus it was hard for Eli to get in and out of the top bunk.  We also did not leave enough room on the sides of the beds to tuck any blankets in which made it a nightmare to make.


There was a hole in the wall because we had to fix a leaking pipe from the boys’ shower before Christmas.  Cy has finally patched that hole up, but we still haven’t sanded or painted it yet.



So, it’s pretty obvious that this space is in need of a little makeover-love, right?

Well, I am sooooo excited because we are starting to tackle it THIS WEEK!  For now, the plans are to remove the bottom bunk and leave the top bunk as a “loft.”  And then I am going to put two twin beds on either side of the window on the opposite wall.   I have been looking at Goodwills and Habitat stores for some beds I could paint, but haven’t found anything yet.  I’m debating on DIY’ing some beds.  Also, I’ve started getting some stuff to decorate with, and I will share the color scheme with you tomorrow. 

I’m hoping to have this space completed in a couple of weeks.   Adam and Eli are ECSTATIC!

Stay tuned…..





  1. Sounds fun Traci. Welcome home! You will do a lovely job, as always. So sweet that Adam and Eli are ecstatic, now it’s their turn to receive your touch in their room!

  2. Saw the Ale81 in the room – miss that being down here in Florida!!!! Can’t wait to see what you do with their room

  3. Have you considered platform beds so there is storage underneath ? All children need a “mine only” space for their treasures.

  4. Traci,
    I’m doing the exact same thing right now. I am gonna put it all on hold until I see your finished “tag-dah”,. (I’ve just started cleaning out toys and clothes and getting ready for new furniture for a 11 yr old. I’m anxious to see what colors you go with and how you put it together.. I’m so very glad you “keep it real” and show us that this is how most of us do live. (Well, my kids and I) anyways., maybe your boys makeover will motivate me even more. I feel the more I dig and clean out the more frustrated I get.
    Thank you again for showing us honesty. 😊

  5. Can’t wait to see what you do with Adam and Eli’s room. Could you put the room dimensions in your description ?
    It looks like my grandson’s room and my daughter needs a plan to update it. The room size would help her decide if she
    could use some of your ideas.
    Always love your ideas.

  6. I bet the boys are looking forward to having their room done. You might could put a desk under the top bunk, to make use of the space. Good luck!

  7. As always, THANKS FOR KEEPIN’ IT REAL!!!!! Now, instead of feel BAD after reading a blog post I feel GREAT! Not because I am glad you have a hole in the wall, but because I know that YOU understand!!! When I tell you, “I’m doing dishes in the laundry room while Hubs replaces the faucet in the kitchen, but he ran into a rust problem so it is taking longer than we expected,” I know that you are sympathetically nodding your head. As opposed to unrealistic perfectionist judgmental people that would roll their eyes and think, “Oh gads, what fool washes dishes in their laundry sink??!!” Ahhhh, I feel better. Thanks for sharing!!! Can’t wait to see what cool things you do for the boys!!!!

    Now you know why Californians use the phrase, “We pay to play.”

    Thanks again for keeping it real!!!! You are so awesome!!!

  8. Thank you for being so “real” Traci! The photos blessed me! I know we all spend hours online looking at beautiful homes and it is hard not to be envious. However, when I see these photos I love the rock collection, the bottle collection, the drawings, the books, Legos, blue ribbons, etc! I love it all! As a mom of 4 sons myself, (20-27 years old, now). It is all precious!
    Hope you have fun working on the room, and that you hang on to these photos! Praying for you and your family….

  9. This will be fun! We just built beds for our kids. The plans are Ana White’s. I think they were called Pioneer Beds. Pretty easy.

  10. This will be a fun makeover to watch! I’ve been curious about your dogs? Am I remembering correctly that you got two little ones? I haven’t seen them in Instagram or the blog lately. just curious!!!

  11. Love the rock collection! 😊😊😊 I raised a daughter but she always loved rocks as a child. And now my granddaughter does. 😊

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