Behind the Scenes of THE VOICE! {Did Jonathan’s Audition Air?}

Hey sweet friends!   HAPPY MONDAY!

Mondays do not usually make me happy, but when The Voice is going to be on, I LOVE Mondays!

I am so very grateful to ALL of you who have been cheering Jonathan on and anxiously waiting for him to appear.  I know that many of you thought he was airing last week, and you were worried you may have missed it.    Good news…you haven’t missed a THANG! :)

All that I am legally allowed to say is KEEP WATCHING.  I promise you that he will be on the show, but we do not know how much of his “story” they will share.  We are hoping and praying that they share all of his story and not just a clip.  

We need a LOT of social media love for Jonathan over the next few weeks.  If you use twitter or instagram or facebook, or any other form of social media, be sure to root for Jonathan.

If you don’t, but you have kiddos who do, get them busy! :)  Tell them to use the hashtag #teamhutch (because there is another Jonathan on the show) and be sure to tag @nbcthevoice, @jonchutch (twitter,) and @jhutcherson (instagram.)

Jonathan and I will be “live tweeting” during the shows this week.  We like to share behind the scene photos of contestants as they air on the show. 

If you didn’t follow me last week, here are some of the photos we share of last week’s performers…

Sweet Shalyah Fearing!

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 8.22.21 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 8.48.23 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-01 at 7.45.39 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-01 at 8.50.22 PM

Shalyah is only 15 years old and has the sweetest spirit ever!  Since she and Jonathan are both minors, they spent a lot of time together in “school.”  And I got to spend a lot of time with Shalyah’s mom, Krystal.  She comes from a wonderful (big) family that loves the Lord.  I know that she is going to go FAR in this competition.   Shalyah is on Team Christina.



And then there is sweet little Caroline!  She audition for Season 9 but didn’t get a chair turn.  This season SHE DID!  She is so stinkin’ cute, and I love her voice.   Caroline is on Team Adam.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 7.46.07 PM

Another minor that we got to know really well is Emily Keener!  Her mom and I spent a ton of time together, and they are the sweetest family.  Emily is a Godly young lady who wants to share her gift with everyone and try to make the world a better place along the way.  I have a feeling that she is going to do JUST THAT!

Emily is on Team Pharrell.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 9.05.07 PM



Hands down, one of my personal favorite contestants is Jonathan Bach.  He just turned 20 years old, and I swear that he is the funniest person on the planet.  He would have me laughing so hard that my sides hurt.  I kept telling him he needed to quit music and pursue being a comedian.  


But more than his ability to make an entire room full of people laugh until they split their britches, he has the best heart ever!  This “kid” would listen to me tell stories about my boys and our sweet little girl, and he would always be so encouraging.  And he has the gift of remember details of conversations that you forgot you even told him.  It was always proof that he really was listening and he really did care.  I {heart} him big time.  

They did not show his full audition last week which made me sad.  He got “montaged” as they say in the biz. :)

So here is the little clip they showed on tv.



 I have a ton of more behind the scenes pics, but I can’t show them until everyone airs.  

Stay tuned for a future post about Jonathan’s BIG DAY!  

(I can’t wait to show you the picture of Eli and Carson Daly!)

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 7.59.46 PM


  1. So exciting! I love seeing the photos!! And that Eli…. Too sweet. I’m sure his photos are worth the wait!! ;-)

  2. God Bless you all……Team Hargis here in North Carolina (Me & my puppy “Bandit” & my brothers & families) rooting for Our Jonathan…
    Keeping on watching & praying…..Our God has this…..What a wonderful experience…Love & prayers are there with you…

  3. I am watching also! I never watched The Voice in previous years, (to much drama among the hosts) but because I follow your blog and IG I am supporting you and your son! You give so much to us out here on “the net” I just want to give back to you! And now I am looking forward to making The Voice one of my regular TV shows. There is a lot of talent on the program! Can NOT wait to see your Son!

  4. I, too, am watching The Voice for the first time. I’m actually recording it and watching after my husband goes to bed. :) Rooting for Jonathan!

  5. I have been watching every show. Thanks for updating us because I was beginning to figure I missed him. Being a teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, makes me extra proud of Jonathan (and his parents) because I know all the hard work that went into developing both good pronunciation and fluency. I CAN NOT WAIT!

  6. I am watching The Voice for the first time this season because of you and Jonathan. I have been enjoying it and really appreciate your post today of behind the scenes info and pics of some of the contestants. So glad there are several families who love the Lord as you do that you have been able to spend time with. What an experience! I am so anxious to see Jonathan’s appearance.I do hope they show all his story and song and not just a clip.

  7. We have been glued to the couch since last week. Can’t wait to see Jonathan! Praying that God not only uses this adventure to bless your family, but also that He will use your family to bless those you meet along the way.

  8. So exciting! Thanks for sharing this for those of us who don’t get to watch the show live. Good Luck Jonathan!

  9. I am so excited for Jonathon tonight! Nomatter what happens he has come so far and has such talent I know he has a big future ahead of him. We will be cheering him on at our house! Bless you all.

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