Shine, Baby, SHINE! (Jonathan’s on The Voice TONIGHT!)

Okay, I am not even going to lie.  I am not going to try to play it cool.  I’m not going to act like it’s no big deal.




Yes, I was screaming that!  I am sitting at McDonald’s right now {sipping on an ice cold Coke} writing this post, and I can barely stay in my seat.  I want to stand up and tell everyone here that my son is going to be on The Voice tonight!  I mean….who can say that?!  It’s insane and crazy and unbelievable and surreal and just plain amazing!!!

I could hardly sleep last night!


A few years back, I shared the story of the day we found out Jonathan had a hearing loss and needed hearing aids.  It was September 16, 2002, and I wrote it all down in the journal I keep for Jonathan.  ( I have a journal that I write in for each of my boys.)  :)

I am sharing my journal entries with you again, but pay close attention to the last page.  
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I can hardly believe that I wrote those words 14 years ago!  I knew that my sweet Jonathan would shine for Jesus, but I never, ever in a million years thought it would be on one of the largest national tv platforms!  That’s crazy!

I just knew that day that God was speaking to my heart that He was in control.   That He  had Jonathan and our family in his loving hands.  That He would use what we saw as a difficulty and turn it into something for HIS GLORY.  

I felt a peace in my heart that Jonathan was going to be okay, even if he lost all of his hearing.  I knew that He would shine for Jesus in the way that He loved others, in the way He would grow to be a Godly young man, in the way that he would one day be a loving husband and father.  I just wanted God to shine through Jonathan every day of his life.  That is what matters most. 

Because you know what?  Most of us will never get the chance to sing on a national stage.  Most of us will never be famous or well known.  Most of us are just living normal every day lives, just like every one else.  We may began to believe that our Light cannot shine as bright as those that have big spotlights or platforms.  Well, that is a lie from the pit of hell!  Don’t listen to it!!  I will not give Satan the pleasure of knowing that I was listening to him and not letting my Light shine!

You have a God’s light inside of you right now as you read these words.  You may be a stay-at-home mom with precious little souls that need to see that Light.  You may be working in a office with many unbelievers who are lost in darkness…they need to see that Light.   You may be waiting tables or studying for exams….your Light still can shine brightly.  

Some people have opportunities like Jonathan to shine their Light like a big foghorn over a crowd of people.  But most of us are like small little candles.  We may feel insignificant shining our Light all by ourselves.  But have you ever seen the power of a room full of candles when you put them all together?!  It is amazing the way they can totally light up a dark room.  

WE ARE LIKE THOSE CANDLES!  If we are all shining our little Lights throughout the world, we can pierce through the darkness and together be a great big light for JESUS!

That is stinkin’ exciting to me!   Shine, y’all, Shine!!


P.S.  YOU have used your Light to shine brightly into my family’s lives!  I have been overwhelmed by all of the encouraging words that you have shared with us over the past few weeks.  Thank you for supporting Jonathan and cheering him on.  It has been an honor to share this part of our lives with you. 


P.S.S.  I will be doing a LIVE periscope right before the show airs, around 7:45 pm EST.  Jonathan will be there to say hi!  It might be a little crazy because we are having a “watch party.”  :)  Just search “Beneath My Heart” to find me on Periscope.

You can follow Jonathan on twitter at @jonchutch.  He will be “live tweeting” throughout the show.  

You can follow him on Instagram at @jhutcherson.

His song will be available on iTunes tonight after he airs.  We are hoping that he gets a LOT of downloads so he can make it in the top 20 of the iTunes chart.  I will be sharing that link on my facebook, twitter, and instagram today, or you can just search his name on iTunes. 




  1. Thank you for being such an inspiration Traci. Praying that Jonathan has a wonderful experience while pursuing his dream. Good luck!!

  2. I’m so excited for all of you! Excited for you to have this special experience and for this amazing opportunity for your light to shine! I’ve been following you through your blog (oh, that sounds kind of stalker-y) for so long I keep telling people “my friend’s son is on the voice!” And when they ask who it is, I have to go back and explain how I “know” you and they look at me a little sad. Lol! Hope you have a fantastic time watching tonight!

    1. Ditto on the “friend” thing. My husband asks, “Have you actually met her? Then she isn’t a friend.” But I DO consider Traci my friend. My friend’s son is singing on The Voice tonight!! :)

  3. FINALLY!! We’ve been watching and waiting to see Jonathan on the show. SOOO excited to see and hear him tonight! Our nine year old son is very excited, too. ;) SHINE JONATHAN!! We’ll be watching and cheering for you!

  4. We’ve been anxiously awaiting, as have all his other pre-fans! It was the only
    reason I was glad the weekend was shortened by one hour!

  5. finally! we have been waiting and are just so happy to watch him tonight. we can’t wait to download his song♥

  6. Looking forward to seeing him tonight!! It is amazing to see where you were emotionally that day and to compare it with today. God truly is amazing!

  7. This just made my heart MELT!!Not even a few lines in and I was in tears!! BEST OF WISHES AND LUCK UR WAY SWEETIE!! Have no DOUBT in my mind he WILL BLOW the stage away!!

  8. Amen, Traci! I love how God gives us each different places and ways to shine, the light reaches so much further that way. And we simply can’t wait to see part of Jonathan’s shining moments tonight! #teamhutch

  9. LOVE This!!! My daughter is 7 and was diagnosed with moderate to severe hearing loss at 2. She wears hearing aids and her hearing is getting gradually worse. I too was sad at first but I have prayed that God would use her in a special way and I already see that happening! She loves music and love the VOICE so I can not WAIT for her to see your son tonight!!!! She is always so excited to see anyone else who has hearing loss like her! We will be watching and cheering him on!

  10. God is good! I just started my own blog last year and in that process was led to wonderful women like you and your sister. I have cried with you and laughed out loud, and have been anticipating your son’s audition, like he’s the son of a friend, and I’ve never met you! I was touched today because even though I blogged about a cake I made (I love food!), the scripture I referenced today was about God being the light! “In him there is no darkness at all”. I can’t wait to watch “The Voice, tonight and see your baby shine!

  11. Of COURSE you felt like telling everyone at McDonald’s. I DID tell everyone in line at the post office this morning!! So we are all going to be watching and are SO excited to see Jonathan shine… the same light his sweet momma saw all those years ago. :)

  12. Traci,
    This is such a touching post! My family will be watching tonight. Hope to see your whole bunch.

  13. Traci – I am so excited I could pee my pants! This is the most beautiful post – tears! I’ll be watching tonight and my daughter will, too (Amanda tried out for The Voice in Memphis). We are rooting for him and will support him. You can count on us!!!
    Love and Prayers,

  14. My best friends daughter just had a baby girl three months ago and she has complete hearing loss. Kelsey, the mom, was sad because she had dreamt of sitting at the piano and singing with her little girl. But, she has given this over to God and, like you many years ago, knows that God has very special plans for her little girl. I’ve shared your post with her and it would be awesome if you could visit her little blog that she started to share her sweet baby girls’ story – Can’t wait to cheer on Jonathan tonight!!!

  15. Will be watching since I live in Jessamine A very inspiring story about your hearing Jonathan. Good Luck and may God be with you tonight. We are all rooting for you.

  16. I’m waiting and watching for Jobathan. I’ve been watching every night. I’m so excited for you all. I hope he goes far!!!!

    1. So excited to hear Jonathon on the Voice tonight! Way to put Wilmore, KY on the map! God is Good…cant wait to watch this journey unfold!

  17. Hi Traci! I was flipping channels and said, “Stop! I know them!” So excited for you all! We will be tuning in and cheering from Mt. Sterling!!!!!

  18. I yelled out and now feeling the tears flow. I am so excited for Jonathan, you and the entire family. I know you are so PROUD, mama!

    BTW, you looked amazing on tv.

  19. I just saw him and he was so good I turned the Tv up and when Pharrel turned I was smiling so big!! So exciting!!

  20. Praise The Lord! Jonathan made it and did a fabulous job! I’m so happy and proud for all of you. Your really did great Joathan, I had tears running down my face. Congratulations! God bless you all, I’m praying for you.

  21. Ohhhhhhh Myyyyyy Goodnessssss!!! I just saw Jonathan on The Voice!!! WOWOWOWOWOW… I was in tears …Happy Tears!!! Amazing Job Jonathan!!! AND ….. to hear all of your voices was so fun!! Congratulations!!!!!!

  22. So excited for you guys! I’ve followed your blog forever and tonight I told my three boys that my ‘friend’s son’ is going to be on the voice and they just couldn’t understand how I ‘knew’ you, lol. It’ll be our little secret😉 Best of luck to your son!

  23. We are sooo proud of Jonathan!!!! Watched
    him tonight…..We are excited about his
    future!!!! (: God is good……

    Congratulations from Maine
    Paul & Dee

  24. So excited for you all!! Jonathan did a great job and you all were so cute!!! Excited to see what happens next.

  25. I watched your son tonight and he did wonderful. How exciting he was chosen. I have to be honest that this was my first time watching that show. Very exciting for your family. Wish you all the very best on this journey.

  26. I’m here from Winds of Life, and I am watching the Voice as I check out the blogs I follow. I will be cheering for Jonathan as I watch. I loved reading your testimony of God’s faithfulness!

  27. Awesome job!! My whole family watched his performance. So excited for you all! He certainly shined tonight!!

  28. Girl I would hv been shouting it out in that McDonald’s lol
    Just saw your family and Jonathan story. God has truly blessed him with an amazing talent. And your family, o my goodness, so beautiful.
    Let your light shine Jonathan. I will be cheering him on.

  29. I knew the first time I heard him sing on your blog that he was someone special. Thank you for sharing these private moments in his early years – pretty amazing.

  30. So fun to see your adorable family on the show last night. Jonathan was awesome! This will be a fun season to watch.

  31. This is so awesome! I love that you shared your “memorial stone.” It is so important to remember how God listens and blesses. Congratulations to J for letting his light shine!

  32. Oh my gosh, I was watching with my husband last night and starting yelling at the tv, “I know them, I know them, I follow her blog!!” Now of course I don’t really know you, but it was so awesome to watch your son. He is so handsome, and did so well. I have 3 boys, so I always enjoy following you. So excited to be a part of his journey!

  33. I dvr-ed the show so I could watch it late last night. I was thrilled to see Jonathan and hear him sing. What a God-given gift he has! I love the journal you shared. God has a plan for all of us.

  34. I couldn’t wait to see your son perform last night. He is such a handsome young man and I am so happy for him that Pharrell turned his chair for Jonathan. Your entire family looked so great on the show and I couldn’t help thinking how very proud your Mom would be. If I remember correctly, wasn’t it her and your dad who bought Jonathan’s first pair of hearing aids? Wishing you all continued success as his ‘light’ continues to shine!

  35. So happy for you all. I hope you had on the Today morning show, this morning. (Tues am) They replayed multiple times your family backstage as Jonathan got a chair to turn. Carson even said that he had take your Eli “home and is raising him”. He said Eli was “adorable”.

  36. Watching the Today show and they show a snippet of the show last night. Well they show Carson and Eli and the whole gang backstage. After that Carson says he took Eli home and is raising him cause he’s so cute. Little brothers rock

  37. Your son did so great, what a doll he is! You have such a beautiful family and I loved how the boys seem so close. I love how the little one said “Jonathan has a great opportunity on the Voice” How cute was that?
    God Bless You All and I agree that this is a great opportunity for Jonathan ;-)

  38. I have followed your sister for several years, so I have known who you are. I have a daughter the same age as your son, and I am thrilled to watch a Christian teen have such an impact!! I love it! My daughter is a dancer, and she really has never fit the mold of a “typical teen”. I love that we can follow along on your journey so she can see that there are other amazing Godly teens in this world! Best of luck to your precious boy and know that you have prayers coming from Ohio!!! Susan

  39. It was so exciting to finally see Jonathan – and your whole family – last night on The Voice! Whoo-hoo!!!! Go Jonathan! Shine that Light!

  40. Wooohoooo! I was so excited to see Jonathan and you and your sweet family yesterday on The Voice! I got all teary- eyed, especially when Pharrel turned around! So excited for Jonathan – he did great! Such a handsome boy! God Bless you all on this journey!

  41. I watched the Voice last night and was so happy Jonathan got a chair to turn around. Downloaded the song of ITunes. Good luck to him, such a insperation for hearing impaired people.

  42. Just saw his audition on youtube. Hope they told his whole story on the show last night. Please share the link for us to see it all if possible. Congratulations Jonathan!

  43. Watching the Voice last night I told my husband, “Hey, I know that boy..and that mom from one of my blogs I read!” Thanks for letting us share in your life and we are behind Jonathan all the way!

  44. I remember commenting on the first post you shared when Jonathan performed at the Kentucky Opry. He was a rising talent back then, and look at him now! I remember telling you he was going to be a heartbreaker – I think the girls are going to go crazy over him now! Congratulations to all of you – you must be so incredibly proud!!!

  45. Traci, I had to be out last night so I knew I would miss Jonathan on The Voice. Not at all what I wanted so I set the PVR to record the show.

    I just finished watching the wonderful segment on your family AND was blessed to be able to hear him sing! 💕🎶🎶

    What a beautiful testament you and your family bring to the world. I wish all the very best for Jonathan in the days ahead. Let him know that even Canadians (I’m located in Toronto) are watching him as he sings his heart out.

    I can’t wait to see what God has in store for all your family in the days ahead.

  46. Traci~
    All because of you I am now watching The Voice!
    I just wanted to tell you how adorable your son Jonathan is and how sweet your family is. I was at work today and talking to some of my co-workers and everyone commented on what a nice family you have! Jonathan has a new set of fans! How excited and proud you must be!

  47. Hi Traci, yes all because of you I am watching The Voice too, never did before,,,, absolutely great show I have come to realize. Thank you for that! Our family watched last evening and Jonathan was out of this world fantastic!!!!! Oh my he was so wonderful. Please keep us posted on Jonathan’s next appearance on The Voice. All of you,,,, your whole family looked just fabulous last night, such a beautiful family, love from Canada! So happy for all of you!

  48. Traci, I am SO excited for Jonathan! I will be watching every week! Would you please upload your watch party Periscope from yesterday onto YouTube? I’m so sad I missed your feed!

  49. He is awesome and such an inspiration as are your messages! It is wonderful to see a piece of our Kentucky home represented by such a strong young man. Keep posting!🙂

  50. Tracie,
    Please send me the link for Jonathan’s The Voice performance. I don’t use a smart phone but want to purchase his song (s) from iTunes for my iPod. I couldn’t find him in a search.

    my best to you & your wonderful family!!!!!

  51. Hi there! I’ve been wanting to comment all week but it’s been such a week for me with a cycle of cluster headaches. I loved watching Jonathan on the show and I must say I’m one of those that was telling everyone a friend of mine’s son is on the show. I did cheat a little bit though unintentionally of course. Last weekend I did a search for Jonathan and the show on google and it pulled up a link for the top 48. I read it and saw he had gotten a chair turn so made the list. I hope he goes far in the competition; he’s certainly deserving. What an exciting time for y’all and what an experience for Jonathan.

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