My New Fresh Entry Way

Hey friends!

Two years ago, we finished building a new front porch to our home.  I was ecstatic about this makeover because adding a new front porch was going to FINALLY give me an new entry way into our home. 


Before this makeover, when you opened our front door, you walked right into our living room.  No entry way at all. 

Even though I have had an entry way for almost two years, I’ve always been “stuck” with how to decorate it.  It has stayed

mostly empty except at Christmas.  This past year, it was the perfect space to put up a Christmas tree.  :)


However, except for Christmas, our entry way has not felt very welcoming. 

It has looked like this for several months now…


But not anymore! YAY!  Check it out now!…


I am so excited about how welcoming our entry way looks like now. 


The lights we installed in our entry way are called Innovations Lighting 203 Railroad Shade Wall Sconces.  I fell in love with these because they were exactly what I was looking for, and I loved the mix of black with aged brass…perfection!  I used these vintage bulbs that I had, but I think I will trade them out for some clear bulbs in the near future.  I’m not crazy about the yellow glass on these type of bulbs.



My entry way is actually a long rectangle shape, so it has been hard for me to figure out exactly what to put in this space.  But when I saw this Rustic Accent Console, I knew it would be the perfect piece to put on this wall!  (Unfortunately, that exact table is no longer available, but you can find similar ones HERE and HERE.)




For underneath my table, I placed this beautiful 5×8 ft Surya Ravena Rug!    I love the colors and textures of this rug.  


It definitely warms up this space and makes it all come together. 


I don’t know if you remember, but the word art is from Between You and Me.  I custom ordered it for Sania Louise’s room last summer when we hosted her.  It has been there ever since, but I had to “borrow” it for this makeover.  :)  I have an idea for the type of word art I want to eventually put in this space, but I don’t have it completed yet, so I am going to use Sania Louise’s for now.  

I also think I will be changing out art pieces for each season to go in this space.  It should be fun! :)

Speaking of Sania Louise….

She still has no idea why I am always taking pictures of everything!  ha!  But she loves jumping into them!  And I had no problem taking a picture of her in front of this sign.  I love seeing the words from this Stephen Curtis Chapman song all around her.  She truly is a work of art, and I see God’s fingerprints all over her every day!

She’s going to be my little helper as we decorate this new space throughout all of the seasons.  I can’t wait!


Do you have any special tips or decor ideas to share that you have added to your own entry way to make others feel welcome as they enter your home?

Have a blessed day!



  1. I know this will sound silly but I love your entry way but my favorite piece is the old fan. I’ve wanted an old fan for our kitchen like this and looked and looked to no avail. had to break down and pay for a new old one from restoration hardware ….did not like the price but love my fan….still love yours more though.

    1. That doesn’t sound silly at all! I love that fan too. :) I hate to even tell you how much I paid for it, but I got it at a yard sale about 10 years ago for five bucks. I know. I about died. I think it has been in every room of our house at some time!
      Anyway! Thanks for stopping by!
      Have a great weekend!

  2. Looks great! That book on the console is so awesome, too. :) Ha! Love seeing your girl posing for pictures on your blog. I hope you’re all enjoying being together.

  3. I love the idea of changing with seasons. I do that in my whole house. It will be a lot easier in a small space!
    I also love that Sania Louise jumps into the pictures. She’s a beauty.

  4. I have a bay window in my kitchen. I change it seasonally. It is directly in front of our island and looks onto the back gardens, so I keep it very simple.

    It seems everyone that stops by wants to see what I have there for the season.

    I am certain your back door guests will want to see the front entrance, too!

  5. I’m a big fan of candles, however, I’ve started using the flameless battery ones incase I forget to blow them out when I leave or go to bed. I had added them to the table in my foyer. I also like the timed ones so they go on and off at the same time on their own. your entry is very pretty and Sania is beautiful.

    1. Hi Sue! I didn’t know they had candles with timers. That is brilliant! I have a few of the flameless ones and I am surprised at how realistic some of them look. They really are beautiful! And I LOVE candles too. They are so welcoming, especially in an entry way.
      Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

      1. If you look on QVC, they sell the flame less candles with a timer. The woman at QVC that sells them is Valerie Parhill.
        She has quite a large variety that are seasonally oriented and the prices are reasonable.
        God Bless to Y’all!

  6. The new entry looks fantastic! I especially like the sweet “centerpiece” in the room. I will be checking out the ASAP!!

  7. Your entryway looks great!!! I love your style :) Sania Louise looks so pretty…’s obvious she is thriving :)
    God Bless!

  8. I love what you did with your entry way & look forward to seeing your seasonal changes. I was curious to know if you still have the church pew in your front entry way?

  9. How sweet! I think if you collected different knobs & hooks & sprayed them all white to hang coats on when guests/family come over with a long old wooden church bench underneath, that wouldoesn’t look awesome… leading to the table you have. Just an idea.
    So happy to see your beautiful daughter & thinking of the love & security she must feel now makes me so happy for you all.

  10. I love the entryway. But I do have a random question. How is your dining table holding up with the zinc top? How does it hold up against stains and boys that make messes? I have 3 boys and I was reading about your table and wanted to possibly redo mine. Thanks.

    1. Hi Melissa!
      It is holding up great! The best thing about this table is that you can’t really make it look bad. ha! It’s supposed to look worn and old, so all the spills and stain just add patina and character. So I still love it and plan on using it for many more years. :)

  11. I recently gave my entryway a makeover too! My favorite entryway tip I learned from my mom – always have a mirror in your entryway so that you can check your reflection real quick before you dart out the door. Plus you have great natural light right by the door! I have a gallery wall in my entryway, so my mirror is a part of it. It’s small, but I made sure to put it at eye level.

    I love the idea of switching up the sign for the seasons! Can’t wait to see how it looks for fall this year!

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