Lowe’s Fall Makeover “Before” Pictures

So last month, I announced that Lowe’s and I were teaming up to do a fall makeover on a local homeowner, and I want to thank everyone who applied.  


After looking over the applications, a sweet family of 6 was selected for the fall makeover.  Here is what the sweet mom, Courtney, wrote about her family on her application…

We are a family of six. We have four daughters, but the unique thing is the oldest is 3 years old! So, four girls under four years old! Our oldest will turn four Septemebr 24th, so soon we will have 4 yrs, 3 yrs, 2 yrs, and 3 month old daughters. Their names are A-, E-, Y- and J-. We adopted Y- from Bulgaria last December, so she has been home 8 months. Y- lived her first years of life in a horrific orphanage and also has Down Syndrome. She has a long road of healing ahead, but has made incredible progress since coming home. When we were just 5 months away from bringing Y- home we found out we were pregnant (surprise!!!) with our sweet J-. Our lives have been crazy busy, but we are so thankful for these sweet amazing girls to love and raise. And you should see my husband, he is the best daddy to these girls! Life is challenging, but life is good.


Courtney applied to give her girls’ bathroom a makeover.  All four of the girls share this space, so we are going to bring it up to date and make it functional for them all.  

Here are the “before” pictures that Courtney uploaded with her application…


We are going to lighten this space up with some new paint on the walls and new tile on the floors.  Courtney asked if we could create a makeup table for the girls, so we are going to install a smaller vanity, and Cy is going to build a makeup table on the left side.


We are also going to install a new tub and shower.


The current tub is broken and does not hold water.


New paint will definitely make the space where the toilet is seem much larger. 

And we will be installing some new lighting as well.

 All in two days!!  Can we do it?! :)

Of course we can!  This is the stuff we thrive on! ha! 

(And we only live 15 minutes from Courtney’s sweet family, so we will easily be able to get back and forth to their house to finish up any last minute details.)

Next week, I will share with you the mood board I created and more plans that we have for the bathroom.  

And then of course, I will share the reveal with you as well!  I can’t wait to see how it turns out!  

Have a blessed day!




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