Best Essential Oils for Back to School! (Recipes Included)

Many of our kids have started back to school, and if yours haven’t yet, they will be soon.  So it’s time to start talking about what oils will help your children during the coming school year.

I soooooo wish that I had essential oils in my life when my kids were younger!!  There are so many benefits of using essential oils with your kiddos. 

But let me be clear first, I only use Young Living essential oils.  In the past five years that I have been using EO’s, they have EXPLODED in the marketplace and every Tom, Dick, and Harry are trying to sell them.  You can find essential oils in Walmart, Home Goods, and even gas stations.  Y’all, those are NOT pure therapeutic essential oils!  There is a HUGE difference among the oils and most of the ones that you buy in stores, (yes, even Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s) can have synthetic ingredients and are not 100% pure, even if the label says they are. 

Young Living essential oils are the BEST essential oils on the market.  Are they more expensive?  Yes, probably so, but y’all, like the old saying goes…you get what you pay for.  Young Living is the only company out there that has what is called the “Seed to Seal” promise, or anything like it. 


I’m not going to mess around with putting “lesser” oils on myself or my family, so it’s Young Living for Life for me! 

(But don’t just take my word for it.  Please be sure to do your own research when deciding what oils to use.)

Babies and kids have thinner and more sensitive skin than adults…

so diluting when applying topically is always a good choice. As we know with the quality and purity of Young Living oils, a little goes a long way. An added bonus, is using a carrier oil may create a more sustained effect.

There are many different carrier oil options out there.

My favorite is Young Livings V-6,  It goes on easy and leaves no greasy residue.  If you do not have YL’s V-6 carrier oil, you probably have something in your home pantry that you can use.  Check out the carrier oil guide below to see what else works…


Here are some more tips when using essential oils on babies and children:

  • The bottoms of the feet are a great place to apply essential oils to babies and toddlers
  • Ingesting oils is not recommended for infants
  • Use less. Even if you are diffusing in their room, you can use smaller amounts for young children
  • Stay away from castor oil, canola oil, corn oil, vegetable oil and sunflower oil

If you do not like the time and effort it takes to dilute the oils for your children, you may want to consider ordering Young Living’s baby line called Seedlings….


Or their kids’ line called, Kidscents…

These oils are pre-diluted and ready to use!  Young Living also carries non-toxic, chemical-free products for kids like toothpaste, bath gel, vitamins, lotions and more!


Here are some of my favorite “oily recipes” to use with my kiddos!

This is a great blend to put in a roller bottle and use on your kiddos, especially when they get home from school.  You can also diffuse this blend as well. 


I use this blend on myself to help me when my stomach does not like me.  :)  You will be shocked how well this blend works!  I actually keep DiGize in my purse AT ALL TIMES, because you never know when you might need it.  {wink}


If you want your kids to have a strong immune system and stay out of the doctor’s office this school year, try this blend…

And of course, do NOT forget Thieves!!!  I’m getting ready to stock up on ALL THINGS THIEVES this fall to keep me and my family healthy!  

Did you know that you can actually sign up with Young Living by purchasing their Thieves Starter Kit?  This kit has all the Thieves products and you will love it!  Just click on the “other premium kits” tab to find it when signing up.


I use the Focus blend on Sania, and I actually use it on myself when I have a lot of work to do on my computer.  I LOVE the way it smells, and it definitely works.  This blend has helped many kids who have trouble focusing or staying on task at school. 


If your kiddos, or you, are feeling a little stressed and need a little bit of happy, try the blend below…




The blend below is SO AMAZING!!! I have been using it while I’m in Nashville this week because for some reason, my allergies tend to kick my tail when I’m down here.  It works for me every.  single.  time.  


Remember, when using these amazing, God-given bottles of plant juice that because of their small size, they metabolize quickly out of the body.  I try to apply or use my oils every two to three hours to get the full benefits. 

Want to get started using essential oils?

You will receive a premium starter kit from Young Living, PLUS a second diffuser from me for FREE, AND you will get access to our private Facebook groups to learn about essential oils and how to use them.  It is such a wonderful, supportive community to be a part of!


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