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Happy Monday, sweet friends!

I am writing to you from Nashville today.  I just got here this afternoon, and I am sitting at a local coffee shop trying to get some work done.  Jonathan was here with me, but one of the batteries in his hearing aids went out, so he left to get some new ones.

We’ve been sitting here for about an hour, talking over lunch.  He’s been doing most of the talking. :). The Lord is teaching Jonathan so much right now, and I love listening to him talk about his walk with Jesus.  Blesses my soul.

It’s such an honor to listen to our children.  I knew I needed to get work done on my computer, but how many mamas have a 19 year old son that wants to sit and talk with them?  Work can wait!  I wanted to just sit and listen, and listen, and listen… and soak up all he had to share.  

Priceless moments.

And while he was talking and sharing his heart with me, my thoughts drifted back to my own sweet mama.  I remember the late nights around the kitchen table that she would sit and listen to me.  Knowing full well, (now that I’m a mama,) that she had a ton of other things she could have been doing.  But she didn’t.  She listened.  

I sure hope Jonathan, and all my children, feel as loved by me as I always did  by my mamma.  

This Saturday, my sweet mama will have been gone 9 years.  My mind still can’t comprehend it.  I can’t believe I’ve lived 9 years without her.  So many days, I need to sit around the kitchen table with her.  I need a hug.  A sweet word of truth.

I don’t care how old I am, I still need my mama.  And though she is not with me anymore on this earth physically, she has never left me.  Her earthly life continues to mold my own, and I am forever grateful.  

I can’t help but think she was in heaven listening to Jonathan talk too today.  And smiling.  She would be so proud of the young man he has become. 

He was only 10 years old when he sang Amazing Grace at her funeral.  I took this picture on that day…

I wanted them dressed alike in their Sunday best in honor of my sweet mama. I treasure this photo. 

And now I can hardly see the keys as my fingers type.  Tears of joy flow for the blessings of my four precious sons.  Tears of sadness that mom is not here to see them now.  Tears that remind me of what my mom told me nine years ago….

“Tears are liquid prayers that flow straight to the heart of God.” ~Wanda Long

I love that I had a mama who pointed me to the God who hears the prayers in my tears when I my voice is too weak to speak them. 




Jonathan just got back from getting some batteries for his hearing aids, so I need to wrap this post up. :)

He and I are going to work on his website and make a list of what we need to do before his very first single comes out on September 28th.  

It’s called Strangers, and you can pre-save it on most music apps.  Just click on one of the links below to pre-save his song, and then you will be able to download it on September 28th.



And if you live nearby, Jonathan will be performing two times on Saturday, September 29th. 

He will be at the Hope over Jessamine Fall Fest at 3:00 pm, and later that evening, he will be performing at the Asbury University Student Center.  The opening starts at 7:00 pm. 

I would love to see you there!




  1. You sons are so cute. I know your mom is smiling down on all of you. They will become awesome men under you and hubby’s guidance. Your daughter will be special too thanks to the love you are passing on to her that was given to you by her Angel Granny!

  2. Traci,
    Your surely made me cry as well. How blessed you are. My dad passed 19 years ago when my first baby was 10 weeks old. It was awful, but he was amazing, and I feel him with me as well to this very day. I cherish my memories of him as you do of your mom. Stay strong, she would be proud of you all.
    Blessings and hugs,

  3. Traci, my own mama has been gone for 24 years, & I still miss her every day. I’m grateful for her wisdom & love.
    I’m sure your mom is looking down from Heaven, smiling & thinking, “that’s my girl; didn’t I do a great job?”
    God bless you & yours….

  4. Wow!!!! Your post put tears to my eyes. I could feel the emotion and love you have for both Jonathan, your mom and your other children. You are right…..nothing more precious when your son wants to sit and talk. I cherish those moments too with my 23 yr. old son. He just got married, so I expected a new dynamic, but he’s been faithful to still call me and chat. I’m so blessed. As for your mama. I know what its like to loose a parent. I lost my dad 20 yrs. ago this month on the 4th. He fell off a ladder, cutting a tree in his yard. I was 39 yrs. old with 3 small kids. My world was rocked and I relied on the Lord to get me through it and He still is faithful, as I know He is for you. I too wish he could have seen how my kids have grown up and who they married etc. etc. He’d be so proud as he loved them dearly. I think of him often looking down from heaven listening to us too. Blessings to you today and that you will continue to look for the blessings in the sad times of loosing your mama. PS. How exciting for Jonathan….his own single. Can’t wait to hear it.

    1. Thank you, Kathy! It’s so good to hear that your sweet son is still calling you and staying close after getting married. That makes this mama’s heart happy! :). I am so sorry about your loss. Daddy’s are extra special too! xoxo


  6. Thank you for sharing your heart today! I know the visit and conversation meant so much to you–my, don’t they grow up fast. Your post resonated with me today: first, as a mama treasuring the tender time we have with our kids is so important, and second, the memories of your sweet mama. My mom’s health is failing but she continues to press on, so I am visiting often and thinking about all she did for us growing up. Take care and I’ll look for Jonathan’s song next week.

  7. You bring me joy. You make me say “thanks.” It is a pleasure to hear about your sweet son and mother. God Bless you for touching us. Thank you Miss Traci!

  8. Dear Traci,
    Your website was discovered not too long after my own mom had passed away; you were sharing your own struggle with your mom’s situation and when you had let your readers know that she had passed, grief rolled over me like an ocean wave, I shed tears for you and yours , just like I did when my own mom passed. I truly believe that the Lord was allowing me to share that burden, He works in mysterious ways! The sadness was for those of us left on earth, feeling the “temporary” separation, not so much for our moms, they have gained everything! Is it possible that I have been visiting your blog that long, I guess that I have?! Your gentle and quiet spirit comes forth through your blog and I have appreciated the way that you have glorified our Lord in your life, not to mention, the great projects and lovely design! So, now you know what I have been thinking about you, all these years, I have considered you a dear sister in Christ Jesus and I know you are part of the eternal family and perhaps both of our moms are marveling at the way the Lord ministers to our souls, even through “blogs”.
    May the Lord richly bless you and your precious family,
    P.S. Please tell me how that, not so little any longer, kitten is doing?

    1. Denise, what a kind and loving comment. I am so thankful for you and my other followers that have been with me all these years. It has been such a blessing to share our family’s journey with you all. I am so thankful the Lord has used this blog as a place for me to grow creatively and have new friendships and hopefully glorify Him along the way.
      God bless you, friend! xoxo
      And our sweet cat, Journey, is doing GREAT!!! She is the sweetest, most loving cat ever!!

  9. Just to let you know, I think your son is so handsome but the most important quality is “the hidden person of the heart” and it is evident that he has great character qualities!
    The rest of the children are adorable as well!

    The “followers” of your blog are also lovely, according to the posts that I have read!

  10. We never outgrow our need for our mamas! Mine will have been gone 12 years in October, and there isn’t a day that I don’t miss her and wish we could just sit and talk. If only we knew our time would be short, we would have savored it that much more. God bless you and your family!

    1. Yes, Taria. If we only knew. But I am so thankful for the 7 weeks before she passed that we knew were her last days. We soaked up every minute with her. I am so sorry you lost your mom as well. :(

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