Adding to Our Christmas Mantel – Mystery Box Creative Challenge

Happy Hump Day, friends!
Today, I am joining some of my favorite blog friends to do something fun called, MYSTERY BOX CREATIVE CHALLENGE!
Basically, 8 of us blog gals got together and decided to mail each other boxes of random home decor stuff that we had to creatively change and use in our Christmas decor!
Here’s the list of bloggers participating in this challenge:
We were told to send a box of mystery items to the person below us on the list.  I sent items to Melaine from My Sweet Savannah.  And I received gifts from my Canadian blog friend, Lucy from Craftberry Bush!  If you are stopping by from her fabulous blog, welcome!
Lucy sent me items that she isn’t using any more, but if you guys know Lucy…..everything she decorates with is AMAZING!  So even her “leftover” items are beautiful!  So I was excited to get these items in the mail…
The task was to incorporate these items into my Christmas mantle decor.  Here is what my mantle looked like BEFORE I added the items from the Mystery Box.
I knew immediately that I wanted to paint most of the items Lucy sent me white to incorporate them in my Christmas mantle decor.  I painted the wooden box, the JOY metal ornament, and all of the wooden ornaments white.
With the reindeer ribbon she sent me, I decided to wrap a small piece of it around the metal buckets that my little faux pine trees were in.
I used a glue gun to keep the ribbon in place.
It was such an easy way to add a little special touch to my faux pine trees.  And the brown color of the ribbon ties (no pun intended!) right into the rest of my decor!
I used the beautiful blue and cream ribbon Lucy sent me and tied a bow on my lantern. 
I hung my freshly painted, white wooden ornaments in my existing garland.
I think they look so cute against the green garland!  Like little snowflakes!
After I painted the wooden box and JOY ornament white, I used a hot glue gun to adhere the ornament to the front of the box
I added some faux pine leaves branches and a pine cone in the wooden box to help it blend in with my existing decor.  Then I placed it on the stool on my fireplace hearth.
I love the way my mantle turned out, and how Lucy’s mystery items go so well with the rest of my Christmas decor!  Thank you, Lucy!
Now it’s time to check out the next blogger on the MYSTERY BOX CREATIVE CHALLENGE, Melaine from My Sweet Savannah!

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  1. Traci I love what you did with each piece and how you incorporated it into your beautiful mantel! So glad we got to do this together and Merry Christmas Traci! xo

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