Cy’s Eye Injury

You guys, last week was CRAZY TOWN!

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you may have not heard that Cy injured his eye last week.  :(

Last Monday, he was working on our flip house bathroom last week, and was cutting tile without his safety googles, (yes, lesson learned.) and a piece of tile flew up and hit him in his eye. 

He immediately called me to come get him, and it was a pretty dramatic and scary scene.  When I got there, his hand was shaking as he tried to cover his eye, and to him, it felt as if he had completely busted his eye.  He was scared to move his hand in fear that his eye would be gone.  

We immediately took him to our doctor, and they checked his eye.   It was swollen, full of blood, and he had no vision.  The pressure in his eye was extremely high, and it was terrifying to think that he may loose his eyesight completely .


The pressure in his eye continued to climb and not get better on Tuesday, so they sent us to the emergency room Tuesday evening.  We were in the hospital until 3:00 am this next morning, and they gave Cy medicine through an IV to get the pressure down. 


Being in the hospital almost 9 hours was very nerve wrecking, especially waiting to find out if he was going to have to have surgery on his eye.


Thankfully, they were able to finally get the pressure in his eye below 40, so we were able to go home.  Over the next couple of days, the pressure went back down to normal, and we were pretty excited!  However, he still didn’t have much vision in that eye, but we were hopeful that it would improve.

We have basically been to the eye doctor every single day to get his pressure checked. 

We are happy to see some improvements, and we had some fun with him wearing a “pirate patch.”  :)

He has some friends that he has eaten lunch with for years that sent him this picture last Friday!  We all got a good laugh out of it! :)


Sunday, he was feeling good enough to attend Easter Sunday church with us.  And he took his pirate patch off just for this picture. :)


They had adjusted his meds over the weekend to see if the pressure in his eye would stay the same without them, but unfortunately, the pressure in his eye climbed back up into the 40’s.  :(   

So back to the glaucoma specialist we went on Monday, and Tuesday, and we are headed back there this afternoon.  :(

The pressure in his eye is still too high so they may have to do a procedure this afternoon where they will put a very small hole in the eye chamber to drain the fluid.  It’s not what we wanted, but we want his eye to start healing. 

Good news is that his vision keeps coming back more and more, so we do feel like he will get all of his vision back!!  It’s just that he will probably be at a higher risk for cataracts and glaucoma in the future.  :(


As a side note, I would like to thank Dr. Ditto and Dr. Musick for taking such good care of my husband this past week! They are our local ophthalmologists in Jessamine County, and they are TRULY AMAZING!  I don’t think I have ever experienced such care and professionalism from anyone in the medical field.  They are two men of God who have prayed for Cy during this time and checked on him daily.  Dr. Musick even met Cy at his office on Easter Sunday to check on him because he was worried about his eye.  

We stopped by their office this morning for Dr. Musick to do a quick check of his eye as well, and before we left, he prayed for Cy.  I’ll be honest, my eyes filled up with tears as we prayed to the GREAT PHYSICIAN!!

Thank you for all of your prayers and concerns for Cy during this time!  We are so thankful for our online family!!!

I’ll keep you updated!




  1. Oh my goodness… so thankful that Cy is regaining his vision……………. and I admit to the tears .. as I read your comments about the “prayers” over him from the Doctors !! How awesome ……. After drying up the tears .. I busted out laughing at the pic of his lunch buddies !! Now that’s friends for ya !!!!! :) … Thank you for sharing and keeping us up to date on Cy………………. (Great Easter pic!!)

  2. Traci, we are praying for Cy’s eye to heal!! You two are so special
    to us and David has been so concerned as he has a special bond
    to Cy especially because of the group texting they do, I guess.
    It brought tears to my eyes when you told about the doctors Cy has
    and the prayers they have sent up for Cy. What caring doctors they are!!
    Loved the Easter pic of the family. We so enjoyed being with Jonathan at
    CB’s party. Haven’t seen him in a while!
    Love and many hugs!

  3. My son– then 12- whacked himself in the eye with a ball and had a hyphens. His eye filled with blood and had to sleep sitting up fo about a week but healed nicely. So very scary! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  4. Thank you for sharing this story and journey with us. I love that your eye dr prayed over Cy before you left! I remember one time our financial advisor prayed with my husband as he was dealing with hurt from the loss of one of our employees. I still remember Roger motioning to me that he was going in the other room to pray because Brett was praying for him. It’s awesome to see professionals not be afraid to stand up for their beliefs. Continued prayers for Cy!

  5. Have just read of your recent concerns for Cy. Please know that I have immediately started to pray for him and the whole family! God is Good! all the tiime.

  6. My heart goes out to Cy. You all had a terrifying, crazy week. I’m praying for complete healing. Thank you for sharing here, as I’m not on Instagram. You have a Missouri, friend anxiously waiting for another update. Stay strong!

  7. Traci,
    So sorry to hear about Cy’s eye. I have been having some eye troubles myself this past two weeks so I know what he’s going through and it is anything but fun. Please let Cy know he is in my prayers, well you all are. I know it’s just a short matter of time and he will be back improving our world, one house at a time! =) (and remember SAFETY GOGGLES)

    Love, Deb

  8. Praying that Cy will have complete healing! Yes, Jehovah Rapha – our Lord Who heals! Blessings to you all!

  9. I am so sorry Cy and you and the family have had to experience this. BUT it is so wonderful to hear of menand women of God geing in the medical profession. So many professions in the “sciences” are not believers so it is great to get the word out that they are there and can be sought out when one is in need of care. God Bless you all and the doctors.

  10. I had a weird incident with my left eye last year so I am very sympathetic to the daily eye appointments!!! So thankful he is getting some vision back!!! Your family is in our prayers!!! What a blessing to hear of professionals that will pray for their patients!!!! Hang in there, you and Cy. Thank you for sharing so we can ask pay for you!

  11. What an incredibly scary accident. I can’t stop thinking about it.. I prayed for him as soon as I read this earlier & again just now. Bless his heart.. I’m sure you were both terrified. Thank you for sharing as I am not on Instagram. Big, big Hug!

  12. O sorry to hear of his injury. It happens in a split second. My husband got a stone hit in the eye after riding on his four wheeler. Now he wears safety glasses. Had to see eye surgeon for quite awhile. I got shingles around my eye a year ago. Around it, but luckily not in eye. It is really scary. Prayers and BestWishes for a Full recovery to Cy.

  13. Y’all are truly blessed to have doctors that rely on the Great Physician and will pray with & for their patients. I am glad that Cy’s vision is improving. Has he been able to go to work during all of this? I would suspect not. I will definitely continue to pray for y’all. God bless y’all!

  14. So glad to hear you have good Godly doctors taking care of Cy. Sorry he’s having to have the procedure done, but I know this expert will be a very hard learned lesson for your entire family. We all too often take things – like our vision, hearing, etc. for granted, until we can’t. I’m praying for Cy, and you too. Prayers for healing, prayers for the doctors to continue to do the best thing. You’ve all been in my thoughts since this happened. ❤️❤️

  15. Thank you for sharing the latest news of Cy’s eye accident. I’m always so thankful to learn of professionals who pray with their patients who need it and are not afraid or ashamed to do so. Our great God is the Healer.

  16. Hopefully, everything will continue moving in the “right” direction. I know you are taking good care of your Pirate!! Praying for total healing.

  17. So very sorry to hear about Cy’s eye injury…Losing your sight is a very scary prospect…But, I am so happy to hear he is beginning to heal! I, too, will pray for a full recovery, but with his wonderful Godly doctors and of course, with our Healer Himself, he is in the best hands he can be possibly be in!!

  18. As someone that has been blind in one eye since childhood, I know how scary it is. Thank you for sharing your story so that more people will be more careful with their eyes. You can replace teeth and get hearing aids, but nothing can replace my eye because of the nature of the injury that caused me to be blind in the first place. Laser surgery or cornea replacement will not fix my eye, I only wish that it could. I tell people all the time “Never, ever take your eyes for granted” but it is so easy to do unfortunately. Hoping that he will make a full recovery….

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