Notes from Home – Episode 19 {Walkway & Pavers}

It’s FRIDAY!!  Woohoo!!

It’s the first full weekend in December, and there are so many Christmas festivities happening around here that I can hardly stand it!  We are hoping to go to a Christmas tree lighting this weekend, and enjoy some of the beautiful lights around town.  

What do you have planned this weekend?

This past week, we got several more things finished on our front porch makeover, including the walkway and changing out some brick pavers on the front porch.  

We were so excited because our doors were delivered, but there was something wrong with them, so we can’t use them.  :(  They are ordering us some new ones and are going to try and expedite the process for us, so I hope we get a replacement soon!  The doors and lighting are the two main final things we have left to do!

Oh well, it will get finished eventually!

For now, here is episode 19!  We hope you enjoy it!




  1. All your tips sure save us DIYers tons of time and money when considering potential projects around the house.

  2. It’s looking so good, and I know you’re so proud of Cy! You have a good man! I’m really enjoying watching the progress you’re making, and I know it will be beautiful!

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