Popular Front Door Styles to Update Your Home

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Hey friends!

Today I wanted to share with you three of my favorite styles for new front doors.  

Since the front door is the first and last thing our friends and family will see when visiting our home, it’s important to pick a door that is beautiful and inviting.

There are so many styles and options to chose from on the market today which makes it easier to find the look and design we desire.  Once we decide on a style, we will need to select the type of material we want to use for our door, and I will discuss the pros and cons of each material at the bottom of this post.
Here are some of the most popular door styles on the market that we have considered for our front porch.


1.  Craftsman Style Doors

I’m a huge fan of craftsman style doors!  They are very popular for many homes, especially in cottages and bungalows.   They often have a Shaker-inspired look with straight, clean lines, and can be made of wood or fiberglass.  Craftsman doors usually have a glass detail on the upper third part of the door front separated from the lower wood panels by a thick piece of wood trim or molding.
Popular Front Door Styles to Update Your Home


2.  Modern Style Doors

Some may think that you would only see modern style doors on modern style houses…

Popular Front Door Styles to Update Your Home


However, I’ve also noticed more and more lately that a lot of people updating older homes are using modern front door designs. I love the contrast between a older, traditional style home with a modern front door.  I’ve also seen a lot of modern doors on farmhouse style homes as well, and they are stunning!

Popular Front Door Styles to Update Your Home


Similar to the craftsman style, modern style doors also have clean, straight lines.  However, they are even more minimalistic and simplistic in design, and often larger in size.  They may sometimes have blocked or square raised panels or panes with frosted or translucent glass.  The hardware on modern doors also tend to be large and follow the same clean lines.

Unlike the vertical glass panels that are found on other door styles, modern doors very often have horizontal panes of glass.


3.  Traditional Style Doors

Traditional style doors usually feature raised panels in any number from two to twelve.

Popular Front Door Styles to Update Your Home


They also usually feature glass inserts, some with scrollwork or colored panes. 

Popular Front Door Styles to Update Your Home


What I have been loving is a more modern spin on the traditional looking doors, like the one below.  They usually have wider glass panes with thinner grid pieces.

Popular Front Door Styles to Update Your Home


Most of the door styles above can be made of these three popular choices of material:  

So once you decide on the style of door you love, you can then decide on what type of material you like best. 
Here are some pros and cons of each type of material to help you in your decision.


1.  Wood 

Wood doors are classic and have a rich sense of character.  There are many types of wood to chose from which can be stained or painted, which gives you a lot of style options for your front door.  They are also very customizable to the size, shape, or style you prefer. 

Wood doors are also easy to personalize with glass, transoms, or side lights.   Wood doors have superior durability and insulation.  They  help with security, energy efficiency, and noise reduction. 

Wood doors require a bit of maintenance and upkeep.  They need to be sealed immediately after installation to keep them from warping or swelling over time.  You will want to reseal the doors every couple  of years as well as touch up the stain or paint over the years from wear and tear. 







2.  Fiberglass 

Fiberglass doors can give you the look of wood doors, but with a bit more durability.   They work well in most climates, including extremely cold and damp conditions.  They can also be stained or painted to give you the look you are after.   Fiberglass entry doors also have an insulated core, which offers additional protection from the elements.

Initially, fiberglass doors are more expensive than many other wood doors, but can save you money down the road because they are so energy efficient. 
Another thing to consider is they come in mostly standard sizes and are sometimes hard to find in odd sizes.  They are also impossible to trim down to fit a smaller sized frame. 


3.  Steel

Steel is one of the toughest materials for your front door.  It is very durable and energy efficient because of the insulated foam in the middle of each steel panel.  


Steel doors can be easily scratched or dented which are difficult to repair and can easily rust.  They also are difficult to stain, which means they are usually painted and can sometimes chip.


After looking at all of the options above, we decided to go with double wood doors in a traditional style similar to the ones we had at our previous home…

Popular Front Door Styles to Update Your Home

We already know that we love the look of these doors, so it was an easy choice.  However, our new doors for our Tennessee home will have a lighter stain and different style of glass panes.    We are excited to get them installed and can’t wait to share them with you!


So, what is your favorite style and material for a front door?  



  1. Can’t give an unbiased opinion because my actual door is one of the selections you posted (frosted panes seperated by stripes of clear glass).
    Hope you love yours as much as I love mine… :-)

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