10 Things I Have Bought Recently

Happy Saturday, friends! I hope you had a great week! ❤️

Today, I decided to write a post about 10 things I have bought recently.

I was needing some bar height chairs for our back deck to see the pond over the railing. The chairs I have on our back deck now are low, and when we sit on our deck, we basically stare at the wood railing. 😂. You can’t even see the pond through the railing. #notgood. So I wanted to get a bar height table and chairs to be able to sit up higher and view our pond.

I found these adorable swivel chairs on Amazon, and they will be arriving next week! They are originally $189, but you can clip the $25 coupon which takes them down to $164.

Aren’t they cute?! Now, I am going to just find a black bar top table somewhere to go with them. I may be able to thrift something…we will see!

In chicken news….I bought this feeder for our birds.

It holds 50 pounds of feed and has a no waste/rainproof design. I’ve been needed this for our chickens because the old feeder we had is breaking and doesn’t hold enough food. This one will be perfect for our chickens! It matches the water feeder that I got for them last year.

Also, for the coop, I bought these solar barn lights. I didn’t want red barn lights, but they were a little cheaper than the black ones. I knew I was going to be painting the barn lights gold, so it didn’t matter what color I bought.

These are awesome because they are solar, AND motion censored. There are three different settings. You can set for the light to only come on when motion is detected. Or, you can set for the light to come on at dusk and stay on till dawn. OR, you can set it for the light to come at dusk at a dim setting, and then when motion is detected, it switches to a full bright light setting. That’s the setting I have mine on. You can get them in black HERE

For my garden, I bought several three packs of these garden cages. I searched and searched for cuter cages 😂, but I couldn’t really find them. So I bought these, and I pretty impressed will how easy they were to put together and how sturdy they are. You can make them as short as tall as you want!

I’ve been needing some gold hoop earrings. I’ve basically been wearing the same two pairs for over a year now!🤦🏻‍♀️😂. I have a small hoop that is starting to turn, and then a large hoop that I love. But I needed some “middle sized” hoops, so I bought this 6 pack for under $14! (Clip the 5% off coupon.)

They come in several other styles and sizes, and they also come in silver.

I also bought these vintage inspired coffee mugs. How cute are they?!!! They come with a wooden lid and gold spoons, They can be used for coffee, or I’ve seen a lot of people use them to make overnight oats or even sourdough starter! They are so stinkin’ cute!

Do you like sleeping with white noise? My whole family does! We had white noise machines, then we all started using our Alexa’s for white noise, but now we are switching back to our machines. We ditched our Alexa’s for multiple reasons, but one is because the wifi frequency right next to us when we sleep all night is not good for our health.

The original machines I bought are at our Wilmore house, so I bought some more recently for the house we are in now. We have them in every bedroom. This is my favorite white noise machine to sleep to because it has a low bass sounding fan that I like to sleep to. But it also has other sounds as well. It comes in white or black…

I finally bought an electric meat thermometer, and I’m so mad I haven’t done this sooner!! I’ve had the same old manual meat thermometer for probably 20 years, but this electric one is awesome! It lights up to make the numbers easier to see, and it works so quickly. I also used the velcro stickers it comes with so I can stick it to the side of my fridge for easy use. I’m so glad I bought this!

For my kitchen, I also bought this cookbook. I haven’t made anything from it yet 😂, but it was recommended by an instagrammer I follow, and I look forward to trying some recipes from it.

This is my FAVORITE curling iron, and it is only $26! It was recommended by a huge instagrammer, and I bought the 1 inch barrel a couple of years ago and LOVE IT! It has a long barrel which makes it easier to curl my long hair. I recently bought the 1 1/2″ barrel for bigger curls, but the 1″ is still my favorite size. The curls last ALL day!

Well, those are some of the things that I have bought recently.

What is your favorite purchase lately? It could be a from a coffee to a couch! 😂 Let me know in the comments. ❤️


  1. Fun to get your post like this one. I like to see items others buy. Neat things. Your garden is looking great. You guys are always so busy with great projects. Have a great day. PS I love my jacket I bought from Evereve. It’s quilted powder blue. Alittle heavy for Summer but when it’s cooler I’ll be glad I snagged it. I got it on sale. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing. I love the earrings. I already have tomato cages but am definitely going to keep in mind for next year. My tomatoes got out of hand before we got cages put around them. Needless to say they are a hot mess now. Have a great weekend.

  3. Please share with me the reasons you ditched Alexa. My husband got a couple of Echo Dot’s for our bedroom but I wasn’t thrilled about it. Not anything I can put my finger on, just bad vibes, bad juju whatever you want to call it. You can email me if you prefer.

    1. Hi Rebecca!
      There’s a couple of reasons…one is that the wifi that close to us while sleeping is not good for us. If you look up the harmful effects of wifi, it’s scary. It messes with our bodies. The second reason is because “they” are always listening. I’ve heard of where family’s get into arguments and the cops show up because the Alexa reports domestic abuse. We don’t fight like that in our home, but what if in the future we were discussing our political views or said something that wasn’t politically correct, would it report us? It’s just scary to know someone is always listening. Those are just a couple reasons I ditched ours.

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