Entry Table Makeover

Today, I am going to share an entry table makeover that I did for a friend of mine!

Laura is my bible study leader, but she was also a recent client of Hutcherson Home Remodel! She had Cy do a makeover on her foyer at her home, (which I will share the before and afters of that in a future post.) But she asked me to paint a table that she had in her entry way. It no longer went with the new style of her home.

Here is the before of that piece…

Entry Table Makeover

It had a more country look to it. The white paint had a brown glaze over it, and the paint was rubbed off on the edges. The top had a more rustic feel as well.

Entry Table Makeover

With Laura’s foyer makeover, she wanted to have a black piece of furniture in her entry way. She almost bought a new piece, but could never find one that fit quite as perfectly as her white one did. So we decided to just paint it black!

Here are the supplies I used for this project…


STEP ONE: Clean the furniture really well with a good cleaner.

STEP TWO: Lightly sand then entire piece of furniture with a 220 grit sanding sponge, and wipe the dust off with a tack cloth.

STEP THREE: Use the Purdy Clear Cut brush to paint all the corners, grooves, or hard to reach places.

STEP FOUR: Use the Purdy Jumbo Ultra Finish Roller Cover 3/8″ nap to roll all the flat surfaces of the furniture. It gives it such a smooth finish!

STEP FIVE: Let paint dry and then repeat steps 3 and 4!

STEP SIX: Use Gold Leaf Rub n Buff and small art brushes to paint the hardware. (I actually use my finger a lot too. 🥴. It doesn’t come off your skin very easy, but sometimes it’s worth it.😂)

That’s it!

Now let’s look back and the original piece one more time…

And now the after….

Entry Table Makeover

It look like a totally different piece of furniture! The black paint and gold hardware gives it a classy, more expensive look.

Entry Table Makeover

Laura is thrilled with how it turned out, and she hung her beloved cat pictures above it. ❤️. Each picture represents one of her cats that she loves so much. And the illustration of each cat represents their name. So cute!

Entry Table Makeover

I put together a video of my instagram stories that has even more information about painting this piece of furniture. I hope you enjoy it!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

Have a blessed day!

xoxo, Traci

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  1. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to like the table even after the makeover. It just didn’t appeal to me in its original state. BUT…I really do like the new version! Good job!

  2. Looks beautiful! You did a great job! Love the black and gold. Just curious……did you paint the inside black as well or leave it white?

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