My StitchFix for School!



Hey friends!

Well, I’m off to work today!  Smile

I can hardly believe it!

Please say a prayer for me as I start this new adventure!

One of the things that I am going to have to worry about now is what to wear to school each day.


I don’t think my paint splattered shirts and yoga pants are gonna make the cut.


I got my latest StitchFix box last week, and I was hoping to find something to wear on my first day of work.

Here are the pieces that I didn’t keep:

This is a super cute top, but I have a couple of shirts that are similar, so I decided not to keep it.


This next piece doesn’t really look like me, so I didn’t keep it.


This next piece is so cute, but I just got a sweater in my last “fix” that is the same color, so I decided not to keep it.


I loved this next piece!  It is a navy blue shirt dress.  It was a size too small for me, so I am exchanging it for a bigger size.  It is not always possible to exchange a piece for a different size because sizes might be limited.  But thankfully, they had a larger size for me. Smile



I did fall in love with one shirt in the box.  It is a beautiful navy blue geometric shirt!

{Jonathan was being silly and took this crooked picture of me.  However, it was only picture that turned out okay.}


I think it is perfect for my first day of work!  I paired it with some aqua ankle pants.

I like how this shirt covers my bottom and is super comfortable.


I scheduled my next “fix” already, and I asked the stylists to send me all dresses.  I told them I got a new job as a teacher, and I want to wear some casual dresses to work.  It’s gonna be fun to see what my stylist sends me!




Don’t know what StitchFix is?

Read THIS POST to find out more.


Have a blessed day!

p.s.  If I don’t post tomorrow, you know that those Kindergarteners wore me out! Smile

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Haven Rocked My World! {and the DIY SHUFFLE!}



Oh my, oh my, oh my!

I remember last year after Haven, the planning team and I were on a huge “high” over how successful our first conference was.

I didn’t think it was possible, but this year after Haven, I am even higher than high!

I know that I was on the planning team for Haven, and I am trying not to sound like I am tooting my own horn, but seriously y’all, Haven Rocked My World!!!

haven conference 2013

picture from HomeStoriesA2Z

The venue, the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead, was absolutely amazing!

The Haven sponsors and vendors were incredible!

The food was out of this world delish!

The attendees were so stinkin’ adorable!!!

The time I got to spend with my “home girls” was too precious for words.

haven conference 2013

I still can’t get over it all.

I was so busy that I didn’t have time to take a bunch of pictures, but I did “borrow” some from other bloggers. Smile

Here is me and Rhoda at the Welcome reception!

haven conference 2013

And me with Sarah.

haven conference 2013

Of course, my sister and I met up with the Shanty Sisters.

haven conference 2013

We love these girls!  And we love goofing off with them.  Here we are in a little Sisters VS. Sisters brawl…

haven conference 2013

As you can tell, I could totally take those girls down by myself.  I think I could actually blow them over, they are so skinny! Smile

The next day, the conference started with the fabulous Ana White as our Keynote Speaker.  haven conference 2013She was adorable and wonderful!

haven conference 2013

Ana and Rhoda

After Ana spoke, we surprised everyone with the “DIY Shuffle!”

haven conference 2013

Since Haven last year, I have been wanting to make up a fun dance for the conference.  So this year, I created the “DIY Shuffle” and taught it to the attendees.  We had so much fun with this dance!!!

haven conference 2013

Many of you who read my blog probably have never seen this side of me.   Smile

I love to dance.  Ironically, I never do, except for at blog conferences.  hee.hee.


The night before the Opening Session, I taught this dance to some of my “home girls,” and they helped me teach it to the attendees the next day.

Then we were able to do the “DIY Shuffle” at the Ryobi dance and other times throughout the conference.

To learn what the moves of the “DIY Shuffle” mean, you can watch this video to find out.







But Haven wasn’t just about dancing!

It was about learning how to be a better blogger…

haven conference 2013

And how to use power tools…

haven conference 2013

Susan from Living Rich on Less {Love this girl!}

And how to paint…

haven 2013

And learning about decorating and design…

haven conference 2013

Emily Clark, The Yellow Cape Cod, The Hunted Interior

There was a whole lot of goofiness too!

haven conference 2013

Don’t forget about all the amazing swag!

haven conference 2013

It was an amazing event, y’all! And I SO wish you were all there with me! Haven 2014 is on the schedule for next summer, mid July, so mark your calendar!




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