My StitchFix for School!


Hey friends!

Well, I’m off to work today!  Smile

I can hardly believe it!

Please say a prayer for me as I start this new adventure!

One of the things that I am going to have to worry about now is what to wear to school each day.


I don’t think my paint splattered shirts and yoga pants are gonna make the cut.


I got my latest StitchFix box last week, and I was hoping to find something to wear on my first day of work.

Here are the pieces that I didn’t keep:

This is a super cute top, but I have a couple of shirts that are similar, so I decided not to keep it.


This next piece doesn’t really look like me, so I didn’t keep it.


This next piece is so cute, but I just got a sweater in my last “fix” that is the same color, so I decided not to keep it.


I loved this next piece!  It is a navy blue shirt dress.  It was a size too small for me, so I am exchanging it for a bigger size.  It is not always possible to exchange a piece for a different size because sizes might be limited.  But thankfully, they had a larger size for me. Smile



I did fall in love with one shirt in the box.  It is a beautiful navy blue geometric shirt!

{Jonathan was being silly and took this crooked picture of me.  However, it was only picture that turned out okay.}


I think it is perfect for my first day of work!  I paired it with some aqua ankle pants.

I like how this shirt covers my bottom and is super comfortable.


I scheduled my next “fix” already, and I asked the stylists to send me all dresses.  I told them I got a new job as a teacher, and I want to wear some casual dresses to work.  It’s gonna be fun to see what my stylist sends me!




Don’t know what StitchFix is?

Read THIS POST to find out more.


Have a blessed day!

p.s.  If I don’t post tomorrow, you know that those Kindergarteners wore me out! Smile


  1. Well little girl you need to get your school outfits together for the 1st day of school. LOL Those were the days I am so happy to have behind me. But that makes me old. All joking aside I wish you the best in which you so deserve. God Bless!

  2. Traci you are in my prayers, I do not think you need them for your job, but we all need prayers.
    I could use a few myself. I have been carefully looking at the pieces you got, and I thought I wish we were the same size, that we could exchange amongst ourselves what one does not like. Because it seems to me that the two jackets/sweater pieces you did not like so much or already had something similar I certainly would have liked, and in my first stitchfix I am sure you would have gone gaga over the pieces I got, but not only were they too small but also not really my style.
    So I am hoping for much better the next time.

    Edith YourChicagoConnection

  3. Good luck with your new job! You got some cute Fixes. I can’t wait for my next Fix. I’ve lost 50 lbs and had to give all of my clothes away. I requested in my next Fix sweaters and long sleeve shirts for the fall. I have none and trying to build up my wardrobe again. It’s like starting from scratch. I really need to get more dresses too. I love them for work and church.

  4. Oh you’ll be soo busy but just wanted to say you did me proud!!! You planned what to wear on the first day of school!!!! I’m disabled now but I’d plan that first day with care!!! Have a good year!

  5. I can’t wait to hear all about your first day and I just know that you were the best dressed teacher’s aid there:)

  6. How was your first day! Your top is so cute! My daughter and I just requested our first fix! We are waiting patiently !

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