12 Snow Day Activities


Okay, so I didn’t post two days this week. Sad smile

That is not normal for me, but having the kids home from school all week because of snow days is also not normal for me.   SmileIt totally throws me out of sync.

I cannot just sit and work on my computer, or work on any DIY projects for that matter, while the boys are home.  It also doesn’t help that I have been down in my back for almost a week.

I could have stressed out about it all, but I chose not to.  I’m thankful that I could take a “break” with them this week.

They do not have school again today, so I am trying to come up with some new ways to keep them entertained.  I found some very cute “snowy day” activities that I thought I would share with you since a good majority of us are covered in snow.

snow day activities

These are great for parents, babysitters, or grandparents, and can be used on rainy days as well as snowy ones.




Make some Cloud Dough with just two ingredients.

How to make Cloud Dough



Create a work of art with Shivery Snow Paint

kids snow day activities



How to make Snow Playdough

Snow Day Activity For Kids – How To Make Snow Playdough



Make a Physical Activity Cube



Magical Rainbow Treasure Hunt



Color Hunt



Indoor Racetrack

rainy day masking tape track



Build with Pipe Cleaners and Straws



Contact Paper Window Art



Paper Plate Ring Toss



Pom Pom Balls Racing

Racing pom pom balls!



And my personal favorite that I shared on my blog two summers ago…

Station Rotation

stations 009



If you have any great indoor activities that you would like to share,

feel free to leave the links in the comments.  Smile

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  1. Bertie DeWane says:

    Wish I had some kids at my house to do some of these activities with. I sent a link to your blog to several of my young friends with small children. I would really like to do the contact paper on the window activity. I’m a regular reader of your blog even though I’m probably much older than lots of your readers. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  2. Fun activities, but I never was never bored as a child. In fact, we couldn’t wait to go OUT to play, especially if it was cold and snowy. Between the train set, dollhouse, books, board games, puzzles, piano, violin and baking cookies, not to mention jump roping and hopscotch type games, time flew by. I drew constantly if not practicing music and the same for my brother, although he generally played with his chemistry set. My Mom (and Dad when he came home) used to storytell about her youth riding a horse to school in the “olden” days, and other stories of my more extended family. I always felt like I knew everyone that way.
    My best friend had a Wendy house and our favourite activity was playing school. I remember doing some of these planned activities at neighbors, but it wasn’t as much fun for me. I think they helped with road trips, however. Nowadays there are computer games for that.
    What’s nice about your choices is that they are social. Imagination is King.

  3. you have such a diverse age span to deal with I would think it is quite a challenge to find things for each end of the spectrum. of course Jonathan can be mostly an assistant for any activity he feels a bit older for. have you all made any snow ice cream ??

  4. I am another older mother that doesn’t have kids at home to try these with. But I’m looking forward to grandchildren :).
    I wanted to thank you for all of your posts that I enjoy so much. You are entitled to a few days off – ha! I hope you are having a great time with your boys.

  5. Beth Moore says:

    FYI – we have quite the arsenal of nerf guns over here … Just in case there’s more snow next week too :) Love all the fun ideas!

  6. Does your state have limit of days off before you have to make them up? I love the ideas for kids. Too bad I don’t have little ones so I could have fun too. Stay warm!
    God Bless

    • I’m not sure, Shirley. We have more snow coming next week. :( The school system will have to decide if we lose spring break or go longer days I guess.

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