Organize Your Heart – Part 3 (video)

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Happy Hump Day!

I pray you are having a wonderful week!

Today is Part 3 of my video series on Organizing Your Heart!

I am sharing how I use a prayer journal during my quiet time.  I learned this method when I was a teenager, and I have used it ever since.  Thank you for letting me share this with you!

If you missed the first two videos, you can click on the link below.

Organize Your Heart – Part 1

Organize Your Heart – Part 2

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Organizing the Hall Closet

January 20, 2015 AT 11:29 pm 3 Comments

Hey, y’all!

Well, I started organizing my closet last night, but didn’t get it finished until today.  I took some pictures this evening before Adam and Luke’s basketball games, and now I am finally editing my photos and writing my post.  Whew!

Even though it has been a hectic 24 hours, I am SO glad to be getting ORGANIZED!!!

closet organization

This is the second little organization project on this closet in the past two years.  I have to show you the other one first. 

It cracks me up.

Closet Makeover

Dude.  Look at my closet before.  It was a sad situation.  You can read about how I organized it HERE.

I also shared THIS POST about how I changed the bifold doors on the closet to these beautiful bead board paneled doors.

diy closet door makeover

This used to be a small closet in one of the bedrooms before we tore the walls down and turned this area into a hallway.  You can see where this closet is in respect to my den in the photo below.

hall closet

I LOVE these doors!  :)

Unfortunately, over the past year, I haven’t been to nice to my closet, and yesterday, it looked like this…



The drawers in the closet needed organizing too!

closet organization

I followed my organizing system, and Dumped, Ditched, and Divided.

3-d's of organizing

I dumped everything in the closet out in the hallway floor.


This step is messy, but necessary.

Then I ditched the junk, and put the rest in a large bag to take to Goodwill this week. 

That part feels so good!

Lastly, I divided all of the remaining items back into the closet where I wanted them. 
2015-01-20 18.00.02

The top two hanging rods hold mine and Cy’s summer clothes.

The bottom hanging rod holds my tablecloths.

2015-01-20 17.53.28

I also found three cloth laundry baskets to fill up the floor space and create more storage.

2015-01-20 17.55.50

Notice how organizing this closet has created some empty storage spaces for me to use?

I’m still trying to decide what I want to put in those spaces.

I decided to use the middle laundry basket to store extra bed sheets…

2015-01-20 17.51.23

The basket on the left holds some extra pictures that I haven’t hung up in our house yet.   And the basket on the right is empty!  Yay!   More storage space!  :)

I added one belt hanger on the right side door last year, but I decided to add another one above it for ties.  This is the easiest area to keep track of all of my boys’ belts and ties.

2015-01-20 17.49.44

They have a lot more ties and belts that I will be adding to this space.

On the left door, I added a “wrapping station.”  I took all of the stuff I had in the drawers and created storage for it on the door.

2015-01-20 17.47.17

I used this letter tray from Walmart to create storage for my tissue paper and gift bags.  But I didn’t use it in the way it was made for!


I attached it flat to the door to create a “pocket” to store things in.

To do this, I simply placed the letter tray where I wanted it on the door, traced the outline with a pencil, attached 3M mounting tape on top of the pencil line, and then attached the letter tray.


I chose to do this because the letter trays were only $5.00 and the best deal I could find to save some money. 


When I peeled the red layer off of the tape, I pushed the letter tray onto the door to stick.  Since these baskets will be holding very light items, I knew the tape would be able to hold everything just perfectly!

I loved that the letter tray had a little wire on the bottom of the tray that I could hang my tissue paper on!

2015-01-20 17.48.57

I also used an “S hook” that I already had and hung it on my letter tray to hold my tape.

I found these silver metal baskets at Walmart for $10 a piece.  I wish I could find them cheaper, but I couldn’t. 

Most “over the door” hanging baskets have metal hooks on top that cannot be removed.  I liked these baskets because you didn’t have to use the hooks if you didn’t want to.


I attached the baskets to the wall with 3M mounting tape…


I used the top wire basket to hold more gift bags, and the lower wire basket to hold wrapping paper.  

2015-01-20 17.47.17

I also attached the “over the door” hooks to the sides of my basket to hold my scissors.  Perfect!

2015-01-20 17.48.09

Do you see that small “open” gift bag at the bottom of the door?   I attached it to the door with some more 3M mounting tape and filled it with all of my self-sticking bows.  

I am SO pleased with how my closet looks now. 
Most of my drawers are empty now, so I am looking forward to filling them up too and adding some cute handles.  I will share that with you when I do.
2015-01-20 17.59.25

Do you see that small gap on the right side of the closet with nothing in it?

I am going to get a hanging rod to go in that space and hang my off season dresses in that space.  

There you have it!  I am so glad to get this project checked off my “to do” list!  :)

Come back tomorrow for my Organize Your Heart video post!

If you want to see more inspiration to help you organize your closets, click on the button below.


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Tips and Tricks to Organizing your Closets!

January 19, 2015 AT 11:00 am 1 Comment

Welcome to week THREE of my Organize your Heart and Home series!

Organize heart and home

 This week we are focusing on our CLOSETS!

I am totally pumped about cleaning out some of my closets.  Our hall closet is the first one I am going to tackle today and show you tomorrow.  I’m also going to try and clean out the boys’ playroom closet.  (double ew.)

But for now, I am sharing with you some great organizing tips and tricks for your closets that I found on Pinterest.  You can click on the link below each picture to view the source.

Here is a great way to turn a small closet into your “cleaning closet.”  That’s a pretty smart way to store the paper towels.

cleaning closet


Boots falling over in my closet is always an issue, so I need to consider hanging my boots like the picture below.  It takes up room in the closet, but if you have the space, it is a great idea!



You can also hang your shoes on the wall with crown molding or a simple piece of trim.



Here is a great way to organize your craft supplies in a small closet.  I love using the back of a door to store supplies.  If you have closet doors with empty backs, you can take advantage of that space and install some organizers.   So smart and practical!




Love using the back of a closet door to create a “wrapping station.” 




I don’t have a lot of purses, but the few I do have dry me cRaZy!!  They are always falling over or falling down out of my closet.  I love this purse organizer that you can purchase on Amazon.   



If you are someone with a lot of clutches, here is another great way to store those! 




Kids’ closets can be some of the messiest in the house, unless you organize it like Chelsea from TwoTwentyOne did.  I love how she used the space on the bottom of the closet to add cubbies to hold more stuff.  Great idea! 

kids closet



Are you feeling motivated yet?!!

I am!  

I cannot wait to get started on my closet!  

Will you join me?

It can be a coat closet, a bedroom closet, a hall closet, or a utility closet.  Whichever needs organized the most, get on it!  :)  (You will thank me later.)

Come back Friday to share your organized closet(s) and enter another fabulous giveaway!  :)

Have a blessed day!





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Bathroom Organization Linky Party (and Giveaway!)

January 16, 2015 AT 11:14 pm 51 Comments

Happy Friday, Y’all! 

I am sorry I am posting late.  I have had a CRAZY busy day!  It’s 10:00 pm, and I am just now sitting down to work on my computer.  

But I wanted to make sure that I got our Bathroom Organization linky party up and running so you could link up if you wanted to.  

I would love for you to share your bathroom organization projects!

(Remember you can email me your before and after pictures at [email protected])








Now for the giveaway!

To help you get organized, I am giving away a

$50 Gift Card to The Container Store!

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 10.07.25 PM

 To enter, just leave a comment telling me your favorite organizing tip or trick!

(giveaway ends in one week)



I also wanted to announce the winners of last week’s giveaway!

Congrats to

Lori (shortstufflek) and Mary Christianson!!

You both win your own copy of Organizing Your Life!


I will be emailing you about your prize!

Have a wonderfully organized weekend!  

Next week, we will be tackling our CLOSETS!!!

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Bathroom Closet Makeover

January 15, 2015 AT 8:50 pm 3 Comments

Welcome back to my Organize your Heart and Home series!


We took a little break this morning for my Healthy Living, Healthy Home series, but I am back for my “throwback Thursday” post. 

This is a post I wrote when I was organizing (creating) a linen closet for our master bathroom.  

Here it is…


(Originally posted on January 24, 2011)

This week I am going to show you how I organized my bathroom closet (which isn’t really in my bathroom).  :)

bathroom closet

This is the bathroom in the master bedroom…

bathroom closet makeover

It used to look completely different because my hubby and I did a complete makeover a few years ago (before my blogging days).

I love my bathroom, although there is nothing really “master” about it.  As far as storage goes, there is very little of it.

My husband and I have our toiletries under each of our sinks, and we keep our towels in the bottom of this black cabinet that we added to the space…

traditional bathroom

The only closet in our master bedroom was behind this little door…

bathroom closet makeover

Ain’t it purdy?

Yep, the bottom two panels on the door have had the mesh inserts missing since we moved into the house six years ago.  Yep…6.

(This door had to have those mesh panels because it has a vent inside the closet that has to be able to circulate air.)

Now, my hubby used to keep his clothes stuffed in this little closet (wish I had a picture of it, but we had already cleared it out before this makeover, and I forgot to take a picture).

But since we turned the laundry room into a master bedroom walk-in closet, we now had the space to do something different with this closet….it would be our bathroom/linen closet! (It’s just a few steps away from our bathroom.)

This is very humbling…but here is the before shot of this closet…

bathroom closet makeover

Yikes!  Aren’t you lovin’ the brown on the back of the door that we never painted?

bathroom closet makeover

This closet is located beneath our stairs, thus the slanted ceiling.

There used to be a bar than ran across the front of these shelves that my hubby’s clothes hung on, but we took it down.

bathroom closet makeover

See the beautiful vent on the floor?  Well, my hubby is getting ready to relocate it so we no longer have to have a vented door on this closet!  Woohoo!

I took everything out of the closet….

bathroom closet makeover

We did not paint this closet when we moved in six years ago.  I can guarantee that is has not been painted since this home was built in 1968!  It’s about time, doncha think?

Here is a look at the vent and yucky baseboard.  So glad my hubby is moving this vent!

bathroom closet makeover

I don’t know why the baseboard looks like that.  I cleaned it off and it still looks all speck-ly brown with dirt.

So the whole closet got a fresh coat of white paint.  I had to use KILZ primer on some parts because it had been painted with oil-based paint.  You cannot paint over oil-based paint with water-based paint without priming it first.  The paint will not adhere and will just scratch right off.

We also took the door off!!  Yeah!

We used the leftover brown paint from our laundry room makeover to paint the back wall.  I thought it would help the white shelves stand out, and it did.

bathroom closet makeover

This closet is a little dark, so I took the lamp off of my black dresser and sat it on the top shelf so I could see to paint.  The picture above only has one coat of brown paint on the walls.

Hey…I kind of like that little lamp in there…are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Now all we needed was a door.  Hmmmm…

I got to thinking.

Our next project in our home is going to be the boys’ upstairs bathroom.

It has a bathroom closet that has a door on it.

We are planning to take the door off for our makeover and leave the shelves open.

I wondered if that door would fit on our closet? I went upstairs and measured the width, and whatdayaknow?  It was the exact length!

I was so excited!!!

It was a little bit taller, but my hubby just sawed a little off the bottom and we were in business!

bathroom closet makeover

I love it!!!!

I love having the ironing board hanging on the door.

bathroom closet makeover

I found the adorable chicken wire baskets at T.J. Maxx yesterday, and I had to get them.  It was the only money I spent on this makeover, so it justified the $40.00 I spent on all four of the baskets.

The little wash cloth basket had a liner in it too, but I took it out because I like seeing the washcloths behind the wire.  I did the same thing to the basket that holds the toilet paper.

I had to had the greenery to hid the cord from the lamp.  :)

bathroom closet makeover

These are my “his” and “her” baskets.  I might add labels to them in the future.  They hold our personal items that do not need to be in the bathroom on a daily basis.

The lace had little brown buttons on it that I cut off because I thought it made it look a little too country.

bathroom closet makeover

Here are a few shots with the lamp on.  It makes the closet so bright and cheerful.  I cannot tell you how much I love this closet.  I don’t even close the door now.  :)

bathroom closet makeover

The lamp I already had (paid $10.00 for it at an antique mall last year), the bird was from the dollar store, and the white vase was a dollar at Goodwill.


bathroom closet makeover

Here are the before and after pictures….

bathroom closet makeover

bathroom closet makeover


It was so worth the time and effort to complete this makeover.


I really did love that little closet!  It served us well. :)

Come back tomorrow for our

Bathroom Organization linky party!  

If you have a blog, I would love for you to link up your projects!  

If you don’t, then you can email  before and after pictures to me at [email protected],

or message me on my facebook page.  (You might see them show up on my blog!)  :)

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Organize Your Heart – Part 2

January 14, 2015 AT 4:36 pm 38 Comments

Hey friends!  Today I am sharing the second video in my Organize your Heart series. 


I really hope that these videos are received well.  It’s sometimes a little scary to post about your faith, ya know?  :)

But I have felt a tug at my heart for over a year to share something like this on my blog.  It may be to help one of you, or maybe the Lord is just teaching me something.  Either way, it’s all good, right?

May HE be glorified.




HERE is the link to Part One.


Have a blessed day!

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Tips and Tricks to Organizing your Bathroom!

January 12, 2015 AT 6:06 am 6 Comments

Welcome to week 2 of my “Organize your Heart and Home series!”


I hope you enjoyed all of the posts about organizing our kitchens last week.  

This week we are focusing on BATHROOMS!


Most of us have bathroom vanities, drawers, or linen closets that are in need of some reorganizing. 

Well, here are some ideas to help get you started.  Click on the picture or the link below it to visit the source.


I love how the Shanty Sisters made use of their wall space by making their own bathroom storage case.  The best part is the mirror on the outside!  It serves two purposes!  Genius!





Okay, y’all might think I am slow, but I have NEVER thought about using a utensil organizer for toothbrushes!!  Have you? (Please say no, so I don’t feel so stupid.)  :)



Look how pretty this vanity looks!

It is amazing what baskets and containers can do to help you get organized!

bathroom storage



You can purchase a package of three of these plastic bins at the dollar store for one buck and attach them to your vanity door with 3M clips.  These would be great for toothbrushes too!

bathroom door



My boys don’t take baths much anymore, and we certainly don’t have bath toys everywhere, but we used to!  This next idea is incredible smart!  Just use a shower curtain rod and some plastic bins to store bath time toys!




If I had a house full of girls, I’m sure I would be implementing this idea…


no source


This is clever.  If you have a small bathroom and need some extra storage space, create a shelf above the door!

shelf over door




I have seen so many of these privacy walls by the toilets in so many homes.  What a great way to use it for storage!




If you have room in your bathroom for a piece of furniture, that would be a great way to add extra storage!  I would love to add a piece like this one to my bathroom…



Okay, so are you ready to organize YOUR bathroom?!


Let’s do this, ladies!  


Pick which bathroom you want to organize and get started.  


Come back on Friday and link up to my linky party.  


(Or email me your pictures if you do not have a blog.)


For more ways to organize your bathroom, click on the button below!



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Reader Kitchen Organization

January 10, 2015 AT 8:20 pm 2 Comments

Hey friends! 

It was so excited to receive an email and pictures from one of my readers, Jen, who was following along in my Organize Your Heart and Home series.  :)

Here is what Jen said,

“Hi Traci,

It’s been a lot of fun for me this week working toward organizing a few messy areas of my kitchen this week. I do not have a blog, so I hope my less than stellar cell phone pics will suffice.

We bought our home a few months ago and upon moving in stuff just got put places. We are excited to dive into remodeling this spring (it desperately needs it, it’s so outdated), but for now I have to make to space we have work. We have a decent size kitchen, but it lacks cabinet space, so without it being organized things were starting to feel like the hot mess they were. WERE being the key word as I have them totally organized now!

The two spaces I worked on this week that I love the most are my small spice/baking cabinet and my pantry. What my kitchen lacks in cabinet space it makes up for in a HUGE pantry! My husband told me that my messy before of the pantry looks rather empty because the space is so large. After spending time organizing it and several other spaces in my kitchen, I filled it up nicely.”


In my small spice cabinet, I did have a canister or two for sugars, but the rest was just haphazardly put in there. I searched my house and found some bins I was no longer using, that I was about to get rid of. I got them at Target last year in the dollar section. I had them in our office in our previous home, but our current home does not have an office space, so things get stored differently. Anyway, these small file bins work great for spices and actually created a bit more space in the cabinet, I could probably add some skinny stuff in between the bins and canisters, if I ever needed too.”




Most of the bins I used, I either had for other random purposes around my house or I found at a thrift store. The canisters for my cereal were given to me (you can barely see them to the left) and the silver canisters on the very top shelf were given to me as well. The risers for the canned goods I found at Goodwill and the wire baskets on the bottom shelf we had in the garage. One of them holds my cookbooks and the other one holds our cloth placemats and napkins. The black and tan checkered box on the floor was from a thrift store and holds a lot of random stuff – atlas books, my husband’s travel thermoses, extra paper towel rolls and the BBQ utensils. It keeps it all nice and neat and out of sight!

“Thank you for hosting this organization month, many will be blessed by it, including me!  ~Jen”


Thank YOU, Jen!  

What an inspiration you are!  

I love how creative and frugal you were in organizing these spaces!

That is what it is ALL about!  

And you have made your life easier and less stressful by getting organized.  

(That’s my goal in our home!)


Next week, we are focusing on BATHROOM ORGANIZATION!  

I hope you will join us!  

Pick a bathroom in your home that needs organizing and GET BUSY! :)


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Kitchen Organization Linky Party, and a GIVEAWAY!

January 9, 2015 AT 10:39 am

Hey friends!  

I hope you have enjoyed this week of organizing our Kitchen!  I am so excited to see what you have been up to!  

But before I share the linky party, I want to show you this great giveaway I am having today!  

I am giving away 2 copies of Organizing Your Life

by Cyndy Aldred!!


We ALL need an organized life, right?  :)

And guess what?  My craft closet is in this book!!!!

 Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 10.34.14 AM


Huh?  Wha?  

How cool is that?!  

Cyndy Aldred is a wonderful blogger over at the Creativity Exchange, and she contacted me last year about using pictures of my craft closet in her new book.  Of course, I said, “yes!”  (Thanks for asking, Cyndy!)

I wish I could tell you that my craft closet today looks like the pictures in the book, but that would be a flat out lie.  It’s a hot mess right now.  (But I WILL get it organized, and my blog series this month is going to help  me!)

This book is full of projects from other bloggers as well (You may recognize some of your favorites below,) and it covers ideas for organizing every room of your house. 


Cyndy says…

“After the introduction and the “Getting Started” first chapter, the book is broken down, room by room (kitchen, bedrooms, closets, etc..). For every image shown, there are highlighted organization tips to the right that are examples in the featured image. At the end of each room section are two “Quick Tricks”, which are quick and inexpensive DIY projects for that particular room in the home. There are also 19 DIY projects (a little more involved than the Quick Tricks) throughout the book for almost every area of the home as well.

Here’s a sneak peek:”


To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling me which room in your home needs the most organizing?

If you would rather just order the book now, click the link below…


Now it’s time for you to link up your Kitchen Organization posts!  


*Remember, if you do not have a blog, please send your photos to [email protected] or message  them to me on my facebook page.


// ]]>

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Kitchen Organization – Measuring Cups

January 7, 2015 AT 4:54 pm 4 Comments

Hey Friends! 

I have finally completed a project that I have wanted to do for two years!

Kitchen Organization

I knew I wanted to do this project when I saw my friend Beckie from Infarrantly Creative do hers.  Her’s is much nicer, but I like the way mine turned out.  It works for me!  :)  Click HERE to see Beckie’s project.


Before I completed this project, I had been storing my measuring cups in a plastic container in my Lazy Susan.


And the cabinet to the left of my stove and microwave looked like this…


This is the perfect spot for me to hang my measuring cups because it is right by my stove.  So I went to Lowes and bought a 3/8 inch thick and 3 inch wide piece of wood.


I cut it the length I needed with my Dremel Saw Max (awesome tool!)

Then I put some Gorilla glue on the back of the board and put it on my cabinet door.  


I had to make sure it was level.


Then I just taped it in place to dry.


Then I painted the inside of the cabinet door black with Chalkboard paint from Lowes, and added these hooks…


I couldn’t find my 1/2 measuring cup, so I had to use two of the same for my picture.  :)

kitchen organization

I found this cute little Measurement Conversion chart online at Sugar and Charm.   Click HERE to download it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 6.48.40 PM


I put it in a frame and then added Gorilla glue to the frame so it would stick to the door.DSC_0238

 I reorganized my shelves and put my measuring cups and mixing bowls in this cabinet for easy reach.  Soooooo much better!




Kitchen Organization


 Now it is YOUR turn!!

Have you been organizing anything in your kitchen this week?  

I sure hope so!  I can’t wait to see it!  

I will have a linky party tomorrow, and I would love for you to link

up any of your kitchen organization posts.

If you do not have a blog,  you can send me the pictures via email

([email protected]) or send them to me on facebook. 




For more creative ideas to inspire you, download the Lowe’s Creative Ideas app on your iphone and/or ipad. 

You can also follow Lowe’s on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram as well.

Disclosure: I am part of the Lowe’s Creative Team and was provided with a Lowe’s gift card to purchase items for my project.  All opinions are 100% mine!

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