Industrial Shelves (from readers)

November 4, 2014 AT 1:31 pm 2 Comments

Y’all, yesterday I got two different emails from readers sharing the industrial shelves they made using my industrial shelves as their inspiration!

It blessed my socks off!

Y’all have no idea how much it means to me when I receive these emails.  AND to see that people actually do the projects that I write about on my blog!  I’ve been doing this for almost 6 years, and it still amazes me that people actually read my blog and are inspired by my projects. 

What a blessing!

So I asked them both if I could share their pictures on my blog because I wanted them to have a chance to inspire you as well. 

First off, I have these great pics from Dustin Bankord!

industrial shelves

How cool are those lights he hung in his shelves?!

industrial shelves

He said he got them at Target.


And I love these numbered metal bins!  Such a great storage idea!


Thank you for sharing your pictures with me, Dustin!

And Lisa Klenk sit me this wonderful picture….

industrial shelves

She installed the faux brick behind her shelves like we did in our boys’ room, but she let the “grout” in the brick stay exposed.  I think it adds such a cool look!  Great idea, Lisa!

And I am loving those deer pillows!

Thank you to both of these readers for sharing these with us!

Remember, I would always love to see pictures of your Beneath My Heart inspired projects!  :)


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Outdoor Shed Organization

September 15, 2014 AT 5:07 pm 5 Comments

Most girls get excited about a new pair of shoes and earrings to match.

Not me.

I get excited about a new miter saw and drill bits. Smile

I can honestly say that I am more giddy about organizing my shed for all of my tools and DIY supplies than I am about decorating my house for fall. 

It’s just the way I am wired.

It makes me giggle when I realize that I probably have more power tools than my husband.  hee.hee.  If not, I know they are at least more organized.  

That is why I jumped at the chance to work with Simpson Strong Tie to help create my very own tool shed!



Doesn’t it look!!!  I am so in love!

Especially because this is what it looked like just about a month ago…




This shed was so full of our junk that we couldn’t even walk in it!




Now it is beautifully organized with all of my DIY goodies!


I made my workbench and shelving unit with these two kits from Simpson Strong Tie.  You can purchase the Simpson Strong Tie Workbench/Shelving kits in select stores, or online HERE.


Each box came with 8 brackets and instructions on how to build each piece.


The original instructions are for a 2 foot deep by 4 foot wide workbench, but I decided to make mine twice as big.


I love that these kits are this versatile.


I build my work bench and shelving unit all by myself.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was!  I simply had to cut the 2×4’s the length I needed them and placed them in the corner brackets.  Then I simply screwed the boards in place. 


Then I cut the MDF boards the length I needed them and notched out the corners.  (We used MDF board instead of the suggested plywood since my bench was going to be longer and the MDF is more sturdy.)



Since my bench was bigger than suggested on the box, I also had to get a bigger piece of pegboard for the back.

But that was exactly what I needed!  Check out all the goodies that I was able to hang on my pegboard!!!


Can you believe I have been keeping all of this stuff in my office?! I am so glad I was able to get my tools out of my office and into my shed!


I am loving how organized I am!

I built the shelving unit to go on the right wall of the shed.  I also decided to cover the wall behind the shelving unit with pegboard to give me even more space to hang items if I wanted.


We decided to build the shelving unit a little differently than the instructions suggested.  The bottom 2×4 “legs” are taller than the orginal so that the bottom shelf is higher off the ground and I am able to store stuff under it.  I bought a clear plastic tub to store the boy’s sports equipment.

As you can see, I still have a lot of empty shelf space (YAY!) for even more storage.  Believe me, it will be filled up soon!

Can you believe that all of the tools and supplies in this shed are mine that I have gotten through blogging?!! That’s crazy!

Now, I have told Cy to stay out of “my” tool shed.  His tools are in the barn, and let’s just say that it doesn’t look quite as good as mine.  (That is an understatement.) Smile

I might let him use my tools if he’s good.  (hee.hee.) 

If you are in need of some easy to build, sturdy work benches or shelves, then you should check out Simpson Strong Tie!

I give this product two thumbs up!!


*This post was sponsored by Simpson Strong Tie.  All opinions are 100% mine!

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Hall Closet Makeover

March 31, 2014 AT 12:02 pm 10 Comments

Last year, I showed you a makeover I did on the exterior of our hall closet, but I have never shown you the inside.

closet makeover

Well, I did show you the “before” of the inside of the closet, but I never showed you the “after” of the inside of the closet.

closet makeover

I used an Easy Closet system to re-do the inside of my closet, but here is the cool thing.  It was FREE!

I worked with Easy Closets for my master closet makeover, and they accidentally sent me an extra closet system for a smaller closet.

master closet makeover

{master closet}

I contacted them to let them know, and they said since it was their mistake I could keep it!  Say What?!!  I was thrilled!  And I was even more excited when I realized it fit our hall closet perfectly!

Here is the before of our hall closet…

closet 011

There was only one shelf space and one bar to hold clothes.  {This closet didn’t used to be a “hall closet.”  It was a bedroom closet before we added the addition to our home.}

With the Easy Closet system, I was able to create three bar spaces, lots of shelving, and even some drawers!  Love that!

closet 012

Now, the inside of my closet looks like this…

2014-03-31 11.31.20I cannot believe how much storage I have in this closet now!

The left side of the closet holds my out of season clothes, and the middle shelves hold photo albums, décor items, and some home videos.

The upper right side holds tablecloths, and the drawers below hold wrapping supplies, like tissue paper and gift bags.  I also have a “junk drawer” full of miscellaneous stuff that needs to be organized.  Smile  We all have one of those, right?

I still have some organizing to do against the wall on the right.  Right now, I have some large picture frames and artwork stuffed in there.

The back of the doors hold a lot of space, so I added a belt holder for all of the boys belts that I find laying all over the house.  I plan on adding another one for their ties.

Eventually, I want to organize this space even better with cute matching baskets on the shelves and handles on the drawer, but I don’t have time for that right now.  Smile  And no one really sees the inside of my closet except for me.  I’ll save that project for a rainy day.

For now, I am thrilled with my more organized closet!

closet makeover

Do you have a closet in need of a makeover?

*This is NOT a sponsored post.

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Industrial Shelves {for a boy’s room}

February 23, 2014 AT 6:41 pm 44 Comments


I finally finished the industrial shelves on Luke’s wall!

industrial shelves from

I’ve been dying to show them to you!

industrial shelves from

They have been finished for quite a while now, but I was searching for the perfect light to go over his bed, and I haven’t been able to find it.  Sad smile

So I am still looking.  But for now, I am just using this silver pendant light from IKEA.  It works.

industrial shelves from

I have had fun decorating his shelves with some old things and some new things.

The “Explore” sign was from Gordman’s.  The blue fan was a yard sale find for about five dollars several years ago.  I got the colorful, old books at the local antique mall.  The red truck we have had for a while, and I can’t remember where we got it.  The glass jar is from Walmart, and the blue frame I bought at Gordman’s.

boys room decor

My favorite purchase for the room was the “exit” sign.  I love the color it adds to the wall, and it fits perfectly next to the door to the bedroom.  I purchased it half off at Hobby Lobby.

boys room decor

The US shaped chalkboard and letter “H” were also from Hobby Lobby.  I got the bowling pin from Goodwill several years ago.

industrial shelves from

I love how much storage the shelves hold!  We were able to add baskets, and books, a clock, a globe, and more.

industrial shelves from

It really is such a fun space!

industrial shelves from

The striped rug is from the Ballard Designs’ outlet.  The bedding is from Ikea, except for the grain sack pillow.  I bought the aqua grain sack at the local antique mall and made it into a pillow.

The bed was stained wood until I painted it black last year.  I got the bed frame at a yard sale over 10 years ago for $15.00.  You can’t beat that!

If you missed how I made the rolling storage crates for Luke’s wall, you can read about it HERE.  Or just click on the picture below.

diy rolling storage crates

And if you want to know how I built these shelves, just click HERE or on the picture below.  It shows you how I built Jonathan’s industrial shelves, and how I used the same size pipes for Luke’s wall.

how to build industrial shelves

I am so glad to have these two spaces completed!  I still need to build some desks and add some window coverings, but I am moving on to their bathroom for now.  I have GOT to get that finished!  Smile

If you have any questions, just leave me a comment below!


Have a blessed day!!!

industrial shelves

Linking this post to Home Stories A2Z’s Tutorials and Tips Linky Party!

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More DIY Storage Crates {and Cameo Winner!}

February 11, 2014 AT 7:03 am 9 Comments

*Silhouette Cameo winner announced at the bottom of this post.

Remember Jonathan’s Industrial Shelves that I showed you a couple of weeks ago?

2014-01-19 18.30.10

Well, I wanted to share with you how I made the DIY  storage crates for his wall.

diy rolling storage crates

The first thing I had to do was figure out how big I wanted to make my crates.  Once I came up with my measurements, I went to Lowe’s to purchase a large sheet of 3/4 inch oak plywood.  I gave the measurements to the employee at Lowe’s in the wood cutting section, and they cut the board to the sizes I needed.

Then I took them home and started putting them together. You can see in the picture below how I nailed the sides to the bottom of the crates.

diy rolling storage crates

I always add wood glue to each piece of wood before I nail it to another board to add extra strength…

diy rolling storage crates

After I nailed the sides on, I added the back piece of wood to the crate…

diy rolling storage crates

For the front of the crates, I used 1×4’s.  I cut each 1×4 to the size that I needed and then nailed it to the front of the crate.

diy rolling storage crates

Adding wood glue, of course, before I nailed each board.

diy rolling storage crates

I also left a little space between each board before I nailed it.

diy rolling storage crates

Next, I added some wheels to the bottom of the crate.  This will make the crates super easy to get in to and will keep the crates from scraping the wood floor.

diy rolling storage crates

I added a coat paint to the crate that was the same color as the walls.  I didn’t sand the wood before I painted because I like the “worn” look, but if you like things to have more of a clean look, you may want to sand your crate before painting. I also didn’t use wood filler to fill in the nail holes because I like being able to see the nails in the wood, but that is just a personal preference. Smile

diy rolling storage crates

For the front of the crates, I added these cute little handles that I found at Target.  They come in packages of two.

diy rolling storage crates

That’s it!  Super easy, but super cute!

Jonathan loves his new shelves and the extra storage!   The crates under his guitars hold his guitar cords and music sheets.  The other two crates hold his socks and shirts.

diy rolling storage crates


diy rolling storage crates

Did you miss the tutorial of how I made the storage crates for Luke’s wall?  I went with a different look on his wall because I wanted each of their spaces to be unique, just like them! Smile
diy rolling storage crates

You can see that tutorial HERE.

Both of these projects will also be featured on my organizing blog, Organize and Inspire.

organize and inspire

O & I is FULL of great organizing projects for every room of the house from talented bloggers from all over blogland!

You can visit O & I by clicking HERE.

If you have an organizing project that you would like to be featured on Organize and Inspire, you can submit it HERE.


The winner of the Silhouette Cameo is…..

Katie McRae!

Congratulations, Katie!! I will be contacting you by email today! Smile

Have a blessed day!

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10 Free Printable Organizers

January 28, 2014 AT 2:43 pm 2 Comments

Hey Friends!

Well, the boys are out of school again today, and it looks like they might be out tomorrow too.  So yesterday was the only day in a couple of weeks that they have actually been at school.  Which also means it was the only day in a couple of weeks that I have been by myself.

I had a LOT of work to do.

I tried to tackle my office.  My desk is overrun with papers and things that need to be organized and filed away.

So I was determined to get my office organized!

I made a lot of progress, but I have a loooong way to go.  One of the things that I did to help me get organized was print out some “printables” and create notebooks for important stuff.

I’ve created a blog notebook, a meal planning notebook, and a budget notebook.  Hopefully, I can share them with you soon. Smile

I have spent hours over the past week looking for printables around the internet to help me get organized.  I found a ton, and I wanted to share them with you in case you needed some help getting organized too!

Here they are!

10 free printable organizers



{Just click on the link below each picture to visit each source}

Organizing printables

The Harmonized House Project


LeeLou Blogs



Super Sweet Life


free printable organizing calendar

The Shabby Creek Cottage


Mom it Forward


Ink Tree Press


Free printable family planner on ...includes free printables and tips to help you get organized this year!

IHeart Naptime



The Handmade  Home


Here are some blog organizers:

Second Chance to Dream Free Printable Blog Planner #freeprintables #organization

Second Chance to Dream


Free Blog Organizer Materials - Materials will help you get organized daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly! @ The Love Nerds {}

The Love Nerds


I’ve also been soaking up a lot of organizing inspiration from this wonderful blog,

A Bow Full of Lemons.

Check it out!

A Bowl Full of Lemons

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How to Build Industrial Shelves

January 21, 2014 AT 1:52 pm 62 Comments

Today, I am going to show you how to build industrial shelves.

how to build industrial shelves

This was a new experience for me, so I just learned as I went along.  But first let me show you the inspiration that got my wheels a turnin’ for this project….

how to build industrial shelves

Boys Room Shelves @Jessica Kraus on A Beautiful Mess

I had considered doing pallet wood walls, but when I saw that picture last year, I KNEW that I wanted to build something like it that in Jonathan and Luke’s room.  Their room is a long, narrow room, and each side of the room is “their space.”

When we were building the walls in their room, {a veeeerrrrry long time ago} we covered one wall on each side with faux brick paneling from Lowe’s.

how to build industrial shelves

To help the brick to not look like paneling, we filled the seams with wood filler.

how to build industrial shelves

Then we sanded it smooth…

how to build industrial shelves

And painted it the same color as the walls, Benjamin Moore, White Dove.

how to build industrial shelves

I printed off some of the inspiration pictures I found on my computer, and then began sketching each of the boy’s walls.

how to build industrial shelves

Jonathan wanted a place to hang his guitars, so I sketched his wall to look like this…

how to build industrial shelves

Then I went to Lowe’s to purchase my supplies.  I chose to use 3/4 inch black iron pipes.  They come in 1/2 inch and 1 inch sizes as well, and you can also purchase galvanized pipes instead of black, if you want.

These are the main four pieces I used:


They only had galvanized floor flanges, so I had to spray paint mine black.

I began laying the pipes out on the floor to make sure I had all the pieces I needed.  Lowe’s didn’t have enough of some of the pieces, but they ordered them for me and arrived within a day or two!

how to build industrial shelves

I bought 2 inch thick pieces of wood for my shelves because I love the look of the thick shelves.  They come in different lengths.   You could save some money by purchasing a thinner wood, if you wanted.

I sanded each piece of wood before using it.

how to build industrial shelves

To begin building the wall, I put the bottom row of pipes together and then lined them up where I wanted them on the floor.  I used some tape to help me keep them straight and a tape measure to make sure they were the same distance apart.

how to build industrial shelves

Then I screwed the flanges to the floor.

how to build industrial shelves

I used a 1 and 1/4 inch drill bit to drill holes in the wood where I needed them.  Sometimes I used a tape measure to figure out where I needed to drill the holes, and sometimes I placed the wood on top of the pipes and used a marker to draw around the pipe so I could see where to drill the hole.  Does that makes sense?

how to build industrial shelves

You can see in the picture below how we added the first shelf.  You just continue doing the same thing for each shelf.

Pipe…T-ring….6 inch pipe…elbow…shelf….repeat.

how to build industrial shelves

Then we created the open space on Jonathan’s shelf by using 18 inch pipes.  You can see how we still used the 6 inch pipes and the elbows underneath the shelf.

how to build industrial shelves

Since the final pipe on top needed to reach the wall, we used an 8 inch pipe instead of a 6 inch pipe.  We attached a flange to that pipe and then screwed it into the wall.  On Jonathan’s wall, it was the perfect length, and we were able to drill into the wall perfectly, but for Luke’s wall, we had to add an extra piece of wood to the back of the flange to make it fit perfectly to the wall.  {Do not ask me why.}  Smile)

how to build industrial shelves

After the shelves were built, I stained them with MinWax Provencial and sealed them with MinWax’s wipe on poly in Satin. Be sure to lightly sand in between each coat of poly.  I applied two coats.

In the picture below, you can see the sizes of the pipes we used.

how to build industrial shelves

Lastly, I added some guitar clips and storage crates.  We’ve put some “décor” on the shelves for now, but I am sure we will be changing a lot of it.

how to build industrial shelves

Jonathan is thrilled with his wall!!  He said he wants to add some more “music” stuff to it, so that is our goal.  I think it is a great use of space and makes his room look so “boyish.”

how to build industrial shelves

I was trying to figure out how much this wall cost, and I think it was around $300 total.  Which is a lot cheaper than most pieces of furniture and makes a much greater impact in the room.  how to build industrial shelves

If you have any more questions about these shelves, just leave me a comment, and I will answer them.



If you love industrial shelving and want even more inspiration, Jen, from Tatertots and Jello, has a great post about them.  Just click on the picture below.

13 industrial shelving ideas

“In accordance with the FTC Guidelines, I am disclosing that I received products from Lowe’s for this project. Although I have a material connection to Lowe’s, any publicly stated opinions of Lowe’s and their products remain my own.”


**Linking this project to Tutorials and Tips Link Party at Home Stories A to Z.

TDC Before and After

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Small Drop Cloth Curtain for my Craft Closet

November 14, 2013 AT 11:00 am 5 Comments

I wanted to share with you a small change I made in my craft closet.

It is something I had originally planned to do when I did my craft closet makeover, but I never got around to it.

But with Better Homes and Gardens coming to my house, it made me kick everything into high gear and “get ‘r done!”

If you missed my original closet makeover, you can click HERE or on the picture below and it will take you there.

craft closet makeover

If you look at my craft closet, you will notice a empty space in the middle of the baskets at the bottom.

craft closetI had several of you ask what that space was for.

Well, I thought about putting a stool there, but what I really wanted to put there was some hidden storage.

It’s all great and all to have open shelving, but I usually only like to put pretty things on those shelves.  That’s why I sometimes need a place to hide my “uglies.”

So I really wanted to create a curtain to cover up that little space and hide some stuff behind it.

I grabbed some scrap drop cloth material that I had and cut it to fit the opening in my closet.

I basically measured it the height of the opening plus a  couple of inches to allow for the hem at the bottom of the curtain and the “pocket” hem at the top of the curtain.

I measured the width of the drop cloth to be almost twice the width of the opening so that it would create a “gathered” look when hung.

Then I used my hot glue gun to create a small hem on the sides and bottom of the curtain.

drop cloth curtain

And then I glued the top of the curtain over to create a “pocket” for the tension rod.drop cloth curtain

Then I just hung that baby up!

Easy Peasy!!!

craft closetNow do you want to see what is hiding behind the curtain?  Smile

I decided to store my sewing machine and paper shredder behind the curtain!

drop cloth curtain for craft closet

And I built another small shelf in there to hold some of my sewing supplies.

I love that I can hide items like those behind a curtain for easy access.

I don’t think I have ever showed you where my Giant Command Center is in relation to the rest of the office.

craft closet and command center


It’s right next to my craft closet.

And I have been loving it!  It truly has helped me stay a little more organized.  {A little, I said.} Smile

So that’s it!  A small little improvement to my craft closet!


I hope you are having a wonderful week!  Tomorrow is FrIdAy!!!  Smile

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Storage Behind Closed Doors

November 13, 2013 AT 9:26 am 8 Comments

I am on an organizing kick in my life right now.

It may have something to do with my new blog, Organize and Inspire.


final 1Every day I feature a new, amazing project from bloggers all over blogland.  They are tips and tricks on how to organize every area of your home.

Screenshot 2013-11-13 08.57.23

If you do not follow Organize and Inspire, I would love for you to subscribe via a reader or email subscription.

If you do follow O&I, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have!  It has certainly got me thinking about organizing my home better, and I have been inspired to do some of the projects myself.

One of the things that I have been so impressed with, as I have searched all over blogland for organizing inspiration, is the way that so many people have taken advantage of the “real estate” behind closed doors in their home.

You know what I mean.

When you open a closet or cabinet door, there is unused door space that is waiting for a purpose.


Why not use that space to help you become more organized?

I have several empty cabinet doors that I will be filling up with storage space soon, using the inspiration that I have found at Organize and Inspire.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite ideas to share with you here.


To view each project, just click on the picture or the link below it.


The back of a kitchen cabinet door is a great place to store your spices.


They can also be used for a space to jot down lists or notes.

Magnolia Lane

Or store your measuring spoons…

Tidbits from the Tremaynes

You can create more storage by simply adding some peg board to the back of a cabinet door.


Here are a ton of great ideas for the inside of your cabinet doors from SAS Interiors…

Kitchen Organization: Ideas for storage on the inside of the kitchen cabinets by @Jenna_Burger,

Don’t forget the extra storage the inside of a cabinet door provides in the bathroom!


You can add contact paper to soup cans and create storage for your hair brushes.

The Creative Imperative

Don’t forget your closet doors either!

They make a great space for gift wrapping storage…

The Avid Appetite

Or for displaying colorful shoes…

caroline closet shoes .jpg

apartment therapy

Or jewelry…

basket, book, James, walls, J bath 015

Honey, We’re Home


Isn’t it amazing what you can do with the back of a door? Smile


Now get off the computer, walk around your home, and look at all the doors you have in your home.

I bet you have one or more doors in your home just waiting for a new purpose in life!


And if you love this organizing inspiration and are dying for more, click on the button below!

o and i button

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DIY File Cabinet for my Office

September 16, 2013 AT 10:28 am 12 Comments

 *I apologize for some of the inappropriate ads that have been showing up in my sidebar.  I have contacted all of my ad networks and hopefully those ads will get blocked from my site soon.  Again, I apologize. 



Hey friends!  I hope you had a great weekend!  We had a blast at BiWater farms on Saturday. Jonathan won the singing competition! yay! Smile

I will share some photos and videos with you in my next post.


Today, I wanted to share with you a file cabinet I made for my office.

diy file cabinet

But first, I have to tell you the original plan for the file cabinet.


When Cy built my custom desk in my office, I wanted him to build a bottom cabinet for me to hide my black file cabinet in.

diy file cabinet

We measured, and we thought we would be able to just slide my old black file cabinet in that bottom cabinet.  However, we when were finished with the desk, we tried to put my file cabinet in there, and it wouldn’t fit. Sad smile

It was off by less than an inch.  Ugh.


So then I knew I would have to come up with another idea.

I decided to make my own pull out file cabinet.

I’m sure there is a better way to make a file cabinet, but this was pretty easy, and works perfectly for me.

diy file cabinet


I attached some drawer slides from Lowe’s to each side of the bottom cabinet.


diy file cabinet

First, I screwed a 1×2 board to each side of the cabinet, and then cut some spacers to put between the 1×2 and the drawer slide.  I needed that extra space so the drawer slides could slide in and out easily.

Then I cut a piece of plywood for the base of my file cabinet and attached it to the drawer slides with screws.

{I’m sorry I do not have a lot of pictures of this process.  I did this mostly at night, by myself, and it was too difficult to take pictures.}

I added a drawer pull to the front of my base to make it easy for me to pull my files in and out.

diy file cabinet

I bought a $10 file holder from Office Depot and had fun getting my papers organized.

diy file cabinet

I haven’t attached the wire file holder to the base yet, but I bought some little plastic wire holders, and I am going to do that today.  Smile

diy file cabinet


I also plan on building another shelf above the file holder that will hold papers that need to be filed.  I will share that with you when I get it complete.

But for now, I am enjoying being just a little more organized in my office.


diy file cabinet



And I am still love my huge Command Center in my office.  If you missed that post, click HERE.

giant wall command center




Have a blessed day, friends!

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