Boy Mom Madness {Organization}

Welcome to DAY TWO of Boy Mom Madness!
Today we are tackling ORGANIZATION!
Boy Mom Madness Tuesday Collage
Okay, before you think that I am crazy and sharing a Christmas post, let me explain…
I did a project around Christmas two years ago where I turned a bookcase into a coffee table.  It turned out super cute at least I think so,) and it is a GREAT way to store your boys’ toys and “stuff.”
I covered the top of the table with yard sticks stained in different colors, and added wheels to the bottom so it could roll.  (You know, to roll it out of the way when they are playing their Wii!)
You can see in the picture below that I just started with one of those inexpensive bookshelves.  (You could easily find one at Goodwill or a yard sale.)
Then I turned it into a rolling coffee table with storage!  
I think the stained yard sticks make it look super boyish!

To see the complete tutorial, click HERE.

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