Kitchen Organization Tips ~ Under the Sink!

Hello friends!

Do you get the itch to organize in the new year?  I sure do!  I love going through neglected spaces in my home, getting rid of unused items and freshening things up!

I have a few spaces in my kitchen that need organizing, and one of those spaces is the area under my kitchen sink.  It’s a mess! 

So I looked on Pinterest for some ideas to help me organize it, and here is what I found…

I love the clear drawers The Pink Dream has under her sink, especially for holding dishwasher pods, magic erasers, and such.

I am going to order these that I found on Amazon.  

They are almost the exact same drawers in the picture above, but a little bit cheaper.  

I like the labels on the plastic drawer containers in the inspiration picture below…

(source:  Simply Beautiful by Angela)

I found these pre-printed labels that I like on Amazon and will be ordering them today.  haha!

And I like the narrow clear containers for the amber glass bottles.  I love using amber glass bottles for my (concentrated) natural Thieves cleaner.


Here is one more inspiration photo I found on Pinterest from Teresa Caruso….

I liked the look of these metal sliding drawers, in case you don’t like the plastic drawer type.

I saw a lot of pictures on Pinterest that had Lazy Susan style organizers for under the sink like this one and this one. 


These make a great way to easily reach all of the bottles you keep under your sink!

Okay, so now I need to get off here and place my Amazon order so I can get to work on organizing under my sink this weekend!

Do you have any organization projects going on right now in your home?  Let me know in the comments! I need the inspiration!

Have a blessed day, friends!




  1. My basement. Christmas, important papers, off season clothes, suitcases, large cooking/ serving pieces, photo albums, ugh.

  2. These are great ideas but I can’t use them yet. I’m downsizing in August to a much smaller home and I must wait but I’m telling you I want to order these pieces right now! lol Love them all!

    But in the opening picture from The Pink Dream, what is hanging on the door?

    1. Totally understand about downsizing! I think on the doors, she said she had acrylic spice racks to hold the trash bags and scrub brush, but it doesn’t look like that to me. It doesn’t seem like it would be able to hold the trash bags? IDK.

  3. After being away for two weeks, I spent the afternoon getting the majority of the Christmas decorations put up in the attic and organized. While under my sink is organized, the containers I’m using are not nice, like the ones you shared. Maybe it’s time for me to upgrade.

    1. My containers under my sink are not nice either. I may share with y’all next week! But kiddos to get the Christmas decor organized and away!

  4. I am looking for a backsplash for my kitchen. The backsplash you have is exactly what I am looking for. Could you give me the name of the backsplash and where I can get it. Thank you!

    1. Hi Vickie!
      The pictures I shared in this post are inspiration photos, and I shared links to the sources/blogs I got them from. I’m not sure which backsplash you are referring to, but if you click on the blog link that I provided, you would be able to ask the homeowner about the backsplash.

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