Goodwill goodies

I am estatic about two chairs I got at Goodwill! We are finishing our guest house above the detached garage, and I need furniture to fill it. Of course, I do not have the money to buy furniture, but I did have $30.00 to buy TWO chairs at Goodwill! (That’s right, $15.00 each!)
Now these chairs had been sitting there for a while because no one could see their amazing potential. But when I laid my eyes on them, it was love at first sight! I have been browsing some decorating blogs lately, and I saw on one blog where a lady had painted fabric on a seat of a chair. Yes, with regular old paint! It looked awesome, and that was my first thought with these chairs. The brown wood on one chair had faded more than the other, so I immediately knew that I would paint them black. And if you know me, I will take a can of black spray paint to just about anything that will sit still long enough!
So here’s what it looked like…

I really loved the back of the chair, but you couldn’t really see it from the front because the fabric covered it. That’s when I got the idea to strip her bare!

Cy unscrewed the seat for me, and then I had to rip off the fabric on the back and remove about one million staples from the wood. I couldn’t get the picture below to turn the right way, oh well!

I had some great help from Jonathan. Luke and Adam helped too, and the testerone was flying all around the kitchen! I had a blister in the palm of my hand the next day from the flat head screw driver I used to pull out the staples.

I had to fill all the staple holes with wood filler, wait for it to dry, then paint. The black paint on the wood filler looked different from the paint on the real wood, so I had to go back and spray some primer over the wood filler. Then I spray painted the primer black, and it looked great!


Now, I don’t know if you are seeing the potential yet, but believe me. It will look great. I am going to get some creamy white material to cover the seat cushion with, then screw it back on. Then I am going to look for some cute pillows to sit in the chair. I was thinking maybe some pillows made from some toille material. And add one of those cute little pillows with a monogrammed H on it. Oh, I can’t wait!

Doesn’t the back of the chair look good? I love that design.

And did I mention how unbelievably sturdy and comfortable they are?

I will add some more pictures when I get it finished.
Thank you Goodwill!


  1. No lie, I was totally thinking toile before you even said that! Even a colored (red!) toile would look good depending on what you are doing with the rest of the room. And I know someone who does cheap monogramming if you do not. So CUTE! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. Hi! I hope I did not offend you in my last comment, I saw it was removed. Please forgive me if I did.

    Nice chairs. Great potential.

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