Our Guest House

Since I am new to blogworld, I am still trying to learn how to post pictures and such. I am very thankful to Rhoda from Southern Hospitality for showing me how to use Windows Live Writer to make blogging more fun and easy.

I decided to post some pictures of our future Guest House as a way to practice using the new Windows Live features.

Here is a picture of the detached garage we built a few years ago with the intention of turning the upstairs into a Guest House.ice storm 09-ebay 005

The only picture I had was one I took when the ice storm hit us this past February. Brrrrrr! The red door leads to the guest house.

work 001

These are the steps leading upstairs. My husband used New England pine for the steps and added beadboard underneath for a cottage feel. We haven’t put a door up yet because we are looking for an antique door with maybe a stained glass window in it.

work 003

We are putting a dark stain on the steps. It’s called Provincial.

work 015

At the top of the stairs is a beautiful black banister that my husband and his father made.

work 005

The main room is made up of a kitchen area and a den area. My father-in-law installed the pine wood floor in the main room. (It’s easy to see where my husband gets his talents!)work 006

In the left corner of this room is where the kitchen will be. The sink will be under the window (below), and the stove will be on the wall to the right. My husband is making me some custom cabinets and they look awesome. I’ll show them in a future post.work 007

The area in the picture below is where my two Goodwill chairs (in my earlier post) will go, along with a tv. There’s not a lot of room, so I will have to be creative!

work 013

The next few pictures are of the bedroom. It has plenty of room, and the new carpet feels wonderful! (Try to look over the kitchen cabinets in the pictures. They are left over from our kitchen renovation, and my husband is going to reuse them.)

work 008

work 009

My husband installed the tile, sink, shower, toilet, and anything else in the bathroom. I’m not sure why the vanity looks so dirty in this picture. It really isn’t. :)

work 010

work 011

This is the view as you leave the bedroom. For some reason, I didn’t take a picture of the closet/laundry room. It’s on the same wall as the bathroom, and it is super roomy!

work 012

Well, that’s the beginning. We still have a long way to go, but I will keep you updated. Just for fun I added a picture of my “buttercups”. They are my favorite flower.work 017Thank you, Rhoda! I love the Windows Live Writer! This post took me no time at all. You are right, I’ll never go back!




  1. YAY, Traci! I’m so glad you got it all figured out and working. Your bigger pics look great. What a gorgeous guesthouse you have to work with. I abosolutely love it! Can’t wait to see more, so please tell me when you have more completed so I can come back to take a look.

    Welcome to blogging! Hope you have a lot of fun with it like I have.

  2. Rhoda is such a big help isn't she. You are going to have to share with me what Window Live Write is. I love the guest house. I am so far behind on so much this week. Do you guys live on property. I love the idea of a guest house over the garage.
    I will post on your give away etc on that post.

    Did you do your page background yourself?

  3. Your guest house is going to be soooooo cute. I can't wait to see the finished project. Again, your husband is doing an outstanding job with his carpentry skills. Do you hire him out???

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