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I have seen so many wonderful tablescapes as I have traveled through blogland, and it has gotten me thinking of how I can decorate my tables is special ways too. 

My boys have noticed a difference at dinner time because we have been using our cloth napkins a lot more, and even different glasses to drink from, and new centerpieces.  I’ve learned that it takes very little effort to make something a little more special.

Name plates are something that we usually think of using on special occasions. But I think they could be used for everyday meals with your family.  I think my boys would love to sit down at the table and see on their nameplates “Mama’s Allstar”,  or “Straight A Student”, or “Mr. Tuff Stuff”! 

I found a ton of real cute name plates online and I wanted to share a few.

These little clutch purses would be great for a ladies’ brunch.  (No need to invite that Paul Jones guy!)

pewter-purse-placecard-holder-wedding-favors_2430_r                                   (


This is a more rustic type of name plate that could be made with circles of wood.



And for all you nest lovers out there, this is an adorable name plate holder from

Now the reason I have been thinking about name plates is because I found the cutest set of 8 Porcelain butterfly nameplates from Goodwill for $5.00.

Here they are…


I just fell in love with these!  They are so dainty and colorful.  There are two of each color of butterflies.  They came in these two little antique looking boxes and are made by Shafford Designs.  I tried to research them online, but could only find that Shafford makes all kinds of beautiful China patterns.

I think they are antique because my mother-in-law, (who owns an adorable little antique shop in Eatonton, Ga.) said that pieces that were made before WWII did not have the words “Made In” on them.  Like “Made in Taiwan”.  And my boxes just say “Taiwan”.  So I don’t know, but I think they may be pretty old.

Here’s a picture of the boxes.


And when I am not using them on the table, I thought they would be cute tucked somewhere in the house with a bible verse or inspirational thought on them.


(This is a picture of Cy and I when we had only been dating a couple of months!)

While I was searching name plates online, I did find some similar porcelain name plates for $9.99 (set of 6) at Target.


You could easily purchase these and hot glue any type of embellishment you want on them, flowers, ladybugs, birds, etc.

Just a thought….

Thanks for letting me share!



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