Play Ball!

The baseball season officially started this weekend, and I was loving it. The weather was beautiful…mid 70’s.

I wanted to share a few pictures of the boys. Jonathan pitched his first game (just a couple of innings). He did pretty good, but was a little nervous. Plus, he had a cold. I was proud of him anyway! He played shortstop most of the game.

april 2009 020

Jonathan on the mound.

april 2009 032

Jonathan at shortstop.

april 2009 026

Luke played catcher and pitcher (in the coach-pitch league). He had a great hit past the shortstop into the outfield and had a double!

april 2009 013

april 2009 017

Eli my 2 year old) is obsessed with baseballs, bats, helmets, and gloves. He thinks he should wear them throughout his brothers’ games. He also made a run for the dugout several times, and I am certain he was heading straight for the field!

april 2009 016

I got him a plastic bat at the dollar store so he could take it to the games with him. I was afraid he might hit someone with the metal bat. He has quite a mean swing!

Now I can’t get it away from him. The bat now sleeps with him. He kisses the bat goodnight, and tucks it under the covers. I snuck in his room at nap time and took a picture. I swear he would sleep in the batting helmet if I would let him!

april 2009 043

I didn’t get a picture of Adam at the ball field because he spent most of the game with a friend playing in the sand pile. But I do have this sweet picture of my little guy…april 2009 095

Oh, I love that kid!

Well, that’s all for now. I hope to have my goodwill chairs completed soon so I can post the pics!



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