Progress on the Guest House

I have to brag on my very talented husband! He is a banker by day, and a cabinet maker by night. (Or hardwood installer, or tile layer, or light hanger, or plumber, or stair maker…get the picture?)

My man can do it all!

He has made me some beautiful cabinets for our guest house. I want to share some pictures of the process we’ve made so far.

First of all, he went to Lowe’s and got lumber to make two open shelf cabinets. The small cabinet in the middle used to be over our stove in our house until we removed it and put a microwave in its place. It had doors on it, so he took them off and removed the wooden vertical bar down the middle.

He added crown molding on the top of each cabinet.

work 036

Then he painted them black.3

For our bottom cabinets, we re-used some cabinets from an island we removed from our other kitchen. And my husband bought a cabinet from Lowe’s for the sink to go on. I wanted cottage style doors on the bottom cabinets, so he built me new ones with beadboard and trim.


Then he attached them to the cabinets and painted everything white.33

cabinets 003

Then for the fun part…it was time to put them up in the guest house!

cabinets 004

cabinets 001

Oh yeah, I forgot to take a “before” picture of my favorite part…the plate rack! Yes, he made that too! I love the look of a plate rack. (He has made the doors for the rest of the bottom cabinets, but just hasn’t put them on yet.)

cabinets 002

One of my favorite blogs is The Lettered Cottage, and I got my inspiration for adding the corbels to the bottom of my black cabinets from that blog. I love the charm it adds to the cabinets. We got them from Home Depot for about $7.00 each. They make a world of difference!

cabinets 011

cabinets 010

To the left of the sink, I wanted some open cabinets on the bottom to put some wicker baskets in. So my honey made me some!

Those shelves will be painted white as well.

By the way, we picked the sink up at the Habitat Store for $7.00!!!!

It is a white, deep, double sink.

cabinets 017

Here’s a different view.

cabinets 018

As you can see, he has installed the Hardi backer board on the countertops to lay the tile on. We got a great deal at the Habitat Store on some tile to use in our back splash that I will be showing you soon.

As I am writing this blog, my guy is installing the tile countertops, so I will be sharing those pictures soon too.

I will also be posting pictures of a furniture re-do that I am very excited about too!!! Stay tuned…



  1. Traci, it all looks so great and I love all the bargains. What a handy man you have there… nice to hear his praises. I live vicariously through friends whom have husbands like yours… mine has talents all his own, but power tools are not included, and we love him just the way he is.

  2. Hey Traci! I love your guest house cabinets. Could you tell me the color and/or formula used for the black ones? I'm thinking of doing either the upper or lower ones in my kitchen black but not sure what color to get. I, too, love Layla's kitchen and she lives just a few miles from me, however, we have never met in person (yet).

    If you'd like, you can e-mail me the color at


  3. So lucky to have such a talented hubby!!! He did a fantastic job on those cabinets…and the plate rack..AWESOME!! Love the corbels! My dad is my handy man…my hubby…no so much (bless his heart!)

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