“I think his tractor’s sexy…”

I just had to share a picture of my crazy husband! He fills my days with so many smiles.

Monday morning, before heading to work, he needed to take his new (old) tractor up to Tractor Supply to get the blades sharpened. The store is about a mile up our road. It is 8:00 am, and I go to get something out of the car, and I hear the roar of a tractor engine down the road. I look and see my husband plowing down the road on his tractor, in his shirt and tie, talking on the cell phone. I laughed out loud!!!

He passed several cars on the way there and waved to them. Sitting tall on his new tractor!

The following pictures are when he came home at lunch to mow.

I love this man!

table 018

table 013

table 015

table 017

I hope he made you smile too!



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