Look what I made! I love it!

I have been dying to share this cute little project with you.

I got the inspiration from Ballard Designs magazine when I saw these cute little magnetic boards hanging above a desk.


I thought they definitely looked like a project I could create without the expensive $39.00 a piece price tag! (That’s $120.00 for the set, ladies, ouch!)

So I stored the idea in the back of my head.

This past week at work, my sweet boss, Mandy, asked me to help her re-do her office.

I teach music for a wonderful Mom’s Day Out program 2 days a week. My boys are there with me, and I absolutely love the chance to get out of the house and do something “different”. I have been blessed to work there for 4 years. It is at a wonderful church, and I truly love working in God’s house. I have never considered it “work”, but an honor to serve those precious little children and their families!

So when Mandy asked for my help, I was thrilled. Of course, she was thinking I could help her organize her materials and supplies, but I was thinking of painting the walls, hanging pictures, lamps, rugs, etc.! Oh the places my mind goes…

Well, I did talk her into painting the walls (since 3 of the walls were beige, one was blue, and there was a hideous flower border on top!)

Now I immediately thought about those Ballard’s Designs magnetic boards for her walls. It was a great opportunity to try out my idea.

I went out and got my materials and look at the result…


I LOVE THEM! And so does Mandy!


I’m going to add a cute little monogrammed “M” to the middle board.


What do you think?


They’re magnetic, so you can hang cards, notes, or pictures on them!


I had so much fun making them, that I decided to add these to my Etsy store. Do you think they will sell?

So I will be making lots of different kinds for my store in the next couple of weeks. Of course I will have to find some great PINK material for little girls (or big girls!) to add to my shop. I also want to make one covered in burlap! Love it!

Wouldn’t these be great for offices and dorm rooms?

I will let you know when I get them on Etsy to sell.

I will be selling them for less than HALF of what they sell for at Ballard Designs!

Leave a comment today and your name will be entered in my 4th Christmas in July giveaway for one of these…


Click on my “Christmas in July” button in my sidebar for more information about how to win.

***I am linking this post to DIY at A Soft Place to Land. Go over there to check out other great projects.

Have a blessed day!



  1. That is an awesome idea! They turned out really good! Now I've got something added to my many wish lists! LOL. Have a blessed day and thank you for sharing this! :)

  2. It is so great when you can take an idea and run with it, especially if you add your own little "mark". These boards are great! What did you use for the magnetic part? Duh, sounds like a dumb question, but I am curious!!

    And hey!! Thanks for your visit! :-)


  3. These are great! Have I told you about my GIVEAWAY? If I did, I'm sorry to repeat it. But if not, visit my blog and enter! Great boards–you did a nice job!

  4. They are terrific! I'd like to see how you did it too?!

    Please stop by The Old Parsonage anytime, I love company!


  5. I'm thinking these are tooooo cute! I saw them in the Ballards catalog too and thought maybe I'd try my hand at making one (or a couple) but let me know when you get them on your etsy site.


  6. So super cute!!! Don't you just love when you see something that's way overpriced and automatically know you can make it yourself? :) Love 'em!

  7. Oh Traci!
    These are just beautiful. You did such a wonderful job. The colors are so beautiful, and they just look to pretty to be functional. Thank you for stopping by. I just love to meet new friends. I'll definitely be watching your blog as you have so many beautiful crafty and fun things to do. Country hugs and love, Sherry

  8. I am a Kentucky blogger and found you on Sherry's blog. I only have one other blog buddy from Ky. Stop by my neck of the woods and I would love to take a better look at your blog and I love that idea. Blessings

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